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"A.W. Chesterton Company"
A.W. Chesterton Company manufacturer of sealing devices, hydraulic/pneumatic seals, polymer composites, technical products, pumps


Activation industrial automation specialists in hydraulic, pneumatic, electric components and equipment

"Aero Maintenance, Inc."

Aero Maintenance, Inc. offers manufacturing tool kits for ground support, pneumatic, oil, amd hydraulic systems, of military, commercial aircrafts

"Air Incorporated"

Air Incorporated supplier of pneumatic and hydraulic products

"Air-Oil Systems, Inc."

Air-Oil Systems, Inc. offering pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical controls and actuators, and related services

"American Cylinder Co., Inc."

American Cylinder Co., Inc. manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders

"American Precision Hydraulics"

American Precision Hydraulics provides assembly, installation, testing, and fabrication of aerospace and industrial components.

"American Rescue Technology"

American Rescue Technology hydraulic rescue equipment, air bags, pneumatic tools, everything needed for vehicle rescue.

"AMOT Controls"

AMOT Controls builds mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, and electronic control components

"Applied Sealing Technology, Inc."

Distributors of gaskets, mechanical seals, hydraulic seals, packing, Teflon, O-rings, textiles, seal repair, machining, compression packing.

"Aquapharm Chemical Co. Pvt. Ltd."

Medium Sized Chemical Company Based In India & Manufacturing Specialty Chemicals For A Host Of Applications.

"Aristech Chemical Corporation"

Marketer Of A Wide Range Of Chemical And Polymer Products Acetone, Aniline, Cumene Hydroperoxide, Phenol, Plasticizers, 2-Ethyl Hexanol, Alpha Methyl Styrene, Bisphenol-A, Diphenylamine, Phthalic Anhydride, Polypropylene, Speciality Products

"Armorform Inc"

mechanical and hydraulic properties of a superior textile form. ARMORFORM Mat Being Pumped With Concrete ARMORFORM is positioned

"Ascot Speciality Chemicals"

Worlds Largest Custom Processor To The Petrochemical And Speciality Chemical Industry Leading Suppliers Of Special Solvents Based On Hydrocarbons And Oleochemical Feedstocks

"B&D Manufacturing"

B&D Manufacturing manufacturers of precision align boring machines, hydraulic and pneumatic rockdrill parts and repairs.

"Ball Roller Bearing Company, LLC"

Markets serviced include precision hydraulic machine tool manufacturers steel, textile and paper mills pump

"Bertelkamp Automation"

Bertelkamp Automation distributor representing manufacturers of pneumatic, hydraulic, and motion control components and systems

"Bettini Spa"

electronic, agricultural, mechanical and biomedical fields, aero-space, as well as automobile chemical and telecommunications industries.


Bettis manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators

"Bombay Drugs & Pharmas Ltd."

Indian Exporters Specialize In Pharmaceuticals Intermediates, Speciality Chemicals, And Bulk Actives.

"Bow Tape Co.,Ltd"

Manufacturer Of Custom Made Designed Single And Double Face Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes And Automotive Parts Which Are Used In Automotive Industry, Electronic Industry, Etc.

"British Fluid Power Association"

British Fluid Power Association gateway to learning about our member companies, the hydraulic and pneumatic products

"Bryant Air & Hydraulic, Inc."

Bryant Air & Hydraulic, Inc. utility equipment sales and service center.

"Campbell Engineering"

Campbell Engineering designs electromechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic hardware

"Canfield Industries"

Canfield Industries manufactures DIN style connectors, timers and proximity switches for the pneumatic and hydraulic industries

"Catomance Plc"

Offers A Range Of Industrial Products Including Sophisticated Finishing Agents For Textiles, Processing Auxiliaries Used In The Leather Industry And Speciality Chemicals For The Paper Industry.

"Chemical House"

Adhesives, Glues, Binders ,Coatings ,Varnishes, Drugs, Drugsintermediate, Dyes, Colors, Pigments, Fertilizers, Biochemicals, Gases, Industrial Bulk Chemicals, Minerals, Metals


Producers Exclusive Agent For Speciality Chemicals, Plastics, Additives, Semi-Commodities


Taiwan, Asia, manufacturer of yarn, Textile, textile machine, socks, socks machine, spandex yarn, cover yarn, nylon texture yarn

"Clampwell Company, Ltd."

Manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic swing clamping cylinders, thread-body cylinders, hydraulic work supports and air hydraulic power units

"Cougar Industries"

Cougar Industries manufactures air, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, ball, and truck vibrators.

"Cross Company"

Cross Company hydraulic and pneumatic machinery, factory automation products, industrial controls, motion control products, and instrumentation

"Cumbria Pneumatics"

Cumbria Pneumatics supplier of pneumatics, hydraulics, and power transmission products and services

"Dai-Ichi Karkaria"

Manufactures Speciality Chemicals For Yarn, Pharmaceutical Intermediates And Bulk Actives, Oilfield Surfactants, And More.

"Day Fuh Industrial Co., Ltd."

Manufacturers of knitting machine hydraulic, textile machinery products for wholesalers, importers, volume buyers

"Deioners Speciality Chemicals Private Limited"

Industrial Water Treatment Products And Facilities, As Well As Providing Turnkey Services.

"Dev-Air Corporation"

Dev-Air Corporation distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment


ITUMA - International Textile Used Machine The best place to buy sell and advertise textile machines and products

"Dynamic Fluid Products Inc."

Dynamic Fluid Products Inc. hydraulic and pneumatic machinery sales.

"Empire Infrastructure & Developers Ltd"

a leading company in manufacturing of Textile Machinery Spare Parts Mach Coner Winding Machine

"Engineered Drives"

Engineered Drives distributor of, and service provider for mechanical, electrical, hydraulic/pneumatic, and conveyor-type motion

"Engineered Systems Inc."

Engineered Systems Inc. specializing in fabrication and maintenance of bridge cranes and hoists. Also offering hydraulic jacks and custom hoist

"Etosha Pan (India) Pvt. Ltd."

Manufactures Of Speciality Chemicals

"Ferro Technologies, Inc."

A Research And Development Laboratory For New Chemical Processes For Steel Finishing And A Supplier Of Speciality Chemicals.

"Fil Control"

Hydraulic Textile Machines Manufacturers Major end users such as spinners or converters are customers of are prepared to upgrade their machine

"Fluid Power Educational Foundation"

Fluid Power Educational Foundation providing scholarships and supporting pneumatic and hydraulic programs

"Fluid Power Tech, Inc."

Fluid Power Tech, Inc. provides pneumatics, hydraulics, instrumentation and vacuum supplies

"Fluid Power Web"

Fluid Power Web from the editors of Hydraulics and Pneumatics.

"G.M. Associates"

Developing And Manufacturing Speciality Chemicals Required By The Mining, Metallurgical, And Food Industries.

"Gad-Jets, Inc."

Gad-Jets, Inc manufacturer of scraper rings which keep dirt out of hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical equipment.

"Great Lakes Hydraulics, Inc."

Great Lakes Hydraulics, Inc. fluid/power and pneumatic distributor and manufacturer. Char-Lynn, Furon Synflex, Schrader Bellows

"Grillo Enzo"

Grillo Enzo sales new, overhauled, used Hydraulic textile machines and spare parts

"Gulf Coast Air & Hydraulics, Co. Inc."

Gulf Coast Air & Hydraulics, Co. Inc. full line distributor specializing in air and hydraulic sales, service, fabrication, and installation

"Hacoba Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co KG"

Manufactuers of hydraulic textile machine, sweing machines, threading machines and etc.,

"Han Kook Texmac Co."

Sell textile machine- airjet crimper. Also parts of Hydraulic textile machine are been selling

"Hydraulic & Pneumatic Engineering Co."

Distributor of automation components and systems including robotic, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic products

"Hydraulic Controls Integrated ltd"

For all your Hydraulic Control Requirementsac drive, air operated, air piloted, air pilot, amplifier, australia, australian made, berendsen, bosch

"Hydraulic Supply & Service Co."

Hydraulic Supply & Service Co. supplier and manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic products

"Hydraulics and Pneumatics Association"

Hydraulics and Pneumatics Association providing industry informations about Taiwan

"Hydro Air"

Hydro Air distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic parts and systems

"Hydro-Line, Inc."

"Hydro-Line, Inc. manufacturer of hydraulic, pneumatic, and custom actuators; linear actuator sensing and feedback systems"


Jack-X-Change distributor of pneumatic, mechanical, and hydraulic jacks and tools

"John Henry Foster Co."

