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Manufacturer of monoflange,double block and bleed valve,needle valve,manifold valve,ball valve

"3m Canada"

If You Need To Bond Surfaces Together, 3m Has The Experience, Expertise And Range Of Adhesives, Tapes, And Reclosable Fasteners To Help You Find A Solution Matched To Your Performance Requirements. Like 3m, 3m, Bonding Solution, Adhesives, Tapes,Etc.

"3m Dc Tapes"

Offers 3m Double Coated And Adhesive Transfer Tapes For Better Performance And Productivity.

"3m Electronic Specialty Markets"

3m Electronic Specialty Markets, Heat Shrink Products, Ic Sockets, Idc Cables, Identification Products, Reclosable Fasteners, Splicing & Terminating, Static Control Products, Tapes, Terminals

"3m Electronics Manufacturing"

Makers Of Adhesives And Tapes, Interconnects, Microflex Circuits, Static Control, And Other Workspace Products.

"A & B Converters"

A Tape Converting Company Specializing In Printed Self Adhesive Tape For All Types Of Packaging

"A T Controls"

"Air-Dro Cylinders, Inc. - produces hydraulic valves pneumatic, mill duty, industrial welded, and specialty actuators;"

"A-Tech Plumbing"

A Tech Plumbing/Queensland Thermostatic Mixing Valves - commercial and industrial plumbers, offering gasfitting and hydraulics services.

"AAA Twin City Machine inc."

Our company has a full compliment of milling machines, lathes, grinders,and welding equipment. Specializing in hydraulic cylinder, and valve work,

"Acorn Labels"

Acorn Labels Ltd. Manufacturers Of Self-Adhesive Labels, Ribbons, Foils & Tapes

"Acourt Ltd"

Suppliers Of Industrial & Commercial Adhesive Tapes,Adhesive Tapes, Adhesive Transfer Tapes,Etc


Offers Carbon, Fiberglass And Kevlar Tape In A Variety Of Sizes With A Non-Raveling Edge

"Acro Associates, Inc."

Acro Associates, Inc. - Manufactures electric and hydraulic pneumatic pinch valves for medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications


ADG Robinetterie - Catalog of regulation hydraulic valves for water, gas, petroleum and others fluids.

"Adhere Distributors"

Distributors Of Industrial Adhesive And Tape Products

"Adhere Industrial Tapes"

Adhesive Tapes For The Print, Print Finishing And The Signs & Display Industries

"Adhesive Films, Inc."

Thermoplastic Adhesive Films, Coatings And Waterproof Seam Tape.Seam Sealing Tapes For Waterproofing &Reinforcing

"Adhesive Specialities Ltd"

A Wide Range Of Industries, And We Are Actively Looking For Distributors For Our Products In All Parts Of The World. Reciprocal Trading Arrangements

"Adhesive Sticking Tapes"

The Largest Manufacturers Of The Self Adhesive Tapes In India, Using The Latest Machines And Technology With Installed Capacity Of 5 Million Square Meters.

"Adheso Graphics, Inc"

Distributor/Manufacturer Of Double Coated Pressure Sensitiver Adhesive Tapes For Flexo, Rotary Letterpress And Offset Printing

"Adtec Enterprise"

We Are Suppliers For Various Ranges Of Products:Mica, Insulation Tubes, Insulation Material, Insulation Tapes, Mica, Insulation Tubes, Insulation Material, Insulation Tapes, Micavarnished Tape & Varnished Cloth .

"Advanced Adhesive Technology, Inc."

Seam Tapes - U900/U960 Universal Urabond Is Used For For Carpets Backed With Polyurethane Laminated Actionbac And Other Tough Commercial Carpet Backings, Theres Nothing Better Than Urabond Seam Tape

"Agros Impex India Pvt. Ltd."

hydraulic motors from india, exporters of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders,hydraulics pneumatics, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves,

"Air Devices Denver"

Air Devices Denver - distributor of providing hydrauli valves pneumatic and hydraulic components.


Welcome to Air Draulics Engineering Company A Mid-South Distributor of Pneumatic amp Hydraulic valves Equipment

"AirDraulics, Inc."

Air-Draulics specializes in Pneumatic and Hydraulic valves components, systems and design, repair and installation

"Airfast Industrial Supplies"

Tools And Consumables Information And Supply For Fastening, Surface Preparation And Finishing Application

"airtek inc."

Airtek Inc, air compressors, pneumatics, hydraulics, brakes, valves, rebuilding and distribution of pneumatic, hydraulic railroad products.

