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"Applied Signal Technology, Inc"
Offers Model 206 Series Frequency Converter/Filter.Features:General-Purpose Frequency Translation And Filtering, Front Panel And Hp-Ib Control, Dynamic Range In Excess Of 40 Db Etc.


Offers Model Mfc-1000 Microwave Frequency Converter ,Model Mfc-1250 Microwave Frequency Converter & Model Mfc-2500 Microwave Frequency Converter & Model Mfc-3700 Microwave Frequency Converter With Optional Dc Posts .

"Bi Technologies Corp"

Source For Ac-Dc Converters.Bi Technologies Is A Global Manufacturer And Marketer Of Passive, Magnetics And Microcircuit Modules. An Innovator And Leader In Electronic Components For 50 Years.

"Canadian Communication Consortium"

Offers If/Channel Up Converter:If/Channel Converters Are Available In 2, 5 And 10w Versions And Can Be Used As Low-Power Transmitters Or As Driver Stages For Higher-Power Amplifiers.Features: Preset For Precision Offset Operation, Etc.

"Capitol Converting Equipment, Inc."

Offers The Convertor An Extensive Range Of Exceptional Equipment Including Diecutting & Creasing Presses, Hot Foil Stamping & Embossing Presses, Folder-Gluers, Flexo Folder-Gluers & Printer-Slotters, Slitter-Scorers, Material Handling Equipment And Other Converting Machinery.

"Circuit Specialists Inc."

Offers Model Ap7500: Dc To Frequency Converters And Lm2917 - Frequency To Voltage Converter Bench Power Supplies, Scopes, Freq. Counters, Function Generators,etc.

"Cire A.S."

Offers Frequency Converters, Uninterrupted Power Supplies, Natural Gas And Oil Burner Ignition Transformers, Etc .,

"Compupower Systems, Inc."

Sales Service Of Uninterruptible Power Systems And Frequency Converters.12 Kva - 350 Kva 400 Hertz Ground Power , 10 Kva - 500 Kva 50 Hertz And 400 Hertz .

"Danfoss Drives"

Danfoss Drives Develop, Manufacture And Market Vlt Drives To The Global Market

"Dealers Electric Motor"

Dealers Electric Motor Offers Frequency Converter , Transformers , Inductrol Alternator , Motor Generator , Etc .,

"Diagnos Tech"

Offers Vlt Mobile Frequency Converter.The Mobile Frequency Converter Can Easily Be Connected To Your Electric Motor. Features: Maximum Current: 24 A And 48 A Respectively, Start/Stop Button And Potentiometer For Easy Handling And Speed Control Etc.

"Digital Dutch"

The Www Unit Converter - Online Conversion Of Area, Density, Energy, Force, Length, Mass, Power, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Volume And Bytes.

"Electro-Tech, Inc."

Offers 50 Kw Frequency Converter:Model A0606 Is A Three-Phase 50 Kw, Ac Power Source/Frequency Changer Designed To Provide Precisely Controlled Ac Output Power At Any Frequency, From 50 To 400 Hz. Standard Output Voltage Is 120/208 Vac.

"Elettronica Santerno S.P.A."

Elettronica Santerno S.P.A. Has A 30 Year Presence In The Areas Of Power Electronics, Alternative Energy Management, Remote Control And Data Management Systems. Deals With Frequency Converters For Ac Motors, Digital Converters Ac/Dc For Dc Motors, Soft-Start/Stop Units For Motors, Plc - Power Quality, Alternative Energy Management And Production, Supervision And Remote Control Systems.

"Emcee Broadcast Products, Inc."

Offers Upstream Converter Model Usc - 1.Electrical Characteristics:Frequency Stability ▒500 Hz , L.O. Injection Scheme Inverting Or Non-Inverting Etc

"Encore Electronics,Inc"

Encore Offers A Line Of Frequency To Voltage Converters, Ranging From Theeconomicaldin-Railmounted Fl228 Tothebenchtop Model 221 Digital F/V With Engineering Units Display. The Fl230 Voltage To Frequency Converter Complements Our Line Of F/V Units.

