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"4p Corporation"
Offers Caulking Guns Or Sealant Guns And Pneumatic Applicators.

"Adco (Uk) Limited"

Are Specialists In The Application Of Hot Melt Adhesives For All Industrial Applications. From Light To Heavy Usage, From Small To Large Output Demand, From Hand To Automatic Applications Adco Adhesives Can Supply And Advise On The Most Cost.

"Adhesive Applicators"

Users Of Adhesive Applicators Can Also Source Other Products Pertaining To Their Industry By Selecting One Of The 23 Niche Industry Sector Trade Faires.

"Adhesive Applicators"

Provides Adhesive Applicators The Applicators Below Are Intended To Apply Solvent Adhesive To Join Plastic Parts Together.

"Adhesive Engineering & Supply, Inc,."

Designs And Builds Standard And Special Meter-Mix Dispense Systems For All Types Of Adhesives And Coatings.


Has A Large Range Of Labelling Equipment Which Means That Labels Can Be Applied To Most Product. Wrap Around Labelling, Labelling Two, Three Or Four Sides, Labelling Of Irregular Or Unusual Item Is All Possible With Adl Applicators Or Apply Machinery

"Air/Electric Tool & Equipment Co"

Distributor Of Paint Spraying Systems, Powder Coating Equipment, Spray Guns, Booths, Air Operated Pumps & Tools.

"Albion Engineering Co."

Manufacturer And Engineer Of Precision Dispensing Tools Including Manual Or Powered Caulking Guns, Application Equipment, And Other Parts.

"Application Developments Ltd"

Supplier Of Label Applicators, Label Print And Apply Machines, Altech, Labelling Machinery, Self Adhesive Labellers, Automatic Label Application.

"Application Developments Ltd"

Advanced Labellers Will Apply Labels To Most Products. Wraparound Labelling, Labelling Two, Three Or Four Sides, Labeling Of Irregular Or Unusual Items Is All Possible With Adl Applicators Or Print & Apply Machinery.

"Auravita Limited"

Provides Lipsticks Make-Up Accessories Like Applicators, Brushes, Combs, Curlers, Holders,Removers, Manicure Sticks ,Nail Files ,Nail ,Glues Nail Lacquers

"Bc Coastal Hemlock"

Bc Coastal Hemlockms Compact, Uniform Texture Provides An Ideal Surface For A Variety Of Adhesives Under A Wide Range Of Conditions. It Has Little Tendency To Absorb The Adhesive Material.

"Can Am Packaging Equipment Corp"

Provides Information On Glues And Adhesives Applicators.

"Chauncey Wing`S Sons, Inc."

Offers Ing Mailer, Mailer, Mailing Equipment, Label Applicator, Applicator, Labeler, Labels, Mailing Labels, Self-Adhesive, Pressure-Sensitive, Adhesive, Adhesives, Greenfield, Mailing, Mail, Paste, Direct-Mail, Mailroom, Glue, Tabbing, Seal Tabs.

"Chemical Consultants Incorporated"

A Comparable Pressure Pot With Agitator Weighs 87 Lbs.Re-Circulation Line Keeps Particles In Suspension, Provides Gentle Agitation.

"Ckd Inc"

Provides Custom Adhesive Solutions To The Manufactured Home Market, The Electronics And Cable Markets, And The Aircraft And Boating Repair Markets.

"Cold Glue Guns"

As The System Partner Of Machine Builders Active World-Wide And As The Competent Problem-Solver For Individual Applications, Hhs Has Developed Since Its Foundation In 1986 To One Of The Leading Suppliers Of Glue Application Systems.


Offers All-Poly Applicator, Hypo 25 Applicator, Hypo Sy2020 Applicator, R&H Solvent Adhesive Applicator .

"F.J. Smith Sales Company"

Offers Ball Point Metal Markers, Conveyors, Barcode Printers/Labels, Brass Stencil Sets, Oilboard Stencil Sets, Stencil, Stencils, Custom Cut Stencils, Conveyor Coders, Ink, Crayons, Chalk, Felt Tip Markers, Electronic Label Makers, And Many More.

