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"A & R Electronics"
Products Include : Multisystem Tv`S, Camcorders, Home Appliances, Multisystem Vcr`S, Power Converters, Fax Machines, Gsm Cellular Phones.

"Aak Corp"

Power Supplies/Converters And Custom Precision Regulators

"Abb Kraft A/S"

Specialises In The Design, Manufacture And Supply Of Static Frequency Converters For Various Applications Within The Power And Defence Industries

"Abc Power"

Producing Industry Standard Dc/Dc Converters These Advanced Brick Converters Are Using The Patented Flat Transformer Technology That Give The Converters Specifications That Are Really Outstanding. They Beat Existing Products On Power Density

"Abp International"

Manfacturer Of High-Power-Density Dc-To-Dc Power-Converter Modules

"Ac Power Systems"

"Ac Power Has Small Or Large Diesel Generators; Electrically Powered Generators,Natural Gas And Ac Powered Generators For Home And Industry. We Feature Generac Systems"

"Accuphase Laboratory, Inc."

For Professional Use Digital Pro Ad-2401 Mds A/D Converter The Signal Is Converted Into Digital Form By An Mds Type A/D Converter.Ultra Low Distortion:88db Max : -20dbfs Input Etc

"Acd Systems."

Image Viewer, Graphics Converter, And Digital Imaging Software Solutions.As A High-Speed Picture Viewer And Jpeg Viewer It Is The Ideal Graphics Software For Image Processing, Digital Cameras And Photo Services.

"Ace Power Technology Pvt. Ltd."

Ace Power Technology Pvt. Ltd. Based In New Delhi, India Is A Leading Supplier Of Power Conditioning Equipment. The Products Marketed And Serviced By Us Include Ups ( Uninterruptible Power Supply) Systems, Cvt`S(Constant Voltage Transformers), Inverters Etc. We Are Distributors For Ace Ups, Ace Cvt, Ace Inverters And Series 2000 Ups Systems.

"Acopian Technical Company"

Acopian Power Supplies Offers Dc-Dc Converters , Single Output Ac-Dc Power Supplies , Dual Output Ac-Dc Power Supplies , Triple Output Ac-Dc Power Supplies , Etc .,

"Ads Inc.,"

A Manufacturer Of Ac/Dc Battery Power Backup Systems, Charger/Rectifiers, Solar Units, And Precision Sheetmetal Enclosures.


The Modular Power Converter (Mpc) Is A High-Power Converter, Setting New Standards In Future Rail Transportation.

"Advance Power"

Offers Switch-Mode Power Supplies, Converters, And Inverters

"Advanced Energy Systems Group"

Advanced Energy Systems Group Is Recognised As A World Leading Producer And Implementer Of Power And Communications Technologies For Industrial And Renewable Energy Applications. Advanced Energy Systems Offers Products For The Following Markets: Fuel Cell Inverters , Single Conversion Ups Sinewave Inverters, Static Switch Ups Sinewave Inverters , Dual Redundant Ups Sinewave Inverters .

"Advanced Monolithic Systems, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Power Management Ic, Analog Semiconductors, Low Dropout Voltage (Ldo) Regulators, Voltage References, Dc/Dc Converters, Integrated Circuits For Computers, Telecommunication And Power Supply Industries.

"Advanced Power Machinery"

Ground Power Unit And Frequency Converter. Apm`S Gpus Are Quiet, Reliable And Easy To Use In Both Military And Commercial Aircraft Applications

"Advanced Power Technology (Apt)"

Designs, Manufactures, And Markets Worldwide, High Power, High Voltage, High Performance Power Semiconductors. The Companys Products Are Power Mosfet, Fredfets Ultrafast Diodes, Schottky Rectifiers And Bridge Rectifier.

"Advantage Components, Inc."

Offers Dc/Dc Converter , Enclosed Switching Power Supply , Open Frame Switching Power Supply, Battery Charger / Power Supply , Lab Power Supply , Etc .,


Full Range Of Thyristor Chargers, Switch Mode Rectifiers, Inverters, Dc-Dc Converters, Ups Single/3 Phases Up To 40 Kva, Voltage Stabilizers Up To 700 Kva. Offers Dc/Dc Converter Up To 2 Kw.

"Aerospace Avionics Inc"

Power Supplies, Ups, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Converters, Inverters, Battery Chargers, Lighting, Switches, Annunciators, Panels

"Aes D.O.O."

Production Of Switch Mode Power Supplies, Aes Novo Mesto, Slovenia, Switch Mode Power Supplies, Rectifiers, Ac/Dc Converters, Cukonverter Technology

"Aethyr Electronics"

Aethyr Electronics Sells Only The Most Dependable Cable Box Available At Rock Bottom Pricing. Sells Descramblers, Converters, Testers, And Accessories.


Ainelec Makes High Power Converters (Chargers, Inverters, Pv Regulators, Pomping Controllers, Simulators). A Charger With Wind Turbine Source And Diesel Generator, A Solar Regulator, A Battery And An Inverter Are Connected In This Renewable Energy Bay.

"Aitech International"

Makers Of Pc To Tv Conversion/Scan Converters And Video Capture Cards. The Ait1168 Is A Single-Chip Vga-To-Video Scan Converter,Ait2139 Multi-Sync Scan Converter Ic.

"Alberts Ambry"

Converter Pro - Is A Professional Unit Converter For Windows 95/Nt. The User-Extendible Database Includes Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Force, Pressure, Density, Energy, Power, Temperature, Dynamic Viscosity, Kinematic Viscosity And Time

"Allstar Gse."

Offers Ground Support Equipment, Including Gas And Diesel Power Units, Electric Rectifiers, And More.

"Alpha Kilo Services"

Alpha Kilo Services Offers Miscellaneous Products Which Include Dc/Dc Converters, Dip / Dil Switches, Reed Relays, & Jumper Switches , Jack Sockets ,Quartz Crystal Oscillators, Etc .,

"Amain Electronics Company"

Provides A New Electronic Digital Imaging Technology For Photography,Infrared Sensing, Graphics And Telecommunications. We First Introduced Mosad (Multiplexed Oversample Analog To Digital Converter), A Per Pixel Photon To Digital Conversion Process

"Amg & Associates"

Manufacturer Of: Power King (Rectifier) , Chargers / Analyzers (Dc2o2a , Dc4o2a ,Cp4oa), Cp4oa) Etc

"Amplicon Liveline Ltd"

Our Power Product Line-Up Has A Comprehensive Range Of Dc/Dc Converters From International Power Devices And Martek Power Leading Manufacturers Of Dc/Dc Converters. Dc/Dc Converters: 100hfs Series: High Performance 1.5 Watt Converters, 300wfr Series

"Analog Devices, Inc."

Analog Devices, Inc. Offers Audio D-A Converters, Stereo A-D Converters,D/A Converter,A/D Converters ,D/A Converters,V-F Converters , Microconverters , Etc .,

"Analog Interfaces"

Analog Interfaces Is A Design Center Specializing In Analog And Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Design. Our Custom Designs Often Include Analog To Digital Converters, Phase Locked Loops, Sensor Interfaces, Switched Capacitor Filters, And Amplifiers.

"Analog Way"

Manufacturer And Oem Of Scan Converters (Computer To Video),Line Doublers And Quadruplers (Video To Vga),Scalers (Video To Lcd / Dmd,Xga2,Svga,Vga),Down Converters (Very High Resolution To Xga2,Svga,Vga),Interfaces,Boosters,Switchers Etc

"Analytic Systems Ware (1993) Ltd"

Designs & Manufactures Ac-Dc Power Supplies, Dc-Ac Inverters & Dc-Dc Voltage Converters For The Marine, Automotive, Industrial, Heavy Equipment & Alternative Energy Markets


Advance Manufactures A Range Of Rectifiers Providing 24v And 48v Outputs From 2a To 100a. All Products Are Hot-Plug And Include Power Factor Correction.

"Apex Microtechnology"

Monolithic And Hybrid Power Integrated Circuits Such As High Power And High Voltage Operational Amplifiers, Pwm Amplifiers And Dc/Dc Converters

"Apex Microtechnology Corp."

World Leader In The Design, Development And Manufacturing Of High Performance, Monolithic, Power Amplifiers - Dc-Dc Converters And Hybrid High Voltage And High Power Operational Amplifiers

"Apollo Electronics Co Ltd"

Apollo Electronics Co Ltd Offers Az-510c Dc-Dc Convertor For Bias, Osc, Industor And Az-515c 1mh To 500mh Dc-Dc Convertor .

"Appliances Overseas"

Source For 220 Volt, Dual Voltage, Pal, Secam, Ntsc And Multi-System Televisions, Vcrs, Stereos, Telephones, Fax Machines, Home Appliances, Refrigerators, Power Tools And A Complete Selection Of Transformers, Adapters And Converters

"Applied Power, Inc."

Wholesale Batteries, Custom Packs And Configuration. Battery Chargers, Power Supplies, Dc-Dc Converters, And More.

"Argus Technologies"

Offers Dc - Dc Converters, Rectifiers ,Supervisory & Control Panels&Miscellaneous Components.Builds Power Supplies, Dc Power, Power Systems, Telecom Rectifiers

"Arnatronic Plus"

Arnatronic Proposes A Range Of Very Simple And Especially Easy To Handle And Compact Telephone Sets To Set Up Multipoint Telephone Links. Conversation Range Can Reach 40 Km In Point`To`Point Mode. Of A Robust Design, These Telephone Sets Are Adapted For Use In Severe Environments.Their High Autonomy Makes Them An Ideal Tool For Maintenance Operations And Commissioning. This Range Consists Of: A Line Head Fixed Set Pf911 And A Mobile Set Pm911 Equipped With A Power Supply Unit Bp911 Or Br911.

"Arnold Magnetics Corporation"

Rugged, Severe Environment, High Reliability Power Supplies And Dc To Dc Converters

"Artesyn Technologies"

Artesyn Technologies Offers Dc/Dc Converters, Telephone Ring Generators, Low To Medium Power Ac/Dc Power Supplies , Distributed Power Front End Ac/Dc Power Supplies , Encapsulated Linear Ac/Dc Power Supplies, External Ac/Dc Power Supplies , Etc .,

"Asner Electronic Co., Ltd."

Manufactures Ac-Dc Power Supplies, Dc-Dc Power Supplies, Electronic Ballast, Inverters And Converters.

"Asp Ag"

Manufacturer Of Dc To Ac Inverter For Stand Alone Applications And Inverter For Grid Feeding. Our Vision Is To Become A Leading Company For Sinwave Inverters.


Manufactures Power Conversion Products, Including Ac/Dc Switchmode And Linear Supplies, Dc/Dc Converters, And Rack Power Systems.

"Astex Applied Science And Technologies, Inc."

Astex Applied Science And Technologies, Inc, Innovations In Plasma, Power, Reactive Gases And Process Systems.

"Astro Systems,Inc."

Offers Flexible Scan Converter: Sc-2027 ,Flexible Scan Converter: Sc-2024: Any Format Input & Programmable Output Matrix Conv./Switcher/Tbc Integrated.

"Astron Corporation"

Provider Of Dc-Dc Converters ,Dc To Ac Power Inverters , Switching Power Supplies Custom Base Station Switching Power Supplies, Preset Dc Power Supply And Smartcharge Battery Chargers.

"Atc Power Systems, Inc."

Atc Power Systems Is A Manufacturer Of Full Military Power Supply Systems. Atc Power Systems Product Lines, Consisting Of Ac To Dc And Dc To Dc Single And Multiple Output Power Supplies, Are Currently Being Used In Growing Numbers Owing To Their High Reliability.

"Aten Technology, Inc."

Offers All Kinds Of Converters Such As Bidirectional Converter,Parallel Converter, Serial/Parallel Reversible Converter, Serial/Parallel Reversible Converter (Buffered), Serial/Parallel Reversible Converter (Nonpowered + High Speed), Etc .,

"Audio Research Corporation"

Manufacturer Of Dac3mkii Digital-Analog Converter:The Dac3mkii Uses A High-Performance Monolithic Input Receiver And A Delta-Sigma Converter Supplied To Audio Research By Crystal Semiconductor. The Dac3mkii Offers Selectable Phase Inversion.