"Energy Technologies, Inc"

Energy Technologies Manufactures A Wide Variety Of Frequency Converter Products Including: Eti0001-1251 (Eti0001-W1/1.5) 1550 Va Rugged Rackmount Global Ups / Frequency Converter, Eti0001-1252 1550 Va Rugged Rackmount Global Ups Frequency Converter

"Exar -Corporation"

Products:Xr4151 Voltage-To-Frequency Converter The Xr-4151 Is A Device Designed To Provide A Simple, Low-Cost Method For Converting A Dc Voltage Into A Proportional Pulse Repetition Frequency. Used In A/D And D/A Conversion And Data Transmission.

"Fairchild Semiconductor."

Offers Rc4152 Voltage To Frequency Converter .The Rc4152 Is A Monolithic Circuit Containing All Of The Active Components Needed To Build A Complete Voltage-To-Frequency Converter.

"Falcon Electric, Inc"

Falcon Electric, Inc. Manufactures And Distributes Upss, Converters And Voltage Regulators For Government, Scientific, Financial, Telecom, Computer And Other Industries. Over A Decade Ago Falcon Was The First Ups Manufacturer To Introduce Low Power, High Frequency True On-Line Ups Technology To The U.S. Market.

"Falcon Electric, Inc."

Ups Falcon Electric Is The Innovator Of The Small Kva, High Frequency Regenerative (Double Conversion) On-Line Uninterruptible Power Supplies (Ups), And Has Been A Supplier To Many Major Ups Manufacturers Worldwide For Over Ten Years.

"Huawei Electric Technologies Co., Ltd"

Product Series:Td1000 Series Of Frequency Converter, Td2000 Series Of Frequency Converter, Td2100 Frequency Converter For Water Supply. Huawei Frequency Converter Has Been Widely Used In Fields Including Petroleum Industry, Chemical Industry Etc.

"Hytec Electronics Ltd."

Products:Vme Voltage To Frequency Converter Type Vfc 2504.This Unit Is An 8 Channel Voltage˝To˝Frequency Converter Housed In A 6u High Single˝Width Vme Module.

"Jack A. Frost Ltd."

Supply And Rental Of Lighting, Sound And Staging Equipment Supply And Rental Of Generators, Transformers, Governors, Frequency Converters And Distribution

"Kingshill Electronic Products Ltd.,"

Uk Manufacturer Of Power Supplies Offering Customised Power Supplies, Instrumentation,Dc-Dc Converters.Features:Low Audible Noise,Low Input Current Distortion Etc

"Kraftelektronik Ab"

Offers Frequency Converter:Igbt-Transistors Are Used In All Frequency Converters From Kraft. The Rectifier Stage Is Equipped With A Dc / Dc Converter Which Keeps Theintermediatevoltageconstantatthesametime As It Works As A Power Factor Regulator.

"Leybold Vaccum Products Inc."

Offers Mag.Drive L Electronic Frequency Converter.Features:Easy Operation Due To The Control Elements And 2-Line Clear Text Lcd Text Display , Communication To Superior Controlsystemofthecustomerviaserialinterface And Conventional Interface Possible.

"Long Time Electronic Co., Ltd."

Supplier Of U.P.S., Uninterruptible Power Supply, A.V.R., Automatic Voltage Regulator, Dc To Ac Power Inverter, Converter Types Etc.

"Lust Antriebstechnik Gmbh"

Offers Frequency Inverters From 0.37 Kw To 90 Kw, Servo Controllers From 2 To 64 A With Positioning And Motion Control And Servo Motors From 0.34 To 170 Nm Provide High Competence For Solutions In Machine, Apparatuses And Installation Technology.