John Henry Foster Co. distributes hydraulic and pneumatic parts and equipment

"Johnson Matthey"

Manufacture Of Electronic Materials, Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards, Plastic Laminate Packages For Semiconductors, Catalysts And Pollution Control Systems, Pharmaceutical Compounds, Speciality Chemicals, And More.

"Jost Chemical"

Manufactures High-Purity Speciality Chemicals. Informative Site Highlights The Companys Product Line, Prices, And Custom Products.

"Kaman Industrial Technologies"

Kaman Industrial Technologies distributor of bearings, motion and power equipment, hydraulics, pneumatics, fluid power, gears, drives, belts and more

"Kateel Engineering Industry Pvt. Ltd."

Kateel Engineering Industry Pvt. Ltd. manufacturers of pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical disc brakes for industrial applications.

"Kayahan Hydraulic"

Kayahan Hydraulic manufacturer of hydraulic - pneumatic cylinders

"Kentucky Hydra-Power, Inc"

Kentucky Hydra-Power, Inc supplier of hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical drive systems

"Know-Howe Weld & Machine, Inc."

Know-Howe Weld & Machine, Inc. in various models of hydraulic jacks for airplane maintenance, and repair.

"Lackender Fabrications"

"Lackender Fabrications makes a backhoe mountable on any make or model of skidloader; auxillary hydraulics"

"Leon-Ram Enterprises Inc."

Custom mechanical and structural fabrication, precision machining operations, LEON agricultural equipment, and RAM hydraulics

"Libra Chemicals Ltd"

Contract Chemical Manufactures And Distributors Specialising In Surfactants For The Pharmaceutical Industry

"Lih Shyang Industrial Co, Ltd"

Manufacturers of Hydraulic Textile Machine , sweving machine and more

"Lorine Manufacturing Company"

Lorine Manufacturing Company fabricator of steel tube assemblies, specializing in higher pressure hydraulic connections.

"Lynair, Inc."

Lynair, Inc. makers of pneumatic, hydraulic and foundry-type cylinders.

"Macdermid Plc"

Speciality Chemicals Manufacturing Company


Hydraulic textile machines raising machines, finishing machines,shearing machines, Double drum raising machine

"Metal Muncher"

Metal Muncher versatile hydraulic fabrication centers and punch presses

"Meyer Hydraulics Corp"

Meyer Hydraulics Corp manufacturer of hydraulic jacks and lifting equipment, aircraft jacks, and floorcrane jacks

"Mil-Aer/Cambri Fluid Power Inc"

Manufacturer of Industrial, Aerospace, Manufacturing and OEM hydraulic and pneumatic hose fittings and assemblies

"Montrose Textile Machine Co. Inc."

, export amp import textile and knitwear machinery. New machines on excellent terms, used machines at excellent prices


Multicyl hydraulic and pneumatic punch presses for a variety of precision sheet metal working

"N. P. Kinariwala Pvt. Ltd."

Hydraulic Textile machine accessories were imported and sold to Indian textile mills. Engaged in the manufacture of bakelite traverse drums

"Neff Engineering"

Neff Engineering distributor of hydraulic, electronic, lubrication, and pneumatic products

"Nobel Enterprises"

Manufactures And Supplies Nitrocellulose, Pyrotechnic Devices, Fire Safety And Security Equipment, And Speciality Chemicals.

"Northwest Swiss-Matic, Inc."

Northwest Swiss-Matic, Inc. fabricates high-precision screw machined components used in automotive, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic


Orion manufactures pressure switches, hydraulic pressostats, and pneumatic pressure instrumentation

"Otto Service Company"

Otto Service Company - information on hydraulic jacks - their uses, capacities, specs, buying tips, manufacture, care, repair, and replacement seals

"Pgphillips & Associates"

Concentrates On Tactical And Strategic Activities Surrounding The Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants And Specialty Chemical Industries

"Phoenix Automation, Inc."

Phoenix Automation, Inc. design and build automation machinery for textile, assembly, and custom applications

"Pneumequip Inc."

Pneumequip Inc. sells and services compressed air equipment including pneumatic, hydraulic, HVAC, and more

"Raj Nakra Associates"

Consulting Firm Serving Pharmaceutical, Bulk Drug And Speciality Chemical Industries.

"Ram Winch & Hoist"

Ram Winch & Hoist maker and supplier of standard and custom hydraulic, pneumatic and electric winches, hoists, and cranes.

"Robinson Brothers Limited"

Welknow Commercial Manufactures Of Specialtiy Organic Chemicals

"Rock Rubber & Supply Inc."