"AIV Inc."

AIV, Inc. - hydraulic Wholesales manual valves serving the chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, refining, power, water treatment industries.


AKO Innovations - Develops and manufactures pneumatic and manual pinch valves, hydraulic high performance pinch valves and knife gate valves.

"Akron Hydraulic, Inc."

Akron Hydraulic, Inc. - hydraulic repair services for cylinders, pumps, motors, valves, power units, presses, hosing, steel lines, seals, and etc

"Akron Hydraulic, Inc."

Akron Hydraulic repairs to cylinders, pumps, motors, valves. manufacturing hydraulic valves and industrial valves.

"Al Rahmani General Trading Co Llc"

Aluminium Tape,Fiba Crack-Stop,Wall-Span, Joint Tape,Gypsum Paper Tape,Masking-Tape, Masking-Tape Etc Are The Different Tapes Avaliable Here

"Alco Valves Ltd."

Alco Valves Ltd. - Manufactures ball, needle and manifold valves hydraulic and stainless steel & all high alloy valves, relief valves


Manufacturer Of Sealants, Tapes And Adhesives, For Fire Protection, Windows, Roofing, Construction, Civil Engineering Industries And Oem Markets Worldwide

"Alfas Industries"

Sealants, Tapes And Adhesives,Midwest Distributor Of Industrial Packaging Supplies And Equipment.


Alkorcoat Products Are Vinylic Or Polyolefinic Custom-Made Films For The Self-Adhesive Industry In Applications Like Marking, Corporate Graphics, Signage, Digital Printing, Labelling, Insulation Or Hygienic Tapes.

"All Valves."

All Valves - Designs and manufactures brass, steel, stainless steel & all high alloy hydraulic valves, relief valves and basket strainers.

"Amazonas Inc."

We Are Specialized In Industrial Supplies For Wholesalers, Exporters & Importers.

"Amca Servo Techniek bv"

AMCA Hydraulic Fluid Power B.V. Hydraulic, Fluid, Advanced Machine Control Applications, hydraulic fluid power, FILTERCARTS, COUNTERBALANCE VALVES


American Valve, Inc. - Manufactures hydraulic plumbing, heating and industrial valves and fittings, teflon fused flanged ball valves.


The Beschloss Perspective - An insider''s view into the hydraulic valve manufacturing and marketing community.

"Amerivator Systems Corporation"

Amerivator Systems Corporation We deal in Elevators, hydraulic valves, Overspeed governors, traction machines and packages.

"Amin Valves Pvt.Ltd."

Manufacturer of Globe Valves, Gate Valves, Ball Valves, Safety Valves, Hand Operated Hydraulic Pressure Test Pumps etc

"Amka Tape Products"

Electrical Tape For Insulation, Or Custom Made Printed Tape With Your Company Message, Atp Can Provide An Excellent Service With Rapid Delivery By Ups In The Uk

"AMOT Controls Corporation"

AMOT Controls - builds mechanical, hydraulic valves, pneumatic, electric, and electronic control components.

"AMRI, Inc."

AMRI, Inc. - Providing hydraulic valves ACRIS butterfly valves and actuators, special Teflon-coated valves.

"AMT Valves & Fittings Ltd"

AMT Valves & Fittings Ltd. - Stocks stainless steel ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, hydraulic swing check valves and Y-strainers.

"Anca Tapes"

Manufacturing, Repair And Operational (Mro) Products Distributor In The Midlands

"Anchor Continental, Inc.,"

Is A Primary Manufacturer Of Adhesive Products, Including A Wide Variety Of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes For Industrial And Retail Use.

"Anderson-Brooksbank, USA LLC"

Brooksbank Valves - Premiere source for one-, two- and three-piece ball valves, top- and end-entry ball valves hydraulic.

"Andover Coated Products"

Producer Of Adhesive Tapes And Cohesive Bandages For The Sports, Medical, Industrial First Aid And Veterinary Markets.

"APEF Robinetterie Industrielle"

APEF Robinetterie Industrielle - Elastomer-seal gate valves gate, knife butterfly, ball and sluice valves. Also check valves and accessories.

"Apollo Machinery Ltd"

manufacturing of hydraulic manifold, flanges, fittings, valves, subplates, bar manifolds, coverplate. Design to fill all major valve manufacturer.

"Applied Energy Technologies, Inc."

Designs And Manufactures Power Distribution,Industrial Controls And Instrumentation For The Semiconductor And Electrochemistry Research Industries.