"M L Electronics Ltd"

We Have Many Years Of Experience In The Design Of Power Supplies And Are Up To Date With The Latest Technologies. We Also Have Extensive Experience In Designing Ups And Switch Mode Systems.

"Magl Power Inc"

Magl Power Inc. (Mpi) Offers You The Most Technically Advanced, Highly Efficient, Solid State 400hz Frequency Converters In The World. Employing Innovative Engineering To Develop A Modern Design That Is Brimming With Many New Features.


Offers Solid-State Frequency Converters , Major Frequency Converter - 500 Watts , 1000 Watts And 2000 Watts , Rotary Frequency Converters, Ups Frequency Converter , Etc .,

"Master Video Inc."

Manufacturer Of Character Generators, Video Titlers, Modulators, Demodulators, Tv Converters And Tv Processors.

"Nte Electronics,Inc."

Offers Frequency-To-Voltage Converters Nte Part No. Package Type Description 890 8-Lead Dip Voltage-To-Frequency Converter 995 14-Lead Dip Frequency-To-Voltage Converter 995m 8-Lead Dip Frequency-To-Voltage Converter.


Manufacturer Of P700 If To L-Band Up/Downconverter:Provides A Low-Cost Solution For Systems Requiring An If Interface At 70 Or 140mhz. Offers The P700 Series Of Fully Synthesised Microprocessor Controlled If To L Band Up/Down Freqconverters

"Power Quality Online"

Offers Frequency Converter:Models Range Up To 20kva With 45 To 500hz Output. The Unit Provides True Sine Wave Output With High Input/Output Isolation And Self-Protects Against System Load Faults.

"Power Quality Solutions"

Power Quality Solutions, (Pqs), Is Dedicated To Protecting Our ClientÝS Sensitive Electrical / Electronic Equipment And Data From Damage.We Proudly Offer Products And Services That Include: Uninterruptible Power Systems (Ups),Surge Suppression Devices (Tvss),Harmonic Mitigation Products,Power Conditioners,Inverters,Batteries & Battery Service,Frequency Converters ,Transfer Switches,Generators,Power Quality Studies, Audits And Consulting.

"Pribusin Inc"

Standard Products:Iuc-7x-Frx: Isolated Frequency Converter ,Iuc-7x-Frl: Isolated Low-Frequency Converter, Iuc-7x-Frw: Isolated Frequency Window Converter ,Iuc-7x-Mvx: Isolated Millivolt Converter, Iuc-7x-Stx: Isolated Strain Gauge Converter Etc..

"Radyne Comstream Inc."

Products:Frequency Converters:Sfc1275 Ku-Band Synthesized Downconverter, Sfc1275g Global Ku-Band Synthesized Downconverter, Sfc1450 Ku-Band Synthesized Upconverter, Sfc4200 C-Band Synthesized Downconverter And Sfc6400 C-Band Synthesized Upconverter.

"Rc Electronics Inc."

Offers 3047 High Frequency Frequency To Voltage Converter. The 3047 Converts High Frequency Input Signals To Dc Output Voltages. Features: Front Panel Led Indicators, Magnetic Pick-Up, Ttl Input, Direction Sensing Etc..

"Real Time Devices Usa, Inc."

Offers Vf910 Voltage-To-Frequency Converter Board.Features: Synchronous V/F Converter, Resolution To 18 Bits , 16 Ttl/Cmos Programmable Digital I/O Lines , Continuous Conversions In 2 Ms, 18-Bit Conversions In 524 Ms , Operates From +5v Power Supply

"Robinson Satellite"

Offers Low Noise Block Down Converter:Six Models,950-1700 Mhz Output Frequency,Low Noise Figure (0.8 Db), Compact Aluminum Sealed Case, 60 Db Gain& Two Year Warranty.

"Seiko Instruments (H.K.) Ltd."

Offers High Oscillation Frequency (600khz) Step-Up Dc-Dc Converter,Dc-Dc Converters , Step-Up Dc-Dc Converters, Step-Down Dc-Dc Converters , Etc.