Offers Powerlink Ii Speaker Level To Rca Converter:Powerlink Ii Has Been Known For The Last 10 Years As The Best Line Level Converter On The Market. It May Cost A Liitle More But The Results Are Well Worth It.

"Autotest Company"

Power Supply Test Systems, Programmable Ac Sources, Dc Supplies & Electronic Loads From Autotest Company. Electronic Manufacturing Test Systems For Functional Test Of Power Conversion Products.

"Autotronic Enterprise Co., Ltd."

Autotronic Enterprise Co., Ltd. Offers Signal Converter , Gas Signal Converter , Gas Detector, Etc .,

"Avel Lindberg"

"Avel Manufactures Contemporary Solutions To Meet Most Power Conversion Needs Including; Dc-Dc Converters, Inverters And Switching Regulators."

"Avermedia, Inc."

Offers Pc To Video Converters, Tuner Cards, And Video Capture Products.Features:Windows 95 And 98 Compatible, Connects Directly To Pc Parallel Port, Changeable Presentation Countdown Timer Etc..

"Avionic Instruments, Inc."

Manufactures Airborne Qualified Static Inverters, Frequency Converters, Light Dimmers, Power Supplies And Transformer Rectifiers Designed For Commercial And Military Use

"Avtron Manufacturing, Inc."

Avtron Frequency To Voltage Converters Provide Analog Voltages To Dc Drive Systems With Accuracy And Stability Of A Digital Front-End. Converters Are Easy To Install And Economical.

"Aw Company."

Aw Companys Frequency To Analog Converters Are Compact.Most Models Are Microprocessor Based To Provide A Fast And Linear Response. Converter Modules: Analog To Frequency Converter, Serial Communications Converter, Input/Output: Rs-232/Rs-422.

"Axiomatic Technologies Corporation"

Axiomatic Technologies Is An Innovative Company Specialized In The Research, Development And Manufacture Of Current Converter , Pulse Width Modulation Converters, Rs232 To Rs485 Converter , Etc .,

"B&B Electronics Ltd"

Manufactures Rs232, Rs422, Rs485 Serial Port Converters And Adapters For Usb, Pcmcia, And Fiber Optics.

"B&B Electronics Mfg Co"

Offers All Kinds Of Power Converters Such As Current Loop Converters, Ethernet Serial Converter, Fiber Optic Converters, Keyboard Converters ,Rs-422 Converters, Plc Converters,Rs-485 Converters , Etc .,

"Bauman Moscow State Technical University"

The Faculty Provides Education In Power Systems And Engines, Ecology, Energy Converters, Nuclear Reactors, Energy Convertors And Some Others.

"Bc Systems Inc."

Manufactures Ac/Dc Converters, Dc/Dc And Ac/Dc Power Supplies, And High Voltage Power Supplies For Military, Commercial, And Telecommunications Applications


Manufactures Igbt Ups, Line Interactive Ups, Servo Controlled Ac Voltage Stabilisers, Automatic Voltage Stabilisers, High Power Rectifier, Frequency Convertor Etc..

"Benchmark Media Systems, Inc."

Offers The Portable Sonic Ad2k+ A/D Converter ,Dc Powered, Two Channel, 24-Bit 96-Khz A/D Converter, And The Performance Is Spectacular. Also Offers Benchmark A-To-D Converters.

"Bernclare Multimedia Inc."

"Products:Grand Media Pc To Tv Converter:Features:Vga, Svga For Pc; Vga For Mac, No Need For S/W, Composite Or S-Video Out Etc."

"Bg Systems, Inc."

Manufactures High-End Commercial Joysticks With Rs-232 Serial Interface. A/D To Serial Converters And Custom Input Devices Also Available.

"Blacet Research"

Unusual, High Quality, Analog Synthesizer Modules. Assembled And Kits. Packaging Systems, Power Supplies, Midi To Sequencer Converter Ics.

"Blue Sky Electronic Components Ltd."

Low Dropout Voltage Regulators, Voltage References, Voltage Detectors, And Dc/Dc Converters For Battery Operated Products.

"Bowers Transmission"

Bowers Transmission Has One Of The Largest Inventories Of Spare Parts And Rebuilt Exchange Transmissions For Clark And Zf Transmissions. The Source For Rebuilt Transmissions, Converters, Axles, Differentials And Service Parts.

"Br Wholesale, Inc"

Magnetek Converters Battery Chargers Misc. Converters Accessories Inteli-Power Converters Battery Chargers Todd Engineering Converters Battery Chargers Heart

"Broadcast Technology"

Broadcast Technology Came Into Being In 1987, When Its First Products Were Video Measurement Devices For The Broadcast Industry.The Company Now Produces 2 Ranges Of Routers, 2 Ranges Of Off-Air Receivers An Improved Tv Transmitter Monitoring Unit, Interchange Signal Converters I.E., Asi To Lvds Signals, And Signal Processing Equipment For Mpeg2 Associated Systems.

"Buffington Electric"

The Most Economical, Dependable, And Feasible Source Of Three Phase Power From A Single Phase Service.

"Bull Power System Limited."

Manufacturer And Exporter Of Switch Mode Power Supplies, Dc-Dc Converters For Radio Equipment, Inverters, Telecom Power Systems, Switching Rectifiers, Power Plants, Ac To Dc Converters And Dc To Dc Converters, Industrial Electronics, Medical Electronics, Power Electronics, Smps, Power Supplies, Single Mode Power Supply, Uninturrupted Power Supply, Peripherals, Switch Mode Rectifiers, Ups, Smr, Computers, Power Sources,Etc,.

"C P Power & Automation Limited"

High Quality Electronic Dc Loads Up To 80kw Ac Dc Power Supplies Battery Chargers Dc Dc Converters Laboratory Power Supplies Gpib Ieee 488.2 Interfaces

"C&D Technologies"

As A Leader In Dc/Dc Conversion Technology, Power Convertibles Products Have Set The Standard For Quality And Performance.

"C&D Technologies, Inc."

Designs, Manufactures And Distributes Ac To Dc Power Supplies And Dc To Dc Converters

"C&D Technologies, Inc."

A Producer And Marketer Of Electrical Power Storage And Conversion Products, Including Batteries, High Frequency Switching Power Supplies, Converters, Inverters, And Chargers.


The Idat44 Is The Digital-To-Audio Converter Is A World-Class Digital Audio System For The Home.Features:Continuous Calibration D/A Conversion. Etc

"Carolina Power & Light Company"

Electric Power Plus Energy Products And Services Include: Commercial And Industrial , Power Protection, Wholesale Energy, Residential, Surge Protection, Lighting.

"Central Semiconductor Corp."

World-Class Manufacturer Of Discrete Semiconductors. Available In Surface Mount, Leaded, And Chip Form.

"Che Fong Hong Electronics Ltd."

We Supply All Kinds Of Electronic Components Including Ics , Transistors, Rectifiers, Triacs, Scrs And Diacs, Tantalum Caps, Computer System Components, Lcd Clock Modules, Simm Modules, Math Coprocessors, Led, Optocouplers, Tools And Equipments, Etc.

"Choksi Group"

Manufacturers And Exporters Of Cooling Towers And Spare Parts, Gears And Gearboxes, Transformers, Rectifiers, And Clothing.

"Coiltron, Inc."

Coiltron, Inc. Offers Converters , Transformers , Power Supplies , Etc .,

"Communications Specialties, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Computer To Video Interface Products, Including Scan Converters And A Comprehensive Line Of Distribution Amplifiers.

"Compensated Devices, Inc."

A Certified Manufacturer Of Military Diodes Including Zener Diodes, Schottky Diodes, Current Regulators Diodes, Temperature Compensated Diodes, Switching Diodes, General Purpose Diodes And Rectifiers.

"Comtech Communications Corporation"

Manufacturer Of Digital Modems, Transceivers, Frequency Converters, And Solid State Power Amplifiers For The Satellite Communications Industry

"Comtech Communications Corporation"

Manufacturer Of Digital Modems, Transceivers, Frequency Converters, And Solid State Power Amplifiers For The Satellite Communications Industry.


Cable Box Converters: If Your Cable Tv Company Can Possess & Rent The Box To You Then You Can Own The Box Yourself. When You Buy A Cable Box It Is Your Responsibility To Inform The Cable Tv Company That You Are Accessing Their Signal.

"Cotek Electronic Ind. Co., Ltd"

A Leading Manufacture Of High Reliability Power Supplies & Dc-Ac Inverter .

"Covert Electronics"

Retailer And Wholesaler Of Descramblers And Converters.

"Crown Cable Descrambler"

Specializing In Quality Home Electronics, Including Legal Descramblers, Cable Boxes, Television Cable Box Converters, Cable Tv Converters, Scientific Atlanta Converters, Tocom Descramblers, Jerrold Descramblers, Oak Descramblers Etc.

"Cruising Equipment"

We Are The World Leader In Battery State Of Charge, Advanced Charging Systems, And Load Management Systems For A Wide Variety Of Customers Including Marine, Recreational Vehicles, Fork Lift, Aerospace, Military, And Alternative Energy Customers. Includes Inverters.

"Current Solutions, Inc."

Si Offers A Wide Range Of Tri-Mag Power Supplies For The Southeast. Specializes In Power Invertors, Convertors, Power Supplies Etc.

"D.R.Tecnologie S.R.L."

D.R.Tecnologie S.R.L. Is A Private Company, Established In Milan (Italy), Specialized In Development And Production Of Systems For The Electric Energy Conversion. Products Include Static Inverter (Dc/Ac Converter).

"Darnell.Com Inc."

Power Electronics Including Ac/Dc Power Supplies, Dc/Dc Converters, Uninterruptible Power Supplies,Power Quality,Electric Vehicles, Solar Energy, Photovolatics And Related Components And Systems

"Dartmouth College"

Research Program In Magnetic Cocmponents For Power Electronics, Including Advanced Design Techniques For Conventially Fabricated Components And Microfabrication Of Thin`Film Magnetics.

"Datel, Inc."

Datel Is An Electronics Manufacturing Company That Has Four Major Product Lines - Dc Dc Converters, Data Acquisition And Conversion Components, Digital Panel Meters, And Computer Analog I O Boards.Specifications: Single/Dual/Triple Outputs,Isolated.

"Db Technologies"

Offers The Ad122-96 Mkii Stereophonic Analog-To-Digital Converter. The Da924 Digital-To-Analog Converter. The Db-4496 Multichannel Conversion System.

"Dbs Microwave Inc"

Offering Power Amplifiers, Multipliers, Up-Converters, Down-Converters, And More.

"Dcpower Networks, Inc"

Telecom Dc Power Boards, Rectifiers, Chargers, Dc To Ac Inverters, Dc To Dc Converters, Ups Systems, Replacement Batteries, Battery Preventive Maintenance Contracts

"Dcpower Networks, Inc."

Provides:Sales Of Dc-Dc Converters 1-30 Amp Or 50 To 2500 Watts ,Sales Of Dc -Ac Inverters 250va To 10000va. Rack Mount Dc To Dc Converters For Telecom, Railroad, Aircraft And Utility Applications. 24/48vdc, 48/24vdc, 130/48vdc,130/24vdc,12/24vdc.

"Dcs Limited"

Offers Dcs Elgar 24/192 D/A Converter Is The Most Advanced Audiophile D/A Converter In The World.Becoming The Worlds First 24/96 Audiophile D/A Converter.

"Delta Elektronika Bv"

Delta Elektronika Are Manufacturers Of Dc - Dc Converters, Professional Dc-Output Power Supplies, Programmable System Power Supplies, Bench Type Power Supplies, Etc .,

"Diamond Mountain Engineering, Inc"

Designers Of Low Cost Digitally Margining Dc-Dc Converters

"Digital Audio Denmark"

Offers Adda 2402 ˝ 24 Bit 96 Khz Ad/Da Converter.24 Bit 96 Khz Ad/Da Converter.Digital Input And Output Audio Interfaces: Aes/Ebu, S/P Dif And Optical. Full Duplex Operation Of Input And Outputs, With Signal On All Outputs

"Digital Domain."