"Applied Hydro Mechanics Ltd"

AHM is a well established UK distributor of hydraulic components including bellhousings, drive couplings, tanks couplings and check valves.

"Aquaflow Ltd"

Aquaflow Limited - Supplies cast-iron gate and non-return hydraulic valves and ductile iron pipe fittings.

"Arad Ltd., Dalia"

"products such as meters for municipal, irrigation and industrial water management; hydraulic control and irrigation valves"

"Argus Machine Co. Ltd."

Argus Machine Company - Manufactures hydraulic ball valves since 1958. Precision machining technology.

"Arm-Tex Corp."

Arm-Tex Corporation Supplies hydraulic Weco butterfly valves, Weco hammer unions, chicksan swivel joints, Weco plug valves.


Supplies systems and components, hydraulic valves, special fittings and equipment to customers within heating and plumbing and industry.

"Astam Valve Enterprise Co., Ltd."

Astam Valve Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Manufactures hydraulic valve products: wafer type check, gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly valves.


Atlanta International Hydraulic Repair repairs hydraulic valves, pumps, hydraulic cylinder repair, hydraulic cylinder manufacturing.

"Austen Tapes Limited"

One Of The First Specialised Distributors Of Adhesive Tapes And Adhesives For Industrial Process Use In The Uk. From Our Inception We Have Been Commited To Providing A Very High Level Of Service And Expertise To Our Customers .

"Axiomatic Technologies Corporation"

hydraulic solenoid drivers, PWM controllers, connector amplifiers, drivers for cartridge valves, dc-dc converters, Canbus, Profibus

"B&B Supply Company"

Adhesive Tape, Stretch Film & Packing Materials,Steel, Plastic Bags-Corrugated Boxes, Bubble Packs And Foams, Theatrical Tapes


B.S. HYDRO-PNUEMATIC is a reputed name for wide range of products which includes Quick Couplings, Valves, Hoses Fittings.

"Balem Co., Ltd."

Balem Co., Ltd. Manufactures liquid level control valves as hydraulic floating valves, Special and general purpose Pistek, Bescon valves

"Ball Valve Industrial"

Ball Valve Industrial Directory industrial directory for ball valve equipment, and services providing controls hydraulic filters, and valve industry

"Baron Bros. Ltd"

The Uks Largest Independant Distributors Of Power Tools, Accessories, 3m Industrial Abrasives, Adhesives And Tapes.

"BAUMAN Corporation"

Bauman Corporation is the trade company. We can offer Compressor parts, Controls, Filters, Electrics, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Pumps, Valves, pressure

"Beiersdorf Ag"

They Offer Reliable Quality And Outstanding Benefits In The Core Competence Fields Cosmetics And Personal Care, Wound Care, And Adhesive Tapes.

"Biddle Precision Components"

Biddle Manufacturing Corporation - Manufactures close-tolerance, hydraulic, directional control valve spools and shafts. In-house capability:

"Bifold Fluidpower Ltd"

Bifold Fluidpower Ltd provider of Designers and Manufacturers of High Pressure Hydraulic Control Valves and Fluid Systems

"Billy Blobs"

Empire Tapes Manufacture Convert And Distribute Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes And Precision Die Cut Shapes To Exact Customer Requirements. Products Like Billy Blobs, Empire Tapes, Adhesive Tapes, Adhesive Tapes, Tapes, Adhesive, Cellotape.

"Bis Valves"

pressure equipment, relief valves, hydraulics, valves, hydraulic valves, solenoid valves, europe, offshore engineering

"Bostick Products"

Manufacturer Of Self Adhesive Tapes,Rayon Tape, Acetate Tape, Alluminium Tape, Polyster Tape, Foam Tape, Double Sided Cotton Tape,Etc


Offers Many Services And Products, And You Can See Our Diversity By Clicking On The Other Services

"Brightech Valves & Controls"

Offers industrial valves like pilot safety relief valve, pressure reducing valve, gas regulator valve, jacketed valve, forged steel ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, pulp valve, pinch valve diaphragm flush bottom valve etc.


BROEN A/S - Manufactures ball valves, laboratory fittings and faucets. suppliers of ball valves and fittings as well as laboratory equipment

"Bron Tapes...Printed Tapes"

We Convert, Slit, Rewind, Die Cut, And Custom Build Psa Tapes & Adhesives. If It Sticks We Do It.Pressure Sensitive Tapes & Adhesives, Die Cuts & Printed Tapes, Bron Tapes,Michael Flynn.