"Ferm Ambalaj Makinalari San Interroll Corp"

Offers Conveyors For Industrial Applications, Conveyor Rollers All Kinds Of Glue Applicators.

"Fluid Automation Systems Swiss"

Provides Wide Range Of Solenoid Valves Range. Microsol Microprop Picosol Intersol Bacosol Powersol. Typical Applications In Brief. Adhesive Applicators .

"Fospat Industrial Ltd"

Foundry Products , Markers , Leaders In Thermoplastic Applications In The Foundry Industry

"Geyer Manufacturing & Design, Inc"

Gmd Preferred Slautterback Hot Melt Applicator Unit Best Sized For Your Production Requirements.

"Glue Applicator"

Stork Cellramic Has The Solution For Glue Applicator Rolls For The Paper Box Industry, Unique Ceramic Coating Provides Superior Glue Transfer Across The Roll Face.

"Glue Applicators"

Offers Glue, Applicator, Apply, Glue Pot, Pot, Pva, Joint, Biscuit, Furniture, Secure, , Gluing, Gluer, Pressurised, Pressurized, Pressure, Air, Pneumatic, Wood, Wooodworking, Wood Working, Joinery, Joiner, Joining, Pizzi, Tenon, Gmc, Insert.

"Hauni Richmond, Inc"

The Hot-Melt Gluing Unit Guarantees Trouble-Free Application Of Hot-Melt Glue Onto A Variety Of Materials. This Unit Can Be Readily Installed Into Existing Equipment.

"Henline Adhesive Equipment Company"

Providing Quality Products And Service To Industry For Adhesive Applications Since 1982.

"Hormec Technic"

Offers Precision Liquid Dispensing Grease , Oils , Silicone , Agressive Chemicals , And Other Challenging Fluids .

"Hugh Courtright & Company, Ltd."

We Offer A Full Range Of Accessories For Thermal Impulse Heat Sealer Machines, Including Heater Bar, Pressure Bar, Electronic, And Pneumatic Items.

"Hysol Applicators"

Hot Melt Applicators Solving Your Hot Melt Dispensing Needs Hysol Offers A Complete Line Of Hot Melt Application Equipment Including Electric And Pneumatic Manual Dispense Guns.

"Impresstik Machinery Pty Ltd"

Manufacturer Of High Quality Self-Adhesive Labels And Labeling Machinery. Specific Label Shapes And Designs, Customized Label Applicators And A Quick Response Labelling Service .

"Intelligent Dispensing Systems, Inc"

Solutions For All Types Of Fluid Dispensing, Fluid Assembly Processes, Manual And Automatic Fluid Dispensing Equipment, Automation, Tables And Custom Packaging. Greases, Adhesives, Lubricants And Other Automotive .

"Intelligent Dispensing Systems, Inc."

Solutions For All Types Of Fluid Dispensing, Fluid Assembly Processes, Manual And Automatic Fluid Dispensing Equipment, Automation, Tables And Custom Packaging. Greases, Adhesives, Lubricants And Other Automotive .

"Interstate Plastics"

The Applicators Are Intended To Apply Solvent Adhesive To Join Plastic Parts Together Poly Syringe For Application Of Solvent Cements, 2 Oz Bottle. More Accurate, And Greater Control Than Above.

"Intz.Com Co.,Ltd"

Provides Information About Compressed And Liquefied Glues, Adhesives And Applicators Herbs.

"J & J Basic Ho Layouts"

Offers Compressors , Animals Applicators, Artificial Water , Loads Gauges ,Gearing Units ,Gliders, Glues ,Grass Mats ,Guides ,Hand Cars..

"Jj Smith"

Are A Specilist Manufacturer Of Clamping And Gluing Equipment For Solid Wood Edge To Edge And Face Laminating.

"Joey Green"

The Leading Manufacturer Of Glues Made From Casein, A Milk Borden Expanded Into Synthetic Resin Glues Which Did Not Use Casein.