Manufacture Three Standard Products And A Few Custom Products For The Audio Industry. Fcn-1 Format Converter: It Is In Use In Recording Studios And Mastering Studios Worldwide.,Vsp Digital Audio Control Center/Sample Rate Converter/Jitter Reducer Etc

"Digital Imagery Management System"

Providing Hrf Power Converter Assembly,Hrf Power Converter Assembly, Side With Vents Jsc2000e22385,Hrf Power Converter Assembly, Switch And Connectors J1 And J2 Jsc2000e22386 Hrf Power Converter Assembly, J2 Connector Jsc2000e22387,Etc.

"Digital Solar Technologies"

Manufacturer Of Microcomputer Based Photovoltaic Controllers, Mpr-9400, Mpr-9800, Mpr-2001 And Rectifier Controllers. Mpr-9400 And Mpr-9800 Are For Use In Pv/Hybrid Applications With Pv Inputs From 30a To 200a And Generator/Rectifier Inputsup To 200a

"Dimensions Unlimited. Inc"

Dimensions Unlimited Offers A Complete Line Of Reliable, Efficient Inverters Capable Of Powering Virtually Any Type Of Equipment Within Their Power Rating. Dc To Ac Power Inverters Are Increasingly Becoming The Product Of Choice For Operating Conventional Electronic Equipment When Line-Based Power Is Not Available.

"Dodson Audio, Inc"

Offers Da-217 Mk Ii D 24/96 Digital To Analog Converter.Uses The Latest Upsampling Technology That Makes All Your Regular Cds Sound Even Better Produces Incredibly Pure Music.

"Dongguan Youkyoung Electronics Co.,Ltd"

Manufacturer Of Products Such As Power Transformer, Ac/Dc Adaptors, Dc/Dc Converter And Pc Series Power Supplies.

"Doug Fleenor Design"

Zero To Ten Volt Analog Control Still Has A Place In The Modern Lighting Control World. Interfacing To Older Dimmers, Custom Controls, Animatronics And Motion Control Are Just A Few Of The Uses Of Our Dmx To Analog Converter. We Currently Make A 24-Channel And A 96-Channel Version. A Single-Channel Oem Board Is Available And Custom Units Are Also Possible.

"Dvd Overseas Electronics"

Dvd Overseas Electronics Offers All Kinds Of Voltage Converters Such As Step Down Voltage Converters, Step Up-Down Converters, Small Voltage Converters, Etc .,

"Dynamic Sales Of New England"

Specialists For Data Converters, Custom Mixed Signal Ics, Hybrid And Hybrids Components, Dc-Dc Converters, Power Supplies, Synchro Converters.

"Dynapower Corporation."

Ac And Dc Power Conversion Systems, Power Supplies/Rectifiers, Cast Coil Transformers And Zero Flux Current Transformers.


Ea Began Designing And Manufacturing Power Supplies In The Low To Mid Power Range For The Industrial, Laboratory And Hobby Markets. The Different Products Here Are Laboratory Power Supplies, Fixed Voltage Power Supplies, Dc-Dc Converter, Dc-Ac Inverter, Dc-Ups Systems, Ac-Ups Systems, Etc And Many More.

"East Coast Datacom, Inc."

"Manufactures Data Communication Equipment. The Product Range Consists Of; Vdsl Multiplexer, Sharing Devices, Interface Converters, Data Broadcast Units, Router Delay Simulator, Line Drivers, Async To Sync Adapters, Rate Adapters Etc.."

"Eastern Avionics International, Inc"

Offering Amer Ak-550 N Dc To Dc Converter 14vdc To 28vdc Amer Ak-550-12 N Regulated Dc/Dc Voltage $649 - $714 1 Increaser In 14vt Out 28vt Etc,

"Ecologic Technologies"

Ecologic Technologies: Offering High Quality Misting Systems, Hobby Greenhouses & Related Accessories Since 1992!. 110 Volt & 220 Volt Power Converters.

"Ecostar Electric Drive Systems"

Design And Development Of Electric Vehicles, Electric Motors, Power Converters, Inverter Modules, Gate Drive Circuits, Fuel Cells, Traction Motors, Stationary Power, Gate Drivers, Hybrid Electric Vehicles And Industrial Turbo Generators. Providing Clean And Efficient Solutions For Using Energy In Personal Transportation And Related Markets.

"Ectron Corporation"

Offers Precision Frequency-To-Voltage Converters.Model 441a.Features:Automatically Accepts 10 Mv To 100 V Input Signal Range Etc..

"Ekotronic Ltd."

Offers Dc/Dc Converters, Dc Power Supplies And Chargers, And Dc Power Supply Systems.

"Elantec Semiconductor, Inc."

Manufactures Analog Integrated Circuits For The Video, Optical Storage, Dc/Dc Converters And Xdsl Markets.

"Elec & Eltek International Holdings Limited"

Products Include Lan Magnetics Modules, Telecommunications / Broadband Access Products, Power Magnetics And Dc/Dc Converters.

"Electram Rotary Equipment Ltd."

Offers Rotary Phase Converters,Auto-Transformer Converters ,Static Phase Converters , Solid State Converters , Phase Converter Options Etc.

"Electro-Sensors, Inc"

Offers Digital Signal Converter - Sa420 The Sa420 Signal Conditioner Is A Complete System Which Provides An Analog Signal Directly Proportional To The Speed Of A Monitored Shaft.

"Electronetics, Inc."

Design And Manufacturing Of Transformers, Inductors, Dc-Dc Converters, And Off-Line Switching Power Supplies.

"Electronic City, Inc."

Manufactures Security Cameras, Monitors, Covert Cameras, Batteries, Converters, A/C Transformers, Inverters, Audio Wire, Power Strips, Test Equipment, Power Supplies, Fuses, Diodes, Speakers, Mounts.

"Electronic Design & Repair, Inc."

Specialists In Dc-Dc And Dc-Ac Converters ,Rectifiers ,Transformers , Power Supplies - Linear And Switching , Ups , Etc .,

"Electronics Manufacturing, Inc."

High Voltage Rectifiers To Meet Your Needs.Manufacturers Of High Voltage And Low Voltage Rectifiers, Stacks And Multipliers. Our Products Are Used In Broadcast Transmitters, Rf Power Generators, Scientific, And Industrial Power Supplies.

"Electronics Outpost, Inc."

High Surge Power Inverters Provide 110 Volt Ac Current From 12 Volt Dc Current

"Emco High Voltage Corporation"

Leading Designer And Manufacturer Of Dc To High Voltage Dc Converters, Power Supplies And Accessories.

"Empire Electric Company, Inc."

Manufacturers And Master Distributors Of Transformers, Rectifiers,Phase Converters, Dc Power Supplies , Inverters (Dc To Ac), Circuit Breakers, Voltage Regulators And Safety Switches.

"Encore Electronics"

Provides Midi To Cv Converters, Midi Controllers And Midi Retrofits To The Analog Synthesizer Community.

"Energy Technologies, Inc. (Eti)"

Energy Technologies, Inc. (Eti) Power Site Covering Rugged, High-Reliability Ups, Battery Backup, Power Conditioning, Frequency Conversion, Power Distribution And Computer Peripherals That Are The Standard Used By Defense, Industrial And Telecommunications Experts Worldwide.

"Entrelec International"

Offers Universal Analog Converter , Universal Thermocouple Converter And Universal Rms Current Converter .


Offers Dc To Ac Power Converters And Inverters. We Carry Dc To Ac Converters That Produce Modified Sine Wave Outputs.Offers Dc To Ac Power Converters Etc.

"Equipment Solutions, Inc."

Offers A2sd16 Analog To Serial Data Converter:High Performance Analog Converter With A Serial Digital Output. It Was Specifically Developed For Interfacing To High Speed, High-Resolution Analog Sensors To Motion Control Boards, Computers And Plcs.

"Esel Techtra Inc."

Our Products Include: 1. Dc-Ac Power Inverter 2. Dc-Dc Converter 3. Spec. Of Solar Charger And Controller - Solar Charger - Solar Charge Controller. 4. Dc/Ac Inverter & Battery Charger. 5. Dc/Ac Inverter & Battery Charger For Computer And Note Book.

"Eta Electric Industries Co., Ltd"

20 Years Of Experience In Research, Design And Development Of Ac Dc And Dc Dc Converters Eta Electric Industries Co., Ltd

"European Power Convertion"

Manufacturer Uninterrutable Power Supplies En 9001 Logo Epc Shandy 300va To 400kva For Computers, Inverter Dc Ac And Converter Rectifier Dc Ac.

"Eurotech Machinery Ltd"

Manufacturer Of Rotary Single Phase To Three Phase Converters And Power Factor Correction Systems.

"Excess Solutions"

Excess Solutions Is A Surplus Electronics Dealer. We Are Not Representatives For Any Manufacturers. We List All Of The Products We Have For Sale On Our Web Pages Except For Components I.E. Ic`S, Resistors, Capacitors, Etc. All Of The Items Listed On Our Web Pages Are New Unless Otherwise Indicated.

"Extron Electronics/Rgb Systems, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Computer-Video Interfaces, Switchers, Distribution Amplifiers, Scan Converters, Computer And Video Test Generators And High Resolution Cable.

"Eylander Electric, Inc"

Home Of The Mts Generator Panels And Phase Adder Rotary Phase Converters.Also Offers Static, Auto-Transformer, And Electronic Or Solid State Phase Converters Electric Motor Controls.


Partner For: Dc / Dc Converters , Ac / Dc Power Supplies,Energie Management,Connectors And Cable Assemblies.

"Fb Performance,Inc."

"Offering All Kind Of Convertors Are Providing Gm 200 4r Hi Perf Street 12""Hp 1800 To 2100 $ 350 (L/U & Non L/U) 12""Hp 2200 To 2800 $ 450 Gm 700 R4 Street/Strip (L/U Only) 10""Ss 2500 To 3200 $ 725"

"Fcoder Group"

Home Of The Fastest Digital Image Viewer And Converting For Windows 95/98/Nt Pc.

"Ferrus Power Ltd."

Leading Uk Designer And Manufacturer Of Custom And Standard Switchmode Power Supplies And Battery Chargers For Industrial Oem Applications. Ac-Dc, Dc-Dc And Dc-Ac Converters, Battery Back-Up / Ups Systems, Power From 12w To 2kw ,Iso9002 / Ul Approved


Manufacturer And Converter Of Specialty Fiber-Based Materials Serving A Wide Range Of Industrial And Consumer Needs - Formerly Specialty Paperboard, Inc.

"Fire, Wind And Rain Technologies"

Design And Manufacture Power Products, Such As Charge Controllers And Inverters, For Solar Energy. Products : Charge Controllers, Data Acquisition Gear, Dc-Ac Inverters, And Much More, All At Affordable Prices.

"Flat Transformer Technology Corp."

Offers High Performance And Moderatlely Priced Low Profile Transformers For High Power Density And High Frequency Off-Line Power Converters.

"Flextek Electronics"

Offers 15v / 1a Flyback Converter , 55v / 3a Dc Motor Driver , 400v / 30a Module For Dc Motors And Ac Inverters , Etc .,


Its Objective Is To Carry Out Research And Development Activities In The Area Of Power Electronics To Improve Efficiency, Power Density And Performance. Current R&D Activities Are In The Following Areas:Power Factor Correction (Pfc) Circuits,Soft-Switching Dc-Dc Converters,Low Voltage Ac-Dc And Dc-Dc Converters,Dynamic Modeling And Control,Electromagnetic Interference And Compatibility (Emi/Emc) And Modeling Of Power Devices.

"Folsom Research, Inc"

Designs And Manufactures Specialized Video And Radar Scan Converters, And Digital Image Processing Products. Folsom Research Manufactures A Complete Line Of High-Performance Video Scan Converters Designed For Professional Use.

"Foresight Electronics, Inc."

Foresight Electronic Distibutes Power Supplies And Power-Related Products To The Electronics Manufacturing Industry.

"Frequency Electronics, Inc."