"Brown Tape Products Company"

Specializing In Adhesive Tapes For A Variety Of Applications, As Well As Packaging And Shipping Supplies

"BRV Bonetti Rubinetterie Valduggia S.r.l."

BRV - Ball valves, hydraulic valves for gas, manual and thermostatic radiator valves, custom design valves.

"Budnick Converting, Inc."

Budnick Waterjet-Cuts, Die-Cuts, Laminates, Prints, Spools, Sheets, And Adhesive Coats Pressure Sensitive Tapes And Other Specialty Papers

"Buffalo Technologies Corporation"

Buffalo Technologies Corporation Manufactures Blaw-Knox large industrial and reversing hydraulic valves.


Buracco Robinetterie Industrielle - Over a century providing hydraulic valves manufactured to customers'' specifications


Burcelik - Manufactures butterfly and ball valves from cast bodies hydralic Butterfly valves, non-return valves, straight-through valves, actuation.

"C&P General Contractors, Corp."

C P Surplus Brokers Locators Electronics, Automotive, Clothes, Uniforms, Test Equipment, Engines, Generators, HYDRAULICS, Pumps, Valves

"C.L.North & Co. Ltd"

, manufactures, designers and servicers of hydraulic eguipment including: Rams, Powerunites, Valves, Houses, pumps and syplies


Specialists In Industrial Tapes And Equipment, Packaging Supplies,Custom Slitting

"California Hydraulics"

California Hydraulics manufactures floating style screw in hydraulic cartridge valves suitable for mobile and industrial applications

"Camalloy, Inc"

Camalloy Is An Authorized Distributor Of The Following Products,3m Brand Tapes, Adhesives & Abrasives,Etc

"Can-Do National Tape"

Can-Do National Tape Is A Master Distributor And Converter Of Adhesive Tape Products. Can-Do Stocks General Purpose Commodity Tapes, From Duct Tape To Carton Sealing Tape, Masking Tape, Electrical Tape, And Many Others.

"Canusa Multi-Layer Sleeves"

A Heat Shrinkable Joint Protection System Which Consists Of Three Layers - Crosslinked Polyolefin Backing, Hot Melt Adhesive, And A Two-Part Epoxy Primer

"Cape Composites Incorporated"

Cape Composites Is The Lowest Cost Manufacturer Of Prepregs And Unidirectional Tapes In The Composite Industry

"Cardinal Rubber & Seal, Inc"

hydraulic pneumatic components and complete systems custom buit to your specifications. Products such as hose, fittings, cylinders, valves available


Suppliers Of Self-Adhesive Labels & Self-Adhesive Tapes

"Centerline Supply"

Manufacturer And Suppliers Of Traffic Safety Products

"Cesare Bonetti S.p.A:"

Cesare Bonetti SpA - Since 1905. High pressure hydraulic valves, bellows valves. Piston valves, ball valves. Level indicators, glass level gauges.

"Chembond Adhesives, Inc."

Ww24 Hv A High Viscosity Waterbase Adhesive Used In Bonding Wood To Wood - Flakeboard To Flakeboard - Medium Density Fiberboard (Mdf) To Mdf. Very Suitable Product For Wood To Wood Edge Gluing And For Product Assembly


Tape Materials For Applications Which Require Superior Release Or Slip, Dimensional And/Or Thermal Stability And/Or Chemical Resistance

"Chicago Power Steering Co."

Chicago Power Steering - remanufactures hydraulic and mechanical steering units, control valves, and assist cylinders.

"Chiltern Adhesive Products Ltd"

Chiltern Adhesive Products Is A Leader In Self-Adhesive Tape And Foam Converting In The Uk

"Chomerics Europe Parker Hannifin Plc"

Chomerics Tapes Are An Economical Emi Shielding Solution For A Variety Of Commercial Uses. The Tapes Are Available In Copper, Aluminum, Or Tinned Copper Foil Backed With Chomerics Highly Conductive Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive.

"Circle Seal Control, Inc"

Circle Seal Controls, Inc. is a manufacturer of precision valves, regulators and control systems for hydraulic and pneumatic industrial

"Clow Canada Inc."

"Clow Canada - Manufactures ''McAvity'' fire hydrants and hydraulic valves ""the choice of many municipalities."""