"Sht Power S.A.S."

Offers Inverter -Frequency Converter 50/60 Hz. Offers Inverter Ac+Dc/Ac 150 Va/ 700 Va , Inverter Ac+Dc/Ac 1200 Va/3600 Va. Offers Serie Gst Converters

"Spectracom Corporation"

Offers Standard Frequency Converter(Model 8140vt):Fixed Single-Frequency Synthesizer Whose Output Is Factory-Set To Any Frequency Between 1 Khz And 20 Mhz. Special Frequencies Can Be Furnished, Such As The 3.5795454...Mhz,1.544mhz.

"Stroud Instruments Ltd"

Offers Signal Converter:Converts From One Type Or Range Of Signal To Another, E.G. Current To Current, Current To Voltage, Voltage To Voltage Etc., Signal Inverter, Current To Frequency Converter, Frequency To Current Converter Etc.

"Sys-Tech Inc."

Maintains An Extensive Stock Of Pre-Owned Ups Systems, Motor Generators, Frequency Converters, Computer Room Air Conditioning And Access Flooring. We Currently Have Over 5 Mega Watts Of Ups In Stock From 350va To 500kva.

"Systel Electronics"

IntegraldriveĂ Is A Frequency Converter Of The Last Generation For Ac Asynchronous-Motors From 1.5 To 22 Kw. It Is Directly Mounted On The Fan Cowl Of Any Standard Motor. Only The Power Supply And The Control Lines Need To Be Cabled To The Drive.

"Taos, Inc"

The Tsl2301 Is A Linear 300 Dpi Optical Sensor Array With Integrated 8-Bit Analog-To-Digital Converter, The Tsl230, Tsl230a, And Tsl230b Programmable Light-To-Frequency Converters, The Tsl235 Light-To-Frequency Converter Etc.

"Tdi-Advanced Conversion Products"

New Compact, Lightweight Frequency Converter From Tdi-Advanced Conversion Products Delivers Near-Perfect Sinewave.Another Unique Feature About This Converter Is Its Significant Internal Energy Storage Which Provides Up To 100ms Hold-Up.

"Trw Inc"

Trw Milliwave Also Offers A Standard Product Line Of Frequency Multipliers, Transceivers, Amplifiers And Frequency Converter Assemblies That Covers The Frequency Range Of 4 Ghz Through 60 Ghz.

"Useful Tools"

Useful Tools Is Automated Metric Conversion Calculator And Make Feel Free To Use The Automatic Calculations Below For Basic Conversions Or Click Here For Our Formulae Page To Perform More Advanced Calculations Are Length,Area,Volume,Weight And Temperature.

"Vacon Plc"

Offers Vacon Frequency Converters.Features:Reliable, Robust Technology ,Small, Easy To Use But Still Powerful , Extensive Training, User-Friendly & 24-Hour After Sales Support.

"Visicomm Industries"

Manufactures Frequency Converters And Changers For Sale And Rental 50 Hz, 60 To 50 Hz, 50 To 60 Hz, 400 Hz. Line Isolation And Motor Generator Sales Rental Available

"Warner Electric"

Offers Cm 1000 Frequency Converter.Features:Constant Speed Through Slip Compensation, Cm1000 / Up To 750w / 400 Hz / 1 Phase, Cm1300 / 0 75-22 Kw / 400 (800) Hz / 3 Phases, Cm1000 / 0 75-22 Kw / 400 Hz / 3 Phases Etc.


Manufactures Crystal Oscillator Multipliers, Frequency Multipliers, Satellite Receiving Equipment, And Block Down Converters.

"Zzzap Power"

Offers Power Inverters, Battery Chargers, Ups And Power Supplies. Specializing In Frequency, Phase And Dc Converters, Voltage, Surge Protection, Telecommunication Power Systems .

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