Offers Dc/Dc Converters For Satellites:Fe-280a ,Space Dc-Dc Convertor & Heritage Dc/Dc Convertors. Provides Frequency/Time Standards And Synchronization Products Including Quartz And Atomic Clocks, Rf/Microwave Subsystems, Dc/Dc Power Converters Etc.

"Ft Technologies Ltd"

Manufacturer Of Ft1604 Resolver-To-Digital Converter.Produces A 16 Bit Natural Binary Output Representing The Input Angle. The Digital Output Is Ls Ttl Logic Compatible And Is Capable Of Driving Up To 20 Ls Inputs.

"G Randpower Components"

Offers International Rectifier , Diodes , Scrs , Bridges , Modules , Ansaldo , Clamps , Heat Sink , Bonded Fin , Chill Plate , Igbt , Mosfet , Inverter , Battery Charger , Power , Components , Electronics , Converter Etc

"Galaxy Electronics, Inc."

A Reputable Source For Cable Tv Descramblers, Converters, Universal Cable Boxes, And Police Radar Jammers. At Galaxy Descramblers We Are Dedicated To Providing You, The Customer The Highest Quality Cable Descrambler Boxes, And Radar Jammers .

"Gamatronic Electronic Industries Ltd"

Offers Dc/Dc Converter, Telecom Power Supply, Dc/Ac Inverters, Frequency Changers, Dc Power Shelves, Dc Power Racks, Dc Power System, Etc .,

"Garear Taiwan Co., Ltd"

We Are A Professional Manufacture Of Transformer, Inverter, Line Filter, Coil, Switching Power Adaptor. Products Include D / A Inverter - Ninv Series, - Linv Series,- Sinv Series. Switching Power Adaptor.

"Gaston Battery Industrial Ltd"

Gaston Battery Industrial Ltd Is A Manufacturer Of High Quality Lead Acid Batteries, Which Are Sold Throughout The World. Products Include : Dc/Dc Converters : External Range Of Dc/Dc Converters From 27 To 158 Watts.

"Gd Rectifiers Ltd."

Uk Leader In The Design And Manufacture Of Selenium Rectifiers And Transient Voltage Suppressors, We Also Provide Solutions To All Aspects Of Silicon Power Semiconductor Control.

"General Semiconductor, Inc."

Manufacturer And Global Supplier Of Power Mosfets, Rectifiers, Diodes, Small Signal Transistors, And Transient Voltage Suppressors.

"Gennum Corporation"

"Offers Multigen˘ - Gf9103 Over-Sampling Colour Space Converter:Internal 4:2:2 De-Multiplexer, High Performance 4:2:2 To 8:8:8 Interpolation Filters; Oversampling Video D/A Conversion Of 4:2:2 Digitalvideosignalstoanalogrgboranalog Ycbcr Video Signals"

"Gitup Industries Corporation"

Major Products Are:Rectangular Body By Using Round Leads Or Flat Type Lead Frames For Power Rectifiers, Bridges And Transistors. Also Offers Semiconductors, Ic, Rectifiers, Led And Diodes Packaging.

"Globtek, Inc."

Products Include Dc / Dc Converters - Encapsulated Dc/Dc Converters (1~60w) And Open Frame Dc/Dc Converters (25~150w) , Power Supplies , Etc .,

"Gold Coast Power"

Handles New And Rebuilt Diesel Engines, Generators, Power Units, Torque Converters, And More

"Good Systems, Inc."

Offers Scan Converters:The Pc-To-Tv And Mac-To-Tv Scan Coverters Coverts The Scan Rate Of The Computer Signal To That Of The Tv.Offers Fullline Of Converters For Both Pc & Mac Platforms.

"Guang Dar Magnet Industrial Ltd."

We Are Taiwanese Manufacturer Of Permanent Magnetic Chucks For The Metalworking And Machine Tool Industry. Our Production Line Also Includes Electromagnetic Rectifiers, Demagnetizers, Rollers, Hoisting Gear, Lifting Etc

"Gwm Corporation"

Offers Single-To-3-Phase Converters For All Applications. Autogentm Static Phase Converters,Digitm -Series Heavy Duty Converters Dual Alternating Rotary Converters&Accessories For Rotary Converters.

"Hall Research Technologies"

Manufactures Monitor Splitters, Scan Converters, Video Keyboard Mouse (Vkm) Matrix Switches, Cables, And More. Also Offers Video/Audio Distribution System For Computer Labs.

"Harmer + Simmons"

Offers Rectifier Modules:Rectifiers Are The Core Components For Every Power System. Harmer + Simmons Has A Range From 250w To 3000w, Modular In Design, Offering Both Convection And Fan Cooled Units Etc.For250w: Sm250, Sm270 Type Rectifiers.

"Harmony Central, Inc."

Offers Studer D19 Multidac 8-Channel Digital-To-Analog Converter.It Is Designed For A Wide Range Of Applications, Including Use As A Converter For Monitoring From Digital Consoles And As A Universal D/A Converter/Interface.

"Hayler Osiris International Pte Ltd."

Distributor And Reseller Of Hardware And Accessories Including Visual Scalars, Pc-Tv Scan Converters, And More.

"Heart Interface"

Heart Interface Is A Leading Manufacturer Of Inverters, Inverter/Chargers, Portable Inverters, And Battery Instrumentation. We Specialize In Providing Dc-To-Ac Power Inverters And Inverter/Charger Systems To A Variety Of Markets.

"High Power Electronics"

The Scientific And Technical Activities Of High Power Electronics Cover Development Of Electrical Circuits And Equipment As Well As Development And Applications Of Methods For Computation, Simulation And Testing Of Power Electronic Circuits And Equipment Used For Conversion And Control Of Active And Reactive Power At High Power Or High Voltage

"High Voltage Component Association Inc."

Manufacturer Of High Voltage Rectifiers, Diodes, Assemblies, Multipliers, And Bridges.Cke Manufactures The Most Complete Line Of Silicon Rectifier Assemblies, High Voltage Rectifiers, Selenium Transient Voltage Protectors And Metal Oxide Varistors .

"Highland Technology, Inc."

Offers High Speed Timing And Cryogenic Instruments, Digital Delay Generators, Time-To-Digital Converters, M680 8-Channel Time-To-Digital Converter 28-Bit, 1ns Resolution, K20 8- Or 16-Channel Energy Survey Meter/Recorder Etc..

"Hilkar Elektroteknik Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Industrial Electrical Equipments Such As Neutral Earthing Resistor,Rectifier And Maintenance-Free Battery Set Bar24 Bar110 ,Serial And Shunt Reactors,Harmonic Reactors , Toroidal Transformers Etc.

"Hind Rectifiers Limited (Hirect)"

Hirect Is A Leading Manufacturer And Exporter Of Power Semiconductor Devices And Power Electronics Equipments Such As Semiconductor Diodes, Rectifier Diodes, Top Hat Type Diodes, Capsules Etc.

"Hitek Power"

Hitek Power Supply Powers Supplies High Voltage Power Supplies Eht Power Supplies Laser Printer Power Supplies Ink Jet Printer Power Supplies And A Range Of Other Heavy Duty Power Supplies.

"Howstuffworks.Com, Inc."

How Stuff Works Shows How Catalytic Converter Is One Of The Most Important Parts Of A Car`S Emission Control System, But It Is Incredibly Simple.

"Hydraforce, Inc."

Offer Integrated Electro-Hydraulics For Mobile Equipment Including Valve And Pump Electronics, Electronic Controllers, Motor Controllers, Pulse Width Modulation (Pwm) Drivers Or Converters, Coil Saver Etc.

"Ie Power Inc."

Leading Manufacturer And Supplier Of High Quality Standard And Custom Power Conversion Products Including Inverters, Power Supplies,Battery Chargers Rectifiers And Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

"Industrial Electronic Repair"

Shop Repairs And Field Service For Adjustable Speed Drives And Solid-State Power Converters.

"Innovative Power Technologies, Inc."

Offers Power Supplies, Dc To Dc Converters, Ups, Uninterruptible, Power Supplies, Rectifiers, Powerfacts Redundant Power, Power Factor Correction, Battery Back-Up, Power Distribution, Power Components, Power Cord Sets Etc.

"International Computer Power"

International Computer Power Products Include Solid State Frequency & Power Conversion , Rotoplus Frequency Converters , Synchronous Frequency Converters , Etc .,

"International Importers, Inc."

Offers Dc / Dc Converters , Power Supplies , Printed Circuit Boards , Capacitors , Switches ,Etc .,

"International Power Sources, Inc."

Provides A Complete Range Of Ac Dc Switching Power Supplies, Dc Dc Converters, Medical Grade Power Supplies, Desktop Power Supplies And High Voltage Power Supplies To The Oem Electronics

"International Semiconductor, Inc"

Supplies A Very Wide Range Of High Quality, Competitively Priced Diodes, Rectifiers, Transistors, Arrays, And Assemblies.

"Interpoint Corporation"

Leading Manufacturer Of Dc Dc Converters And Custom Microelectronics For Aerospace, Space, Military, Medical, And Commercial Markets.

"Interpoint Corporation"

Standard Dc/Dc Power Converters And Emi Filters Manufactured With Advanced Analog Circuitry For All Hi-Rel Industries.


Products Include Industrial Auto Drivers, Voltage Regulators, Dc/Dc Charge Pumps, Converters Etc.

"Intertron Industries Inc."

Single Phase Controllers 3 Phase Frequency Converter And Rectified D.C. Controllers Etc

"Intronics Inc"

Designing And Manufacturing Standard And Custom Dc/Dc Converters, Function Modules, And Analog Signal Processors For Mission Critical Applications.

"Iota Engineering Co."

Iota Engineering Manufactures A Quality Line Of Battery Chargers, Converters, And Power Supplies. Durably Built, These Products Have Many Protection Features Built In To Withstand Most External Factors That Could Lead To A Product Failure.

"Ips Ltd"

Ips Are Manufactures Whose Extensive Range Of Products Include All Kinds Of Power Converters, Ac/Ac And Ac/Dc Power Supplies, Dc Power Supplies, Power Cords, Etc .,


Designs And Developes Power Supplies, Converters, And Various Multi-Media Equipment

"Ixys Corporation"

Power Semiconductor Manufacturer Specializing In Mosfet, Igbt, Thyristor, Scr, Rectifier, Diode, Dcb, Power Module, Ic, Hybrid, And Transistor Products.

"J.A.Beck Inc"

J.A.Beck Inc. Is A Manufacturing And Service Company For The Industrial Controls Market. Manufacturer Of Low, Medium, And High Frequency Single And Three Phase Inverters For Use In Dc To Ac Conversion, Ozone Generators, Single And Three Phase Motor Control And High Frequency Test Equipment.

"Jbm Electronics, Inc."

Jbm Electronics Has Been A Major Manufacturer Of Dc/Dc Converters, Pulse Transformers,Noise Suppression Inductors,Electromagnetic Delay Lines, Etc .,

"John Williamson,"

In The Beginning I Fitted An Sd1 Automatic Gearbox After Finding A Clean One In The Scrap Yard That Was Supposed To Be Good. Problem Was That Top Gear Was 1 To 1 With Some Loss Due To Torque Converter Slippage, So With Fords Tallest Possible Diff Ratio Fitted It Used To Run Up To About 130 Like You Were In Low Gear.Then It Died In Spectacular Oily And Messy Style After Developing A Habit Of Going Up And Down Gears For No Reason At Demented Speeds! Good Job Too, Bloody Thing

"Jst Sales"

Jst Sales Are Manufacturers Representatives Offering Offering Dc - Dc Converters , Standard And Custom Switching Power Supplies , D-Sub Connectors, Headers And Sockets , Etc .,

"K. E. Developments Ltd"

Specialise In The Design And Production Of High Quality Custom Built Dc-Dc Converters, Offering Exceptional Flexibility In Power, Output, Size And Isolation Specifications

"Kaco Gerdtetechnik"

Products Include Dc/Dc-Converters , Frequency Converters , Dc-Filters, Sine-Wave Inverters , Protected Dc-Voltage Supplies , Etc .,

"Kaiser Systems, Inc."