Ll Of Our Products Are Made Byt He Best Materials Available And We Carry All Types Of Tapes That You Could Possibly Use.Like Insudtrial Tape, Specialty Tape, Supplies, Shipping Supplies,Masking, Foam, Teflon, Colored, Adhesive Transfer, Electrica Etc

"Coachfinish (Ni) Limited"

Supply Adhesives, Masking Tapes, Solvents, Chemicals And Valeting / Cleaning Products And All Bodyshop Equipment

"Coating And Converting Technologies"

Unsupported Transfer Adhesives ,Double Coated Adhesive Tapes ,Adhesive Coating Of Customer Supplied Fabrics, Foams, Felts, And Films Heat Activated Adhesive Coatings Custom Designed Adhesive Coatings Etc.

"Comatrol S.r.l."

ultimate cartridge valve technology! Solenoid cartridge valves Hydraulic valves Load holding valves Pressure and flow control Directional.


Adhesive Tapes, Cleanroom Tapes, Opp Tapes, Printed, Packaging, Sequencing, Belting, Kapton, Masking, And Electrical Tapes.

"Command Controls Corp."

Command Controls CorpHigh performance hydraulic cartridge valves and manifold systems fluid power, hydraulics, cartridge valves, manifold, cavities


Control Flow, Inc. manufacturer of quality hydraulic and manual valves, oil wellhead production pressure control equipment,

"Copy Components Ltd"

Conveyor Belting And Adhesive Tapes Rfid Tags And Icode Tags Consumables


Converter Of Industrial Pressure Sensitive Tape Products And Supplier Of Flexible Thermal And Dielectric Materials.


Couplamatic Hydraulic valves Assembly Equipment. Refrigerant Hose. Refrigerant Couplings. Refrigerant Assembly Equipment.

"Cpc-Construction Products Corporation"

Cpc Supplies The Manufacturing Sector, Construction Market And To Other Wholesale Distributors

"Crystal Plus Corp"

Supplier Of Box Sealing Tape, Tape Dispenser, Stationery Adhesive Tape, Gift, Double Side Tape, Tissue Paper, Foam Tape, Laser Tape, Dispenser, Handle, Stationery Adhesive Tape, Sealing Tape

"D.B.H. Distributors, Inc."

DBH Distributors, Inc. - Valves, Cylinders Pneumatic, hydraulic, fluid delivery and depainting degreasing equipment.

"D.B.H. Distributors, Inc."

Pneumatic, Valves and Cylinders DHB Distributors develops pneumatic circuitry. We sell pneumatic, hydraulic, fluid delivery

"Daguang Trading Co., Ltd."

Adhesive Tape Manufacturer And Exporter, China They Products Different Types Of The Tapes For All Purposes.

"Data Pro Services (Pty)Ltd."


"Davies Tapes Uk"

Supply Adhesive Tape And Packaging Materials To A Multitude Of Industries, Specialising In Stereo Mounting Tape For Flexographic Printers.

"Davik Sde-Boker"

A Major Supplier Of Adhesive And Electrical Tapes For The Aviation Industry

"Day Equipment"

Parker Hydraulic Valve Div. - Ball Valves - Colorflow Metering Valves - Directional Valves Nalgene - Plastic Tanks - Blowers Everflex


Manufacturer Of Adhesive Coated Tapes


Defontaine of America Inc. Manufactures and supplies stainless steel sanitary hydraulic valves. tors.

"Del Hydraulics"

The Internet''s resource for Hoists, Pneumatic Controls, and Hydraulic Systems. we will tailor fit our products to your specific needs

"DEL Hydraulics, Inc."

Hydraulics, Cylinders, Fluid Power, Dump Bodies, Valves, Air Controls, Tipster, cartridge valves, manifold, cavities, valve housing,

"Delwest Hydraulic Services Ltd"

Del West Hydraulics Services, Ltd. - designs, manufactures, and repairs hydraulic pumps, motors, and valves.

"DGB Hydraulic Services"

Hydraulic Components, Manufacturers of Industrial Hydraulic Power Units and Aerospace Test Rigs. Suppliers of Valves, Pumps, Motors, Filters etc.

"Diesel Equipment Ltd."

Hydraulics, Cylinders, Fluid Power, Dump Bodies, Valves, Air Controls, Tipster, tailor fit our products to your specific needs.

"Dongyang Hipol Corp."

Manufacture D/S Tape, Acrylic Foam Tape, Pe Protection Tape, And Special Purpose Adhesive Tapes Such As Aluminum Tape And Silicone Tape

"Dongyang Hipol Corp."

Manufacture D/S Tape, Acrylic Foam Tape, Pe Protection Tape, And Special Purpose Adhesive Tapes Such As Aluminum Tape And Silicone Tape

"Doumar Products, Inc."