Rock Rubber & Supply Inc. supplier of industrial rubber products, including hydraulic hose and couplings, sheet rubber, gaskets, conveyor

"Rothe Development, Inc."

Rothe Development, Inc. equipment including DC and low frequency, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems

"Royal Lubricants, Inc."

Produces ANDEROL Gear Lubricants, ANDEROL amp PQ Food-Grade USDA H1 amp H2 Lubricants, and Textile, Hydraulic.

"Sanmar Speciality Chemicals"

Manufactures Resins, Aroma Chemicals, And Plastics, And Specialized Chemicals.

"Save Textile Machine"

Save Textile machine makes full automatic hydraulic sewing thread winders and textile machine

"Sealing Specialists & Service Company"

Products in Mechanical Seals, Oil Seals, Metallic Gaskets, O-rings, Expansion Joints, Rope and Textiles, Hydraulic.

"Seven Hill Naturstien Limited"

Aquarius Appliances - a leading company in manufacturing Garment Finishing Equipments Hydraulic , iron, steam iron, micro steam generator

"Sophus Berendsen A/S"

Europe''s largest textile service businesses and a market leader within distribution of hydraulics and pneumatics.

"Southwest Seal & Supply, Inc."

Southwest Seal & Supply, Inc. in fluid power including hydraulic & pneumatic components, hose, tubing, fittings,

"St Lawrence Chemical, Inc."

Leading Distributor Of Commodity And Specialized Chemicals To A Broad Range Of Industries Across Canada.

"Star Hydraulics, Inc."

Star Hydraulics, Inc. produces manual pumps, jacks, and cylinders

"Sung Chang Textile Machine Co., Ltd."

Sung Chang textile machine Manufacturer of various knittng machines such as high pile circular knitting machine, flush fabric knitting machine,

"Sunil Enterprise"

Textile finishing machine, shearing machine, sueding amp raising machine, Reactive Dyes of High Exhaust Series

"Swinton Electro-Plating (Lancs) Ltd"

Specialist metal finishers to the following industries Off Shore Oil and Gas, Hydraulic, Textile, Paper, General Engineering.

"Syarikat Central Bolts and Nuts Sdn Bhd"

Syarikat Central Bolts and Nuts Sdn Bhd distributor of high tensile steel fasteners: bolts, nuts, fasteners, hydraulic jacks, and screws.

"Tanner Chemicals, Inc"

Custom Engineered Specialty Chemicals And Adhesives For The Textile And Nonwovens Industries. Fire Retardents, Auxiliaries And Coating Compounds. Also, Cryogenic Grinding Of Solid Materials. Subsidiary Of Sovereign Specialty Chemicals, Inc

"Tarapur Coatings & Adhesives Pvt. Ltd."

Manufacturers Of Pu Resins & Speciality Chemicals , Advanced Technology Adhesives Speciality Resins Polyurethane Resins, Coating.

"Tec Team Industries, Inc."

Manufactures And Markets Specialty Chemical Products For The Hot Mix Asphalt Industry. Chemicals Include Asphalt Release Agents, Slip Agents, And Asphalt Cleaners

"Textile Parts & Machine Co., inc"

Textile Parts & Machine Co., inc manufacturers of textile machine parts, hydrauli textile machine parts

"Textile Rubber & Chemical Company"

Forty Years Experience In Latex, Polyurethane And Specialty Chemicals.

"Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd."

Speciality Chemical Manufacturer Involved In Fine And Performance Based Chemicals.

"Thunder Bay Hydraulics"

Thunder Bay Hydraulics industrial retailer and manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic products.

"U.S. Chrome Corporation"

U.S. Chrome Corporation in fluid power including hydraulic & pneumatic components, hose, tubing, fittings, orings, seals,

"Vako Seals"

Vako Seals manufacturers of hydraulic & pneumatic seals, reciprocating & rotary shaft seals, and allied moulded rubber components

"Venus Ethoxythers Pvt. Ltd."

Providing Speciality Chemicals To Various Industries.


"Vickers Aerospace, marine, defense and industrial fluid control, pumps, cylinders and hydraulic systems; actuators, pneumatic sensors"

"Waterhouse Chemical Direct"

Blends And Sells Speciality Chemicals

"Weifeng Textile Machine Co."

Manufacturers and suppliers of textile hydraulic machine, and textile weaving machine and more

"WMH Fluidpower"

WMH Fluidpower distributor of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components.

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