Kaiser Systems, Inc. Has Specialized In The Design And Production Of Highly Reliable High Performance High Voltage Power Conversion Systems Since Its Founding In 1980.

"Kalem Technologies Corp."

Offers Rectifier:We Carry A Wide Selection Of Rectifiers Ranging For Nippon Denso, Mitsubishi, Bosh, To Delco Remy. Our Rectifiers Has Quality Comparable To That Of The Oe (Original Equipment).Manufacturer Of Rectifiers, Regulators, Starters.

"Kepco Inc"

Offers Series Fpd Are Flatpack High Density D-C To D-C Converters For Board Mount Applications Featuring Fixed Frequency (500khz) Operation. These Are Available In 5, 10, 50 And 100 Watt Models.

"Lambda Advanced Analog"

Pioneered High Density Hybrid Dc/Dc Converters In The Aerospace And Military Programs.

"Lambda Electronics Inc."

Lambda Electronics Inc. Is The Worlds Largest Manufacturer Of Standard Switching And Linear Electronic Power Supplies, Dc-Dc Converters And Power Systems.

"Lambda Scandinavia"

C/Dc Power Supplies, Dc/Dc Converters, Rectifiers, Programmable Power Supplies, High-Voltage Power Supplies, Custom Power Supplies

"Lead Precision Industry Co., Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Diode And Bridge Rectifier Leads.

"Leisure Vehicles Ltd"

Rv Sales L&H Leisure Vehicles Ltd. Located In Abbotsford, British Columbia Provides Rv Sales To The Abbotsford, British Columbia Area. Rv Sales Abbotsford British Columbia

"Lfb Ind. & Com. Ltda"

Accessory That Allows Reception Of Shortwave Bands Using The Am Section Of Any Modern Car Stereo Equipment.

"Lh Power Electronics Pty Ltd"

Lh Power Electronics Specialises In The Design, Manufacture And Service Of Induction Heaters, Furnaces And High Power Rectifiers.

"Lindgren-Pitman, Inc."

Offeres Single Or Double Power Converter Single Operates One Reel - Double Operates Two Reels Input: 115 Volt A.C. 60 Cycle - Output: 24-32 Volt D.C. Lp-Pow-Con1 Single Power Converter (Runs 1 Reel) ,Lp-Pow-Con1-Rly Single Relay Power Converter (Runs 1 Reel) ,Etc.

"Lp Hoying, Llc"

Designs, Manufactures, And Sells A Wide Variety Of Photovoltaic Power Supplies, Rectifiers, And Other Equipments.Rectifier Products: Cathodic Protection Premium Rectifiers: Premium Automatic Three Phase Typevap,Premium Oil Immersed,Premium Air Cooled

"Lubbock Electric Co.,"

Lubbock Electric Co., Offers Products Which Include Phase Converters , Clutches/Brakes, Electrical Controls , Electrical Enclosures, Fuses , Etc .,

"Lyric Hi-Fi, Inc."

Offers Digital - Analog Converters.24bit - 192k.A StereophileĂ Class A Processor , Dcs Purcell Upconverter. 24bit - 192k Upconverter Etc.

"M. Brodribb Pty Ltd"

Offers Transformers, Rectifiers And Power Supplies, Battery Chargers, Dc Dc Converters, Stabilisers And Cathodic Protection Rectifiers.

"Magnaflux Systems."

Offers Ups, Ac, Dc, Power, Inverters, Static Frequency Converters, Static Frequency Converters, Battery Charges, Servo Stabilizers, Dc Power Supplies, Battery

"Magnitude-3 Llc"

Dc To Dc Converters For Space Applications, Custom Thick Film Manufacturing, Contract Laser Trimming, And Custom Resistor Networks.

"Majestic Transformer Co."

Offers Transformers, Rectifiers, Chokes, And Power Supplies Built To Various Specifications.

"Major Power"

Power Inverters, Battery Chargers, Ups And Power Supplies. Specializing In Frequency, Phase And Dc Converters, Voltage, Surge Protection, Telecommunication Power Systems

"Manitek Corp."

Offers Pc Tv Converter, S-Vhs To Composite Conversion ,Digital Video System Converter , Digital & Analog Video Standard Converter And Auto Av Selector.

"Marketing Signatures"

Products:C-3d Digital Converter:The C-3d Digital Converter Converts Any Image Shown Onyourconventional Tvintoastonishinglylifelike3dforaviewingexperiencemore Realistic Than Anything Previouslypossible.Each Convertercomes With An Infrared Transmitters

"Marki Microwave"

Provides Frequency Mixers And Converters, As Well As Mixer-Based Subassemblies, Low Noise Receivers, And Medium Power Transmitters.

"Martek Power Abbott Electronics, Inc."

Product Catalog Of Dc/Dc Are Nl Series (New),Nh Series,Nb Series And Accessories,Sm Series And Accessories,Ab Series,B Series & Bl Series And C Series & Cc Series.Ac/Dc Are Aw Series,Am Series,Lv Series & Llv Series,M Series,Mh Series,W Series & Ww Series,Wl Series & Wwl Series.Dc/Ac Are S Series,Sn Series.And Accessories.

"Mbl Akustikgerdte Gmbh"

Offers Mbl 1511 Digital/Analog Converter.A D/A Converter For Genuine Analog Sound Reproduction. Reaches New Sound Dimensions Using Delta Sigma Technology In A Dvd Compatible 20/24 Bit Construction. . Impressively Limits Noise And Interference.

"Mcdowell Research Corporation"

Mcdowell Research Corporation Designs And Manufactures A Variety Of Ac To Dc Power Supplies, Dc To Dc Power Converters, Battery Backup Systems, Battery Chargers, Briefcase Power Systems And Mounting Racks.

"Meco Instruments Private Ltd"

Offers Din96 To Din72 Panel Cut-Out Converter And Other Test Equipments.

"Megatel Industries."

Offers Products:T1/E1 Dsu/Csu & E1/T1 Cross Rate Converters.Interface Converters: V.35, Rs232, G.703, X.21, Rs530, Rs449, Rs485. Fiber Converters, G703fe1, G703ftec, G.703 T1 E1 Cross Rate Converter Etc..

"Melcher Ag"

Offers Ac-Dc & Dc-Dc Converters, Switching Regulators, Telecom Rectifiers And Turnkey Power Supply Systems.

"Micro Networks"

Leading Supplier Of Precision Microelectronic Frequency Sources And Signal Processing Components & Subsystems.Offers Analog-To-Digital Converters , Flash A/D Converters, Digital-To-Analog Converters, V/F, F/V Converters, V/F-Based 20-Bit A/D Etc..

"Micro Technology Services, Inc"

Your Design Manufacturing Partner.Specialized Analog/Digital Converter.An Oil Field Service Company Required A Low-Cost, Highly Accurate A/D Converter Card With Special Security Features.

"Microlink Engineering Solutions."

Microlink Range 5 Types Of A-D Converter Are Used: Successive Approximation, Dual Slope Integrating, Charge Balancing, Flash And Sigma-Delta Converter.

"Micronova Sistemi S.R.L."

Designs Mixed Analog-Digital Integrated Circuits In Bicmos, Cmos And Fpga Technologies. A/D, D/A, Sd Converters, Sensor And Optical Interfaces.

"Microsemi Corporation"

Produces Diodes, Transistors, Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (Scrs), Rf Devices, And Transient Voltage Suppressors.

"Midi Classics"

Offers Professional 20-Bit External Digital Audio Converter.Features:Stereo A/D And D/A Converters In A Standard Half-Rack Package, Aes/Ebu Digital I/O On Xlr Connecters, D/A Converter, A/D Converter Etc.

"Minimax Electronics, Inc"

Offers Power Converters:110 To & From Volt Power Converters, Signal Converters:Evc-1500 Converts Any Ntsc Signal To Pal M Or Pal N... , Evc-1595, Evc-1550, Evc-1585 Etc..

"Minwa Electronics Company Ltd"

Minwa Electronics Company Ltd Sells Different Types Of Voltage Convertors, Battery Chargers, Invertors, Adaptors And Other Products.

"Mission Power Solutions"

Mission Power Solutions Expertise Includes Power Conversion, Battery Backup, And Programmable Power System Solutions .

"Mlt Drives"

Mlt Drives Has Manufactured Sinewave Inverters For Almost 20 Years And Has Several Thousand Inverters Running In Remote Areas Of Southern Africa In Off-Grid Farms, Schools, Missions Etc. We Are Using The Latest State Of The Art Technology And Manufacture Only High Quality Products.


Your One Stop Shop For Manufactured Home And Recreational Vehicle Parts And Accessories. Products Include Magnetek Power Converter: Power Converter 20amp W/Battery Charger, Power Converter 30amp W/Battery Charger, Power Converter 40amp W/Battery Charger. Online Shopping.

"Modern Electronics"

Provides Converters, Descramblers, Combination Units, And Other Accessories.

"Montein Technology Co.,Ltd"

We Are Professional, Experienced And Young Manufactory Of Dc/Dc Power Converter. We Are The Pioneers In This Field In Taiwan. Therefore, We Have A Strong R & D (Researching And Developing) Team Can Create Lots Of Innovation And Revolutions. All Our Products Are Manufactured Under Strike Supervision Which Will Carry Out All Rejected Items Thorough Our Quality Control Team.


Morven Electronics Design Expertise Covers Off-Line Switch Mode And Linear Power Supplies, Dc-Dc Converters, Dc-Ac Inverters, Battery Chargers And Battery-Backed Systems.

"Mouser Electronics, Inc."

Mouser Electronics, Offers Eta Dc/Dc Converter , Newport Dc-Dc Converter , Isolated Dc-Dc Converters, Etc .,

"Msb Technology."

Offers Professional Analog To Digital Converter:Convert And Record Your Analog Sources Onto Cds. The Msb Professional Analog To Digital Converter Is Optimized In Every Way Possible To Assure The Very Highest Quality Conversion.

"Mytek Digital"

Manufactures Professional Audio Equipment. We Make 20 Bit A/D Converters, Digital Meters, Privateq Multichannel Headphone System Etc.

"Nakamichi America Corporation"

Offers Dac-41 Mobile Digital To Analog Converter.D/A Converter Specifications: Two 20 -Bit D/A Converter With 8-Times Oversampling Digital Filter, 5 Hz-20khz ▒0.5 Db, Better Than 100db.

"Nana Industries."

Manufacturing And Servicing Of Battery Chargers, Rectifiers. Hi Current Dc Rectifiers For Electro Plating & Anodising / Selenium Silicon Rectifiers & Stacks.

"National Semiconductor Corporation"

Offers National Semiconductor Products:A-To-D Converters - General Purpose ,A-To-D Converters - High Speed , Digital-To-Analog Converters , Voltage-To-Frequency Converters And Active Filters.

"Netrix Technologies"

Offers Active Media Converters - 10base-T & 100base-Tx,10base-T, Copper To Fiber Converter,100base-Tx, Copper To Fiber Converter Etc.

"New World Technologies, Inc."

Specializes In Cable Tv Products: New And Refurbished Converters, Line Gear And Head-End Equipment.


Offers Rackmount Dc Converters Which Is Used By Telecommunications Which Require Isolated Dc Converters To Provide Excellent Voltage Regulation, Low Noise, And High Efficiency.

"Newport Components"

Manufacturer Of Low Power Dc-Dc Converters.

"Newport Components Limited"

Manufacturer Of Low Power Dc-Dc Converters. Visit The Page For Details Of All Products And Sales Locations Throughout The World

"Nidec America Corporation"

Nidec America Corporation Manufactures Ac-Dc Switching Power Supplies And High-Density Dc-Dc Converters With Extraordinarily Quiet, Rugged And Consistent Operating Characteristics.

"Nishan Power Converters"

Leading Manufacturers Of Power Converters, Power Inverters, Ups Systems, Electronic Ballasts And Other Power Electronics Products

"Nkf Electronics"

Nkf Electronics Has Accumulated Extensive Expertise In Four Important Areas: Optical Fibre Technology, Rf Technology And Video Technology (Both Analogue And Digital) And Photovoltaic Energy. Photovoltaic Dept Contains Inverters - Ac Module Inverters .