Makers Of Un-Du, Which Remove Stickers, Labels, Tapes, And Other Adhesives From Virtually Any Surface Without Damage

"Drago Supply Company"

Industrial Supplies Mill, Hand Tools, Cutting Tools, Safety, Janitorial, Construction, Supplies, Abrasives, Material Handling Equipment, Precision Tools, Tapes &Adhesives, Machine Shop Tools, Lubrication, Oils, Equipment, Mro, Marine, Rope, Etc

"Dublok UK Ltd."

Manufactures valves for the global oil, gas and petrochemicals markets and carry out research and development in hydraulic valve technology.

"DuckWon Trading Co., Ltd."

Duckwon Trading Co., Ltd. Provides gate, globe, check valves and flanges Flowseal, Pacific, Westad, Jankins, Center Line

"Duluth Paper Specialties Co"

From Office Supplies To Office Deliveries, Duluth Paper & Specialties Complete Line Of Tapes And Adhesives Secure A Tight Seal. Sturdy Dispenser Systems Cut Down Waster And Increase Efficiency Are Available For Many Of Our Tapes.

"Dvm Pharmaceuticals"

Gard Distributing Has Been A Wholesaler And Distributior Of Quality Brands Such As 3m, Crown Metro, Dynabrade, Lps, Ge And Dow Corning, To Name A Few, We Specialize In Industrial Tapes, Adhesives, Sealants, Abrasives, Oil Sorbents, Paint

"Dymatic, Inc."

Dymatic, Inc. Hydraulic,Pneumatic,Components and Parts Pumps,Valves,150 Surplus Inventories,Denison,Skinner,Snap-tite,Etc.,Casters,Truck parts.

"Dynamic Controls Ltd"

Dynafluid Ltd - Supplies steam-and-water mixing valves, water-guns, hose-reels and complete washdown stations for a wide range

"Dynex/Rivett Inc."

Dynex High Pressure Hydraulics Piston Pumps, Motors, Valves and Power Units hydraulic valves, hydraulic piston and vane motors.

"East Bay Industrial Parts"

East Bay, selling the latest technology in hydraulic hose, fittings, pumps, power units, valves hydraulics in one store.

"Eastern Adhesives, Inc."

Offers A Complete Range Of Specialty Tape Products Including Solvent Based, Hot Melt And Adhesive


Eayuan Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufactures flanged and firesafe ball valves. hydraulic gate valves, check valves, globe valves

"EDI SYSTEM s.p.a."

manufacturing and distributing solenoid operated on-off and proportional valves, hydraulic valves and researching advanced solutions


EFFEBI - Manufactures a wide range of ball valves. hydraulic Valvole a sfera. manufacture, pressure, strainer, nuclear, military, naval

"Electron Microscopy Sciences"

Conductive Adhesives, Conductive Adhesive Tapes, Specimen Tweezers, Stands, And Tabs: Scanning Electron Microscope Supplies From Electron Microscopy Sciences

"Encord Pte Ltd"

Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Distributor, Valves, Singapore, Hydraulic Valves, Y Strainers, Valve Actuators, Valve Monitoring Switches

"END Armaturen"

Entwicklung, Produktion und Vertrieb ausgereifter Industriearmaturen. Designs, produces and distributes sophisticated industrial hydraulic valves.

"EOS Technologies SRL"

: Hydraulics heat exchangers, pumps, valves, screw-in cartridges, cetop manifolds technical tables, check our competitive prices and order on line.


Adhesive Tape For Repairing Fluid Leaks. Ideal For Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Awnings, And Drain Pipes.

"Etilux Wizard"

Single-Coated Tapes,Double-Coated Tapes,Scotchmount,Vhb Are The Different Kinds Of Tapes Here.

"Exim & Mfr Enterprise"

Masking & Paper Tapes,Vinyl Tapes,Duct Tapes,Carton Sealing Tape,Tedlar Tape ,Etc

"F. H. Gaskins Co., Inc."

Gaskins, F. H. Co., Inc. - Distributes gate, ball, safety and safety relief hydraulic valves. Location in Norfolk VA and Baltimore MD, U.S.A.

"F.A.F. Valves"

F.A.F. Valves - Turkish company manufactures ball valves, check valves, butterfly valves, strainers.


Manufacturer''s Representative to the municipal water and wastewater industry. Products include Lift Stations, Pumps, Controls, hydraulic Valves,

"Fairey Arlon BV"

Fairey Arlon - manufactures filters and 3-way ball valves for use in hydraulic and lubrication oil systems.