"Kleinmichel Incorporated"

Specializes In Advanced, High Precision Dispensing Technology And Robotics. Dispensers And Applicators Handle A Vast Variety Of Adhesives And Materials, Such As Polyurethane, Butyl, Bitumen, Hot And Cold Waxes, 1-K & 2-K Materials, And Others.

"Kove Hardware"

Provides Abrasives Chemicals, Adhesives & Tapes , Construction Equipment ,Cutting Tools , Electrical , Fasteners , Hand Tools , Hardware , Janitorial, Material Handling, Office Supplies, Paint, Plumbing.

"Lamello Glue Systems"

Offers Lk-5 And Lk-10 - The Professional Glue Application System, Eliminate The Mess And Hassle Of Glue Pots, Bottles And Brushes Forever.

"Lark International"

Is Now An Authorized Nationwide Dealer For Viking Industries. Viking Offers You A Cost Effective Solution To Your Hot Melt Gluing Needs.

"Mercer Adhesive Systems Limited"

Offers Itw Dynatec,Mercer,Macon,Lti,Hot Melt Equipment,Hot Melt Systems,Hot Melt Applicators,Coating Machinery,Laminating Machinery,Coating And Laminating,Edi Slot Coating Dies,Label Coating,Tape Coating,Self Adhesive Coating,Slot Die Coating,Spray .

"Mosaic Mercantile"

Offers Grouts, Adhesives, Primers And Applicators, All The Accessories You Need To Complete A Mosaic Tile Project Including Grout, As Well As Adhesive.

"Nordson Corp"

Manufacturer & Distributor Of Adhesive Dispensing Systems For Packaging, Product Assembly & Converting, Nonwovens, Adhesive Applicators, Guns & Hoses, Bookbinding, Wire & Cable, Auto, Furniture, Boats & Woodworking, Iso 9001 & 9002.

"Nozzletech Inc"

Provides Nozzletech, Nozzles, Nozzels, Extrusion, Sealants, Glues, Glueing Equipment, Packaging, Product Assembly, Bonding, Sealing, Hot Melt Parts, Hot Melt Applicators, Adhesives, Glue Guns, Hot Melt, Cold Adhesives, Cold Glues, Fluid Dispensing.


You Can Find A Wide Variety Of Painting Tools And Paint Supplies At Ourhouse.Com. You Can Find Specialty Paints, Tapes, Glues, Sandpaper, Applicators, And Other Paint Supplies To Complete Your Most Creative Projects.

"Pc Cox Limited"

Cox Is One Of The World`S Largest, Most Progressive And Successful Caulking Gun Manufacturers, The Caulking Gun Is Also Known As A Sealant Or Adhesive Applicator And Our Range Can Be Used For Cartridge, Sachet Or Bulk Materials.

"Pc Cox Limited"

Cox Is One Of The World`S Largest, Most Progressive And Successful Caulking Gun Manufacturers, The Caulking Gun Is Also Known As A Sealant Or Adhesive Applicator And Our Range Can Be Used For Cartridge, Sachet Or Bulk Materials.

"Pharmaceutical Machine Sales Ltd"

Provides Self Adhesive, Fitted With Wrap Around And Top Label Applicators, Giving A Tamper Evident Seal Over Top Of Caps.

"Pinewood Label Systems"

Offerslabel Dispenser , Label Applicators , Labelling Machine , Label Gun , Sticker Gun And Label Peeler

"Pinewood Label Systems Ltd."

Systems Specialise In Supplying Manual And Electric Label Dispensers And Label Applicators Throughout The World.

"Potdevin Machine Co"

Offers A Complete Line Of Gluing Machines Up To 60 Inches Wide, Laminating Presses Up To 84 Inches Wide, And Related Supplies Such As Glue, Adhesives, And Releasing Agents. Manufacturers Of Quality Gluing, Labeling, And Laminating Equipment.