"Nova Electric"

Nova Electric Has Been A Technological Leader In Power Conversion Technology. Nova Acquired That Position Through A Dedication To Engineering And Manufacturing Excellence, And A Design Philosophy That Insures The Highest Degree Of Product Reliability.

"Nvision, Inc."

Products:4000 Series 24-Bit, 4-Channel Aes D To A Converter,Da4040 Digital To Analog Converter, Da4040 D To A Converter: Features: 24-Bit Conversion, Supports Sampling Rates 28.4khz To 96khz, Zero Detect Mute Etc

"Oak Ridge National Laboratory"

Ornl, Inverter, Motor, Converter, Power Electronics, Electric Machinery, Doe, Engineering Research


Yamaha/Cdc505: S-Bit Dac This Yamaha-Developed Single-Bit Digital-To-Analog Converter Operates With High Precision For Clear Reproduction At All Frequency And Volume Levels.

"Pacific Power Source"

Commercial Amp Military Ac Test Power Systems, Frequency Voltage Converters, 400hz Avionics Marine Power Converters, Emc Harmonic Amp Flicker Test Systems And Custom And Or Integrated Power Systems

"Pacs Industries"

Switchgear Manufacturer Of Circuit Breakers Designed For Generators, Substations, Transformers, And Power Plants. Metalclad Switchgear, Arc Furnace, Vacuum Interrupters, Rectifiers.

"Pascall Electronics Ltd"

Offers Pm Series:The Series Is Made Up Of 30w, 50w, 120w, 250w & 500w Dc/Dc Converters. Vm Series: Units Are Available In 100-250w Dc/Dc Converters And 100-250w Ac/Dc Converters.

"Perfect Power Systems,Inc."

Offers Conditioned Power Machine˘ Frequency Converter.Benefits Include Low Noise And Vibration As Well As A Small Footprint And Modular Design For Expansion Or Redundancy. And Simply Add Batteries For Total Outage Protection.

"Phase-A-Matic, Inc."

Offers Static Phase Converters And Rotary Phase Converters For Running 3-Phase Equipment On Single Phase Power.

"Philips Electronics B.V."

"Offers Saa7167; Yuv-To-Rgb Digital-To-Analog Converter (Dac) Is A Mixed-Mode Designed Ic Containing A Video Data Path, Keying Control Block, Analog Mixer, And A Voltage Output Amplifier, Capable Of Converting Digital Video Data To Analog Rgb Video."

"Philtek Power Corporation"

Designs And Manufactures Power Conversion Products For Various Industrial Markets Such As Electric Utility, Telecommunication, Pulp And Paper And Oil And Gas Refineries Around The World

"Pico Electronics, Inc."

Offers High Power Dc-Dc Converters-Fixed Frequency Dc-Dc Up To 75 Watts Wide Input 18-36v Dc 17 Standard Dual And Single Models, 3.3-100 Vdc Output Wide Input 38-72v Dc

"Planar Magnetics Ltd"

Offers Increased Power Density In High Power Converters

"Polyamp Ab"

Dc/Dc Converters, 30 To 1000w, Emc And Ce- Mark, Degaussing Systems, Magnetic/Acoustic Sweep Ships And Submarines And Magnetic Prediction

"Polyfusion Electronics"

Offers Model 800 Digital To Analog Converter Specifications:Digital Inputs:Optic 1 St Type Optimized For 62.5/125um Glass Cable,Input Frequency:32khz To 48khz With Auto-Lock Etc

"Polytron Devices"

Leading Manufacturer Of Encapsulated Power Supply Modules And Regulated Dc/Dc Converters, Serving Industry With Quality Products

"Power Conversion Products."

Power Conversion Products Offers Dc To Dc Converter , Rectifiers , Battery Back Up , Etc .,

"Power Designs Corporation"

Provides Custom And Semi-Custom Supplies, Converters, And Magnetics.

"Power Guide Marketing"

Offers All Kinds Of Dc To Dc Converters Such As 1 Watt To 300 Watts - Single And Multiple Outputs, 5 Volt Dc To 380 Volt Dc Inputs , Standard And Custom, Circuit Breakers, Transformers, Power Supplies , Etc .,

"Power King Co, Ltd."

Offers Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Automatic Voltage Regulators, Dc To Ac Converters, Inverters, Automatic Battery Chargers.

"Power Sources Unlimited, Inc."

Power Sources Unlimited, Inc. Is An Established Technical Power Products Distributor Of Dc-Dc Converters , Test Instrumentation , Surge Protection , Cable Assemblies , Etc .,

"Power Steering Serives."

Power Steering Units, Catalytic Converters And Ecu Specials, Uk Or Export.

"Power Trends"

Designs And Manufactures A Full Line Of Integrated Switching Regulators And Dc To Dc Converters. Offers 5w To 100w Isolated And Non-Isolated Surface Mount Dc/Dc Converters

"Powerex Inc."

A Manufacturer Of Semiconductors, Power Semiconcutors, Rectifier, Diode, Thyristor, Scr, Assemblies Etc.Rectifier Types: Standard Rectifiers, Fast Rectifiers, Phase Control Scrs& Inverter Scrs.

"Powersource Energy Systems Inc."

Powersource Energy Systems Inc. Is A Leader In The Renewable Energy Market In Canada. Powersource Energy Systems Inc. Offers A Complete Line Of The Products Necessary For A Complete Renewable Energy System. All Products Have Been Carefully Selected Based On Technical Merit, Ease Of Use, And Value. Products Include Inverters.

"Powerstar Inc"

Powerstar Manufacturers High Technology Power Ups Products, Unix Rackmount And Windows Nt Computers, Scsi Disk Solutions And Periherals Such As Lexmark Printer And Certified Repair Facility.

"Powerstream Technology"

Powerstream Technology Is The Innovative Leader In Power Engineering. We Specialize In Custom Power Supplies, Custom Battery Chargers, Custom Ups And Battery Testers. Our Products Are Cost Effective, Environmentally Safe And Custom Designed To Your Specifications.

"Powertron Limited"

Producing High-Spec, Reliable, Rugged, Switch-Mode Power Supplies And Dc-Dc Converters

"Ppalomar- Engineers"

Vlf Converter. Receiver Converter Shifts 10-500 Khz Up To 4 Mhz So It Can Be Heard On Any Shortwave Receiver. Excellent Sensitivity.

"Precision Industries"

Manufactures High Performance Torque Converters And Supplies Transmission Components For Ford, Gm, Dodge And Import Vehicles.

"Prime Electric Co., Ltd"

Prime Electric Co., Ltd Is A Leading Specialist In Developing And Manufacturing Electronic Car Accessories Including Car Battery Chargers, Dc Power Converters, Battery Over-Discharge Protectors, Booster Cables, Battery Charging Cables, Etc.

"Prime Image, Inc."

Offers Time Base Correctors, Synchronizers, Audio/Video Delays, Standard Converters, Desktop Video Products, And Tbc/Sync. Digital Video Processing Equipment. Also Offers Standards Converter And Tbc/Sync Board Etc..

"Process Controls And Instrumentation"

Offers Current Conditioners, Power Conditioners, Converters, Controllers, Regulators, Supplies, Transformers, Uninterruptible Power Supplies Etc..

"Production & Trading Company Ag"

"Our Standards Are: Dc/Dc Converter With Up To 500w, Single Output; Dc/Dc Converter With Up To 125w, Multiple Outputs. Ac & Dc Input Converter With Hex Output Up To 125w; Wide Input Range; Etc"


The Computer Products Superstore. Here Are The Products Listed Under The Category Power Converter. Get Guaranteed Lowest Prices, Huge Inventory, Easy Ordering, And Super Fast Service. Shopping Online.

"Pt. Asata Utama Electrical Industries"

The Company Produces Small Transformers, Ballast, Mercury Chokes, Auto Transformer, Voltage Converter 110v/220v Etc.

"Pulsar Microwave Corporation"

Manufacturer Of High Dynamic Mixers Up To 18 Ghz, Power Splitters, Couplers And Up-Down Converters.

"Qualtest & Control, Inc."

Qualtest & Control, Inc. Products Include Power Converters , Rectifiers , Power Supplies , Etc .,

"Rantec Power Systems Inc"

Designs And Manufactures Power Conversion Products Such As High Voltage Power Supplies, Low Voltage Power Supplies, Dc/Dc Converters, And Power Systems Products

"Ray Perron & Company Inc"

Ray Perron & Company As A One-Man Organization With Three Lines, Bogan Amplifiers, Cannon Connectors, And Cinch-Jones Barrier Strips. The Line Of Power Supplies Was Kepco And It Has Been One Of The Companies Top Lines Year After Year.

"Rectifiers And Controls"

Offers Silicon Rectifiers.Operatable On 380/415 Volts, 3 X 50c/ Ac Supply.Rectifier Is A Machine That Converts Ac Intodc Supply. Different Models: Rcn The Output D.C. Voltage Is Variable From 40% To100%.

"Renewable Energy Infrastructure Limited"

Renewable Energy Infrastructure Limited., A Solar Electric Power Company, Develops, Manufactures And Markets Photovoltaic (Pv) Power Products And Systems. Products : Sinusoidal Wave Inverter Automatic 500w Peak Efficient Sinusoidal Wave Switching Mode Inverter, Sine Wave Switching Inverter Fully Automatic 50ow Super Efficiency Sine Wave Switching Inverter, 200w Inverter Input Dc12v, Output 200w Inverter, Fully Automatic 400w Inverter Fully Automatic 12v Dc Input 400w Inverter.

"Ric-Tronics, Inc"

Electronic Component Distributor Of Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Transformers, Crystals, Osillators, Displays, Leds, Semiconductors, Switches, Connectors, Power Supplies,Transient Suppressor And Movs.

"Richardson Electronics"

Can Meet Your Needs For Capacitors, Power Semiconductor Fuses, Power Electronic Components, Reactors, Resistors, Thermal Management Products, Pulse Power, High Voltage, High Current And High Power Industrial Etc

"Rv Power Products"

Manufactures And Sells Battery Chargers, Converters, Solar Controllers, And Solar Panel Inverters For Rvs, Boats, And Homes.

"S.O.S Industrial Electronics"

South African Manufactures Of Ac-Dc Power Supplies. Many Different Models Are Avaliable. The Other Products Include Dc-Dc Convertors, Balun Transformer, Dc Distribution Panels, 24v Telephone Line Extenders Etc.

"S.S.I Electronic Components Distribution"

Distributor Of Electromechanical Components Such As Leds, Lcds, Connectors, Rectifiers, Displays, And More.

"Safety Power Group Limited"

Offers All Kinds Of Dc/Dc Converters Such As Fast Track Chart, 0.75 To 150w Embedded, External 40 To 1000w Open Frame,Custom Open Frame, Vehicle Adaptors, Etc .,

"Samlex Power Supplies"

Creates Power Supplies, Converters, And Battery Chargers For Markets Worldwide.Offers Dc- Dc Converters - Convert 24 Volts Dc To 12 Volts Dc ,And Dc-Ac Inverters:Convert Dc Power To Ac Power.

"Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co.,Ltd."

Offers Catv Converters:Non-Volume Converter,Volume-Control Converter,One-Way Addressble Converter, Two-Way Addressble Converter And Pg 500s V-Chip Decoder.


A Leader In Power And Energy Management Products, Announced Today That It Will Build Fuel Cell Power Converters For H Power Corp.

"Satellite Systems Corporation"

Offers Manufactures Satellite Beacon Tracking Receivers, Antenna Tracking Control Systems, Rf Frequency Converters: 4500 Downconverter, 5420 Upconverter, New - Oem Board Level Downconverter Etc.


Offers Cstv-288 Catv Converter:For Tv Set Converting Remote Control, Volume Control, Power Loop-Through, Rf/Av In/Out, Osd Etc. Specifications: Power Supply: Ac 230v / 50hz / 60hz, Frequency Range: 47mhz~870mhz Etc..

"Schaefer, Inc"

Manufacturers Of Power Conversion Products, Ac, Ac To Dc, Converter, Power Supplies, Battery Chargers, Switched Mode, Switchedmode, Switchmode, , Thyristor Controlled

"Screen Service Italia."