"Farmington Engineering"

Farmington Engineering manufactures hydraulic & pneumatic valves & components, CV expansion plugs, solenoid valves, sealing plugs, hydraulic plugs


Manufacturers Of Self Adhesive Labelstock, Silicone Release Liners, Transfer Adhesive Tape, And Self Adhesive Paper Tapes.

"Fastening Systems Northwest"

Distributes Pneumatic Tools And Fasteners. Also Offers Pressure Sensitive Tapes, Aerosol Adhesives, And Air-Accessory Products

"FBS Corporation"

FBS Corporation providing Fasse Valves - hydraulic valve manufacturer for agricultural equipment.


EURA Valves -providing hydraulic valves supplie Ball, gate, check valves manufactured in steel, SS, bronze, brass


Finecal Is One Of The Leading Suppliers Of Adhesive Tapes In The Uk. Tapes Are Available From The Strongest (Vhb From ) To General Purpose, And Include A Removeable Range. From Single To Double-Sided, From Paper To Polyester, Finecal® Stock Tapes .


Distributors and experts in hose, couplings, pneumatics, valves, tubing and tubing tools, and hydraulic applications

"Flowstrip Limited"

The Company Has Developed Expertise In Technical Specialist Adhesive Tapes And Emphasis Was Placed On This Lucrative Product Area.

"Fluid Lift Systems Inc."

Fluid Lift Systems Inc. Plunger hydraulic Lift valves Professionals and manufacture and suppling industrial valves and etc.

"Fluid Line Products, Inc."

Welcome To Fluid Line Products hydraulic hydraulics fittings pneumatic valve valves manufacturer manufacturing custom

"Fluid Power Pte Ltd"

Hydraulic Equipment Supplies,Valves,Fluid Power, Singapore ,manufacturer,wholesaler,distributor, Hydraulic Equipment Supplies.

"Fluidaire Controls, INC"

Fluidaire Controls supplies pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders in pneumatic valves, FRL''s, automation, robotics, and motion control equipment

"FluoroSeal Valves"

FluoroSeal Specialty Valves - Manufactures PTFE-sleeved plug valves. manufacturing and sales are now located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"Four Pillars America"

Supplier Of Electronic Component, Insulating, And Pc Board Masking Tape.

"Four Pillars Enterprise Co, Ltd"

Industries Of Particular Competence For Four Pillars Include The Electrical, Electronic Components, Printed Circuit Board And Packaging Industries.

"Fox Valley Tapes"

A Tape Specialty Distributor For Label Manufacturers, Printers And Paper, Film And Foil Industry. We Specialize In Silicone Splicing Tapes, Double Face Splicing Tapes,Etc

"Fromme Armaturen"

Fromme Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG - Deals with the production hydraulic import, export and sale of industrial valves of DIN- and ANSI- standards.

"G.I.E., Inc."

G.I.E., Inc. - Manufactures quality diaphragm valves and actuators. manufacture,hydraulic pressure, strainer, nuclear, military, naval

"Gaska Tape Inc."

Our Motto, Innovators In Foam And Tapes, Accurately Describes Gaska Tapes Focus On Business. While It Is Fine To Manufacture Commodity Products, We Enjoy The Opportunity To Work With Our Customers To Develop Unique Materials And Meet Their Needs.

"Gateway Supply Company"

Valves for sale at everyday low prices at Gateway Supply Company hydraulic valves, and industrial valves and etc.

"Gateway Supply company."

Parker Hannifin Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Valves are sold at discounted prices and ready for delivery at Gateway Supply

"Gemini Valve"

Gemini Valve - Manufactures and supplies hydraulic automated and manual 1/4-inch to 2-inch ball valves.

"Geo. Kingsbury USA"

Powertrain industry supplier for the world, specializing in test equipment for transmissions, transfer cylinder heads, hydraulic valves, clutches

"Geographe Energy -"

Geographe Energy - Provides services to repair and refurbish any size, type, including ball, gate, check, hydraulic control valves.

"Gereg Sewage and Water Equipment (Pty) Ltd."

Gereg Sewage and Water Equipment (Pty) Ltd. - Manufactures ''Fulton'' penstocks. Mild and hydraulic valves stainless steel fabricators.

"GKN Westland-Sitec GmbH"

manufacture Actuators, Valves, complete assemblies for hydraulic applications as well as Flight Engine Controls for Aircraft, for industrial

"Gleicher Manufacturing Corp."