"Precision Technologies"

Whether You Require Mult-Component Metering, Mixing, Dispensing Automated Spray Systems Or Hand-Held Dispensing Applicators We Engineer Innovative Solutions For Your Production Environment .


Preo Eclyss Series Of Applicators Are Ideal For Applying Glues And Thermoplastic Material With A Viscosity Of Between 500 And 30,000 Cps .

"Professional Packaging"

Offers Precision Adhesive Applicators Features Are Pva, Silicate, Dextrin Etc., Adhesive Compliant , Fine Adjustment Adhesive Metering , Stainless Steel Metering Roller .

"Rother Machine Inc"

Offers Design And Fabrication, Speciality Equipment And Automated Systems, Extrusion Tooling.

"Sumbel Gmbh"

Manufacturers Of Label Gluers, Mounting Equipment, Adhesive Applicators, Glues And Adhesives For Labeling And Adhesive Palletizing / Unitizing. Hot Melt Padding Adhesive.

"Systems Labelling"

Market Leaders In The Production And Supply Of Self Adhesive Labels, Coding And Labelling Systems.

"Tamarack Products Inc"

Provides Cross-Glued Forms Include Pocket Forms, Continuous Envelopes, Peel-Apart Mailers, And Free-Insert Mailers. The Glue Applicator Is Installed At Any Station Of The Collator In Minutes.


Provides Dyes/Finishes/Adhesives Cement Thinner Cements Glues Rubber Cement, Antique Stains And Reducers Applicators Color Pens Dyes And Dye Solvents.

"Tape Industrial Sales, Inc"

Fluid Handling And Finishing Systems And Equipment Tape Industrial Sales, Inc Designs, Manufactures And Markets Dispensing Systems That Apply...

"Tdk Business Technologies"

Offers Cold Glue Applicators, Cold Glue Applicators Services, Cold Glue Applicators Products, Cold Glue Applicators Machinery, Cold Glue Applicators Information, Cold Glue Applicators Materials.

"Tendercraft Boat Shop Inc"

Provides Marine Specialty Glues And Applicators Marine, Resin, Glues, Tools, Fillers, Bedding.

"The Gluefast Company, Inc."

Adhesive Applicators Suppliers From The Largest World-Wide Directory Of Suppliers.

"The Joseph Manufacturing Company Inc."

Is A Family Owned Business, Built With Hard Work And Based On Honesty And Respect. Established In 1973 As A Manufacturer Of High Quality Label Dispensers, And Has Evolved Into One Of The Top Makers Of Pressure Sensitive Labeling Equipment.

"The Union Tool Corporation"

Union Tool Offers A Complete Line Of Quality-Built Roller Coating, Laminating And Finishing Equipment To Match Your Needs.


Sales Of Applicators, Hot Melt Veneer Equipment/Machinery/Supplies, Glues.


Provides Information And Replaced Difficult Epoxy With Roo Glue For Metal In Hinges And Similar Application. It Is Water Soluble, Odorless And Dries Clear. It Dries Quickly And Has A Long Shelf Life. 2 Oz. Bottle.


Tronics Is An International Company That Has For Over 15 Years Been Manufacturing Cost Effective And Versatile Industrial Machinery Using The Very Latest Motor And Control Technology.


Safe And Easy Cold Application... No Torches, Hot Kettles, Glues, Tapes Or Heat Guns Required. Requires Only A Fraction Of The Application Time And Labor Costs Of Other Single-Ply Systems.

"Universal System Applicators"

Offers Masonry Restoration, Tuckpointing,Caulking,Sealaling,Waterproofing,Coatings,Specialty Applicator,Epoxies,Damproofing,Traffic,Injection,Concrete Restoration.

"Used Machinery & Equipment"

Offers Ume,Packaging, Applicators, Adhesive, , Industrial, Industry, Nationwide Appraisals, And Valuation,.

"Valco Cincinnati"

Has Become One Of The World`S Leading Suppliers Of Adhesive Application Equipment. From Simple Hand-Operated Gluers To Sophisticated Microprocessor-Controlled Systems.

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