Leading Company In The Production Of Professional Equipment For Broadcast Purposes.Offers Scc Series If / Channel Up Converters.If/Channel Converters Are Available In 2, 5 And 10 W Versions And Can Be Used As Low-Power Transmitters, As Driver Stages.

"Sec California"

Specialize In The Distribution Of Active And Passive Components. Including Ics, Relays, Varistors, Transistors, Triacs, Diodes, Bridge Rectifiers, Capacitors And Many.

"Sek `D Vertrieb Gmbh"

Makers Of Digital Audio Converters And I/O Cards For Pcs, Including The Samplitude 2496 And Adda 2496 Converters And The Prodif Gold Pci Digital I/O Card With Adat Interface.

"Selectronic Australia Pty Ltd"

Selectronic Australia - Designers And Manufacturers Of Wire Wound Electronic Components, Transformers, Inductors And Selectronic Power Inverters.

"Semiconductor Circuits, Inc"

Designs, Manufactures And Sells Ac Dc And Dc Dc Converters

"Semikron Inc."

Semikron Integrated Intelligant Power , Power Devices With Integrated Drive- And Protection Functions For High Reliability

"Shining Fair Enterprises Co. Ltd."

Manufacture Of Power Adaptor, Universal Switching Adaptor, Inverter, Converter, Transformer Etc.

"Si-Plan Electronics Research Ltd"

Offers Analogue Digital And Digital Analogue Converter Interface Card,Enables A Risc Computer To Be Connected To External Equipment Such As Pressure Transducers, Load Cells And Thermocouples.

"Siegmund Scientific"

Products:Electronics:Analog To Digital Converters:16 Bit 3 Channel Analog To Digital Converter , 3 Channel 16 Bit Analog To Digital Converter.And Time To Digital Converters: 14 Bit Time To Digital Converter, 2 Channel 14 Bit Time To Digital Converter

"Signal Conversion Limited"

Offers Analogue To Digital Converter Design And Test Systems.

"Signal Processing Technologies, Inc."

Manufacturers Of A Broad Line Of High-Performance Analog-To-Digital Converters (Adcs), Digital-To-Analog Converters (Dacs), Comparators, Track-And-Hold Amplifiers And Video Products.Also Offers High-Speed A/D Converters& Medium-Speed A/D Converters.


A Full Range:Switch More Rectifiers, Modular Design ,Thyristor Rectifiers, Standard Or Customized Design , Inverters And Ups.

"Sma Electronic Gmbh"

Offers Dc-Dc Converter Transformers Smd. Features:High Operating Frequency Possible. Suitable For Multiple Channel Output Power Dc/Dc Converters. Depending On Output Power, A Wide Size Selection From 4.8mm Dia To 10.8mm Dia Is Available.

"Sma Regelsysteme Gmbh"

Sma Has Been Active In The Field Of Decentralized Energy Supply For More Than 15 Years Now. Sma Produces Inverter Systems For Supplementary Grid Feeding Of Photovoltaic Energy. The Development Of The Modular System Technology Resulted In The Trend Setting Sunny Boy String Inverter Family. Altogether More Than 30 Mw Of Total Inverter Power Have Been Installed So Far, Defining New Standards In The Pv Market. Until A Few Years Ago Pv`Plants Had Large Central Inverters

"Smarthome.Com, Inc."

Offers Digital Multisystem Video Converter.Use Foreign A/V Equipment With North American Tvs And Vcrs, And Vice Versa. Full Digital Processing And Automatic Signal Input Detection

"Solar Converters Inc."

Canadian Manufacturer Of Charge Controllers With Maximum Power Point Tracking, Linear Current Boosters, Dc-Dc Converters, Dc Autotransformers, Battery Equalizers, Dc Pump Controllers (Pv And Battery Driven), Etc..

"Solar-Fabrik Gmbh"

Solar-Fabrik Is A Manufacturer Of Photovoltaic Modules, Inverters And A Wholesale Supplier Of All Components For Photovoltaic Systems. It Was Formed In 1996 With Purely Private Financing, As A Medium-Sized Enterprise Independent Of Big Business. Unique In Europe! The Entire Power Demand Of The New Production Plant Is Met By A South Orientated Facade With Integrated Solar Modules And A Vegetable Oil Fired Chp Unit.

"Sonifex Ltd."

Offers Sonifex Rb-Bl2 Unbalanced To Balanced Bi-Directional Converter.The Rb-Bl2 Is A Bi-Directional Stereo Unit For Interfacing Domestic, Or Semi-Pro Unbalanced Equipment To Professional Balanced Line Levels, And Vice-Versa.


Parasound Digital Products:D/Ac-2000 Ultra Digital To Analog Converter.It Incorporates Ultraanalog Aes21 , Hdcd, High Definition Compatible Digital, Decoder, Ultraanalog D20400-A Dual 20 Bit D/A Converter.

"Sparc International, Inc."

Offers Sbus Analog To Digital Converters (Adcs).Also Offers , Pci Analog I/O Cards, Vmebus Analog I/O Cards, White Papers From Analog Devices, Inc.

"Spd Technologies"

Solid-State Power Electronic Device Used To Change A Given Alternating Current (Ac) Frequency To A Chosen Frequency. Aka: Frequency Changer, Power Supplies

"Spectral Inc"

Manufacturer Of Professional Pc Based Digital Audio Workstations For Broadcast, Video/Film, Music, And Multi-Media. A/D-D/A Converters, The Translator Eight Channel Format Converter.

"Stabylex Electronics Corporation"

Volt-A-Grip: Innovative Automotive Wiring Tester,Dc-Dc Converters For Trucks, Buses And Heavy Equipment,Etc 1224: Euro Trailer Converter For American Highway Tractors,Utc 2412: Usa Trailer Converter For European Highway Tractors,Model 360: Converts 24 Vdc To 12 Vdc,St Series: 24 Vdc To 12 Vdc Down Conversions.

"Statewide Aluminium,Inc."

Offers Power Converters:Centurion 3000 Features:Short Circuit Protection,Battery Charger,Reverse Polarity Protection & Thermo Controlled Fan

"Stationary Power Systems, Inc."

Offers Batteries, Rectifiers, Inverters, Ups, Chargers, Rack Systems And More From Leading Manufacturers.


We Are A Modern Middle`Class Enterprise Situated In Memmingen, An Ancient Free City, Surrounded By Its Charming Area. From Here We Deliver Up-To-Date Electronics World-Wide. We Have Devided Our Activities Into Four Business Fields To Fulfill The High Market Demands: Precision Electronics For Development And Production Of Electronical Complete Systems, Solar Electronics For Photovoltaics And Solar Thermal Battery Charging Systems Cable Technic

"Steelman Industries, Inc."

Steelman Manufactures Industrial Process Ovens, Burn-Off Ovens,Power Factor Correction Equipment, And Phase Convertors.Steelman Has Supplied Our Customers With Dependable And Efficient Products For Over 40 Years.

"Stored Energy Systems"

Battery Chargers And Rectifiers For Industrial And Telecommunications Applications. Sens Rugged And Durable Battery Chargers And Rectifiers Minimize Downtime, Lower Maintenance.

"Supreme Video"

Includes 10-Bit Video Digital To Analog Converter, Five-Speed Scan And Slow, Remote, A/V Cables, And Virtual Surround Sound.

"Sure Power Industries, Inc"

Battery Isolators, Separators, Battery Equalizers, Dc-Dc Converters, Low Voltage Disconnects, Alarms, Emergency Flashers. Quality Aerospace Finishing And Aluminium Anodizing

"Surge Technology Controls (India) Pvt.Ltd"

Engaged In The Design, Manufacture And Marketing Of High Frequency, High Density & High Reliability Dc/Dc Converters, Ac/Dc Converters And Smps.

"Sussex Semiconductor, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Electronic Components Such As Rectifiers And Zenar Diodes.Rectifier Is A Device Which Converts A.C To D.C. Rectifiers: Available In: To-220 Packages ,Bridge Rectifiers Etc.

"Sustainable Energy Technologies"

Sustainable Has Developed A Power Management System That Provides Multiple Power Source Integration And A Range Of Power Conditioning Functions Includes An Intelligent, High Efficiency Dc To Ac Inverter That Can Operate Multiple Power Sources In Isolation And Actively Manage The Interface (Voltage And Current) To Optimize The Power Output And Effeciency Of Each Individual Power Source.

"Sweinhart Electric Company, Inc.,"

Sweinhart Electric Handles Sales, Service, Parts, And Rentals For Engine And Motor Generators, Load Isolation And Frequency Changers, Phase Converters, Plasma And Welding Equipments Etc..

"Switch Power, Inc."

Voltage Regulator Modules, Hdlv Converters, And Power Management Ics.

"Synergy Datacom Supply, Inc."

Synergy Datacom Supply, Inc. Offers All Kinds Of Transition Media Converters , Bridging Media Converters , Etc .,

"Sys Electronics Co., Ltd."

Sys Electronics Offers High Voltage Inverter And Converter , High Voltage Power Supply, Etc .,

"Taiwan Jyue Lii Co., Ltd."

Manufacturer/ Exporter/ Supplier Of Electronic Transformer ,Power Converter, Air-Cooler And Cleaner,Third Warning Brake Light For Bicycle,Etc..

"Taixing Electronics Group Company"

Taixing Electronics Group Company Is A New And Hi-Tech Enterprise Of Guangdong Province With Its Products Range: Uninterruptable Power Supply(Ups), Inverter Power Supply, High Frequency Switching Power Supply, Capacitors And Transformers. Products- Ups: Cl-B Serial, Cl-Hct Serial, Dxb18-30 Serial. Inverter Power Supply. High Frequency Switching Power Supply

"Tamura Corporation Of America"

Tamura Corporation Of America Offers Dc-Dc Converters, Dc-Ac Backlight Inverters, Inductors , Wall Plug-Ins ,Emi/Rfi Filters And Coils, Etc .,

"Target Electronic Supply"

Distributor Of Motion Control And Machine Vision Products, Lcd Displays, Power Supplies, And Dc Converters. Offers Encapsulated Power Supplies & Dc/Dc Converters, Plcs & Motion Control Systems Etc..

"Tc Communications, Inc."

Tc Communications Manufactures Fiber Converters, Modems, Multiplexers, Transceivers, For Data And Voice Applications.

"Tdi-Advanced Conversion Products"

Advanced Conversion Products Creates High Performance, Robust Ac And Dc Power Systems For Mission Critical Applications In Telecommunications, Industrial, Rapid Transit, Airborne, Ground Mobile And Shipboard Environments.Special Technologies Include Modular Lightweight, High Performance Sine Wave Inverters, Rugged Ac-Dc And Dc-Dc Converters, Ac Frequency Changers And Uninterruptible Power Systems

"Tdk Usa Corporation"

Offers Dc To Dc Converters:Spb Series:Single Output 5,10w / 181k , S Series (Sph) :Single Output 50,100w / 103k, Cbg Series: Single/Multi Output 0.8w Dip / 54k Etc..

"Tele Joint Enterprises Inc."

Committed To The Goal Of Producing Innovative, High-Quality, Competitively Priced Products For For Dc/Ac Inverters, Dc/Dc Converters

"The Allpower Company"

Manufacturer Of Ups Systems, Dc-Dc Converters, Linear Power Supplies And More For The Commercial, Industrial And Military Applications

"The Bauer Company"

Offers VltĂ Frequency Converters.Vlt 2800 Series, Vlt 5000 Series ,Vlt 6000 Series Etc.

"The Courtney Company,Inc."

Offers Dc To Dc Converters Are Available As Stand Alone Units Or In A Modular Configuration For Multi-Voltage Expandability.Also Offers Dc To Ac Inverters &Rectifiers.

"The Mate Company"

Designs And Distributes High Quality Scsi, Adapters, Terminators, Cables And Converters.Offers Differential Converters.7 Mounting Holes For Easy Installation . Led For Termination Power Indications.

"The Pouch, Inc."

Carrying Cases For Laptop, Notebook, H/Pc, Palm-Size And Pocket Pc Computers That Are Form-Fitting, Shock-Absorbing And Water-Resistant.

"Throb Cable Box Converters"

Replacement Cable Box Converters Cable Descramblers Rft-Dams And Tv Cable Coverters For Tocom Jerrold Zenith Pioneer And Scientific Atlanta Systems.

"Toli-Poli Oy"

Power Supply Electronics.Power Supply Failures Can Be Frustrating, Expensive, And Time-Consuming Events Because Many Power Supplies Are Highly Complex Circuits, With Many Components Operating Near The Edge Of Their Envelope, And When They Fail, They Tend To Destroy Most Of The Failure Evidence With Them.

"Total Power Electronics Corporation"

Products Include Wall Mounted Ac/Dc Adapter, Ccfl Inverter, El Inverter, Ac/Dc Conveter, Switching Adaptors.

"Tpsc, Inc."

Melcher Is A Major Partner For Our Customers In The Field In The Power Supplies For Infrastructure Projects In Telecommunications, Transportation And Industrial. Specializes In Power Conversion Equipments.

"Traco Power Products"

Your Powerful Partner If You Need High Quality Ac/Dc Power Supplies And Dc/Dc Converters In The Power Range Of 1-2500 Watt. We Offer You A Very Large Range Of Standard Models With Ex-Stock Delivery.

"Transformers & Rectifiers Ltd."

Iso-9001 Certified Transformer Manufacturer, Range Up To 150 Mva In Voltage Class Up To 220 Kv, Specialising In Furnace, Rectifier And Convertor Duty Transformers.

"Tri-Mag, Inc."

Offers Low Power Dc -Dc Converters (1-5 Watts), Middle Power Dc-Dc Converters (5-50 Watts), High Voltage Dc-Dc Converters (5-12 Watts), High-Density Dc-Dc Converters (50-400 Watts) And Custom Dc-Dc Converter.

"Triquint Semiconductor, Inc."

Offers Triquint Tq9203 Down-Converter Is A Multifunction Rf Front End Designed For The High Dynamic Range Cellular Communications Standards. The Design Of The Tq9203 Provides A 2.5 Db System Noise Figure For Excellent Seensitivity.

"Triton Industries, Inc"

Triton Industries, Inc Specialize In Custom Aluminum Stamped Heat Sinks/Convectors Serving The Power Supply, Automotive, Audio, Transformer, Circuit Board And Other Industries.

"Tumbler Technologies"

Manufactured And Delivered Quality Ac/Dc Switching Power Supplies, Dc/Dc Converters And Dc/Ac Inverters For About A Decade.

"Tv@Pc Technologies Inc."

Developers Of The Tv Pc Cable Tv Converter For Vga-Or-Better Monitors.

"Umart Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd"

Umart Is One Of Leading Manufacturers With Iso9002 Certified For Uninterruptible Power Supply Since 1983. In 1984, Taiwan Factory Was Setup. In 1996, Da-Pin Factory Was Completed For Mass Production.

"Unipower Telecom"

Is A Total Systems Provider With A Complete Line Of Rectifiers And Shelves, Distribution Panels, Low-Voltage Disconnects, Control And Monitoring Systems, Inverters, Dc/Dc Converters, Power Boards, Racks And Battery-Backed Plants.

"Unitrode Corporation"

Texas Instruments Is Joining Forces With Power And Battery Management Experts Unitrode And Benchmarq (The Company That Unitrode Acquired A Year Ago). Ti`S Commitment To The Power Management Marketplace Is Already Evident In Its Growing Portfolio Of Industry`Leading Ldos, Supply Voltage Supervisors, Dc`Dc Converters And Processor Power Products

"Universal Microelectronics"

Umec Has Been Developing Dc-Dc Converters Since 1986. Today, These Products Have Been Used In Communication, Computer Industry Control And Many Consumer Applications. With Much Satisfaction From Customers Worldwide, Umec Will Keep Ahead In The Competitive Market And Invest In Research And Design Much More Than Ever Before

"Urban Associates, Inc."

Urban Associates, Inc. Offers Dc To Dc Converters Isolation Moduals,Filters , Relays & Switches , Pc Terminal Blocks Connectors & Housings , Reed Switches, Coils,Toroids, Sensors , Etc .,

"Utec, Inc."

Offers 708 Pulse Converter Which Is Available In Three Configurations Depending On The Meter Type And Model 709 Pulse Converter .

"Vanner, Inc"

Vanner, Inc. Has Been A Strong Supplier And Supporter Of Renewable Energy For Many Years. Besides Equipping Homes And Business Throughout The World With Robust Dc-Ac Power Inverters And Dc-Dc Converters, Vanner, Inc. Has Been A Strong Supplier And Supporter Of Renewable Energy For Many Years. Besides Equipping Homes And Business Throughout The World With Robust Dc-Ac Power Inverters And Dc-Dc Converters, Vanner, Inc. Has Been Participating In Regional To International Renewable Energy Events .

"Vanson Electronics Ltd."

Vanson Electronics Ltd. Has Accumulated Years Of Experience In Manufacturing Of High Quality Chargers For A Wide Range Of Batteries, Switching Mode Power Supplies, Ac/Dc Adapters, Power Transformers,Travel Convertors And Plugs.

"Versitron, Inc."

Designs And Manufactures Fiber Optic Modems, Media Converters, And Transceivers For A Variety Of Interfaces. Also Offers Mux, Ethernet, Buffers, And Clock Distribution Systems.

"Viable Power Conversion Technologies Inc"

Power Converters Defence High Reliability Viable Power Conversion Specialists In Low To Medium Quantities Fast Specification Product Turnaround Times

"Videoquip Research Limited"

Offers D2a-1 Audio Digital To Analog Converter.The D2a-1 Is A High Quality, Low Noise Digital To Analog Converter For Demanding Professional Applications. The Output Gain Is Adjustable Using The Recessed Left And Right Front Panel Controls.

"Vine Micros"

Specialising In Desktop Video, Specifically The Design And Manufacture Of Scan Converters, Genlocks And Splitter Units.

"Vishay Intertechnology, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Passive And Active Electronic Components. Range Includes Resistors, Resistive Sensors, Capacitors,Optoelectronics, Power And Analog Switching Ics. Rectifiers: Schottky Rectifiers, Standard Rectifiers And Soft Recovery Rectifiers.


Offers Audio Toolboxtm Processor & Converter The Digital Audio Telephony, Wave Converter.Wave To Dialogic File Converter,Convert From Telephone Standard Formats Etc.

"Visicomm Industries"

Frequency Converters And Changers For Sale And Rental.

"Visual Matrix"

Designs And Manufactures Scan Converters, Hdtv Down And Upconverters, Sync Generators, Video Format Converters, Transcoders, And More.

"Voltage Multipliers, Inc."

Vmi Products:Chips&Diodes ,Rectifier Assemblies, Multiplier Assemblies, Hybrid Assemblies And Power Supplies. Vms Rectifier Assemblies Are Primarily Custom Designs And Are Suitable For Rugged-Environment Applications.


Offers All Kinds Of Voltage Converters And Voltage Regulators .

"Vpt And Delta Electronics, Inc."

Offers High Reliability, High Density, Low Profile, And Light Weight Dc-Dc Converters And Emi Filters For Military, Aerospace, And Space Applications .

"Wah Hing Transformer Mfg. Ltd"

Manufacturer Of Transformers, Adapters, Switching Power Supplies, High Frequency Transformers, Dc Converters And Battery Chargers World Wide.

"Walchem Corporation"

Leading Manufacturer Of Sensors, Pumps And Controls. Also Offers Apc360 Analog To Pulse Converter.Operating Temperature 32 âf To 140âf , Power 11-24 Vdc Etc

"Wall Industries, Inc."

Wall Industries, Inc. Designs, Manufactures, Distributes, And Provides Support Services For Quality Ac/Dc Power Supplies And Dc/Dc Converters. Offers High Density Dc/Dc Converters.

"Wall Industries, Inc.,"

Offers High Density Dc/Dc Converters,High Density Sip Dc/Dc Converters,Standard Dc/Dc Converters And Ac/Dc Power Supplies. . Features Include Wide Input Ranges, High Efficiencies, Remote On/Off, Single, Dual Or Triple Outputs Etc..

"Wavecom Electronics Inc"

The Wavecom Rm5000 Lmds Low Noise Down Converter The Rm5000 Is Designed As A Low Noise Downconverter For Signals In The 26 To 32 Ghz Band. Rf Signals From The Antenna Are Downconverted To Hfc, Davic Or L-Band Frequencies. Features: 4 Db Noise Figure

"Wealthy Electronics Ltd."

Distributors Of Dc Converter , Power Supply , Radio Transceivers ,Antenna , Cavity Filters , Coaxcable & Rf Connectors , Etc .,

"Weiss Engineering"

We Manufacture Digital Audio Equipment For Professional Use. We Sell Eqs, Dynamics Processors, Deessers, A/D, D/A, Sampling Frequency Converters, Redithering, De-Jittering Boxes And Interfaces Etc.

"Westpower Cathodic Protection Rectifiers"

The Product Range Covers Dc Power Supplies For: Electro-Plating, Anodising And Associated Rectifiers Electro-Phoretic Painting Gas Production Cathodic Protection Electrostatic Precipitation Battery Charging (Stationary Or Traction) Switch Tripping.

"Whitehead Associates"

Offers Dc/Dc Converter Model No. Ep3041201:Input Specifications: Input Voltage: 9-36vdc , Input Filter: Pi Netwrok Type. Output Specifications: Output Voltage & Current: +5v1/3000ma,-12v2/600ma, +12v3/600ma..General Specifications:Switching Frequency

"Willett Manufacturing Ltd."

Offers Static And Rotary Phase Converters, Power Factor Capacitors, Oilwell Controllers, Threaded Pipe Nipples, And Custom Control Panels

"William I. Horlick Company, Inc."

Standard And Non-Standard Frequency And Power Converters, Variable Frequency Changers, Motor And Diesel Generators, And Control Systems.

"Wolfson Microelectronics"

"Offers Data Converters:Wolfsons Range Of General Purpose Low-Power Data Converters Offer Speed And Flexibility. The Range Of 10 And 12-Bit, Single, Dual And Quad Dacs And Adcs Feature Serial Or Parallel Interfaces;"

"Won-Top Electronics Co., Ltd."

Designer And Manufacturer Of Power Semiconductors, Diodes And Rectifiers. Rectifier Products Is A Good Convertor Of A.C To D.C.

"Woodauto Supplies Limited"

Manufactures And Distributes Of Auto-Electrical Components:The Range Comprises Of:Armatures, Field Coils, Rotors, Stators, Regulators, Rectifiers Etc.

"Xyz Electronics"

Offers The Xyz Dac1204is Is A Digital To Analog Current (D/A) Converter Module Designed To Function Inthe Std Standard Bus. The Ad-1232 Multiplexes 32 Single-Ended Or 16 Double-Ended Analog Input Channels Into One 12-Bit A/D Converter.

"Yem Inc"

Offers Hd Digital Down Converter.Model Hsc-525s:Newly Developed Down Converter, Which Is To Convert Hdtv Signals Conformed To The Bta S-004a To Standard Tv Digital Signals Ntsc D1/D2 Sdi Andanalogcomponent (Y,Cb,Cr/G,B,R) And Analog Composite Signals

"Yuan Technology, Inc"

Manufacturer Of Digital Media And Multimedia Products Such As Usb Mp3 Player, Agp Video Card, Nvidia Geforce 256, Agp Tv Tuner Combo Card, Tv Tuner Box, Pc-Tv Converter, Scsi Card, And Mpeg-2 Cards.

"Zahn Electronics, Inc."

Zahn Electronics, Inc. Offers Step Down Dc/Dc Converter, Step Up Dc/Dc Converter, Amplifiers,Etc .,

"Zener Electric Pty. Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Inverters Used To Control The Speed Of Ac Electric Motors, Also Manufactures Dc/Dc Converters And Electronic Shearpins.

"Zzzap Power Corporation"

Voltage Surge Protection, Inverters And Battery Chargers. Specializes In Alternators, Dc And Solar Converters.

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