Offers Die-Cutting & Processing Of Pressure Sensitive Materials, Hook & Loop Fasteners, Protective Bumpers, And Specialty Adhesive Tapes


Global supplier of hydraulic, industrial, thermoplastic and PTFE hose. Also supplies sheet rubber, rubber dock fenders, valves and fittings

"Goldmann Automatics Pvt. Ltd"

Manufacturers & Exporters Of Adhesive Tapes Machinery


"Goodwin Korea - hydraulic Valve type, size, rating and dimensions; comparison of dual-plate check valves vs. swing-check valves"

"Gosheron Packaging Plc"

A Major Supplier Of Tapes, Labels And Other Packaging Products, Advising And Supplying Organisations

"Gradient Lens Corporation"

Hawkeye and Karl Storz borescopes used for precision visual and video inspection brake cylinders, engine cavities, hydraulic valves

"Gradient Lens Corporation"

Hawkeye and Karl Storz borescopes are used for visual and video inspection brake cylinders, engine cavities, hydraulic valves and rifle barrels

"Graham Muir Sales"

Graham Muir Sales Is The Foremost Provider Of Pressure Sensitive Tapes And Adhesives To The Industrial And Automotive Markets. We Stock A Wide Variety Of Quality Products From The Following Manufacturers,3m And Other Tapes

"Great valve co. manufactures"

Great valve Co. - Manufactures GLT''s brands: ball, check, globe, gate and wafer hydraulic check valves class 150 to 1500

"Greenpak Industries"

A Large Range Of Adhesive Tapes And Other Packaging Materials To Suit Any Packaging Requirements

"Greiner Group"

"Greiner Group - Manufactures hydraulic bronze gate valves and stop valves. Other items in bronze and brass for gas and for water; ball valves,"

"Gresswell Valves Ltd"

Gresswell Valves - Manufactures safety, relief and hydraulic check valves, level gauges in bronze, stainless steel and SG iron.

"H-O Products"

A Leading Manufacturer Of Pressure Sensitive Components. We Supply Custom Manufactured Products With Single-Sided, Double-Sided Or No Adhesive

"Hale Hamilton Valves"

Hale Hamilton (Valves) Limited - Manufactures hydraulic valves pressure regulators and high-purity gas systems.

"Hallock Hydraulic Inc."

Hallock Hydraulic Inc. Products Specialty Products - NEW Hydraulic Pumps Hydraulic Valves Tie Rod Cylinders

"Haltec Corporation"

Haltec Corporation - Manufactures tire valves systems. complete range of tire valves and tire-related accessory products,

"Hammond Valve"

Hammond Valve - Sells hydraulic valves for all requirements for plumbing, heating, cooling, and industrial flow control.

"Hammond Valve -"

Hammond Valve - Sells valves for all requirements for hydraulic plumbing, heating, cooling, and industrial flow control.

"HanDok Hydraulic Co."

Handok Hydraulic - manufacturing pumps, motors, and valves for construction heavy equipment, industrial and ship.

"Hartford Ball Company"

Typical industry applications are Instrumentation valves in high precision hydraulic systems high load bearings inertial navigation systems


A Leading Manufacturer of High Pressure Water Hydraulic Pumps, Valves, and Complete Water Hydraulic Systems


HICO Valve, Taiwan - Ball valve manufacturer offers stainless steel and hydraulic carbon steel valves meeting ANSI and DIN standards.

"Hebei Diefei Valve Co., Ltd."

"Hebei Diefei Valve Co., Ltd. - Wafer, metal-to-metal, flange, flange expansion butterfly valves; butterfly check and balance hydraulic valves;"


Hemiwedge Valve - A quarter turn hydraulic valve that can be used for all applications but is particularly well suited for severe

"henan shangdie vavle stock co.,ltd"

Manufactures a range of hydraulic valves incl. butterfly and ball valves, valve fittings and parts, faucets and taps.

"Henry Pratt Company"

Henry Pratt Company - Supplies the water distribution and power generation markets. hydraulic Valves installed in water treatment plants,


Suppliers Of Self Adhesive Anti Slip Tape And Non Slip Materials In A Variety Of Colors And Grades

"Higginson Equipment Sales Limited"

Manufacturer of NFPA HES air cylinders and distributor of industrial hydraulic and pneumatic components such as actuators, valves, fittings

"Hillas Packaging"

There Are Different Kinds Of Tapes Avaliable For Different Uses. Tapes Are Durable, Dependable Way To Meet Basic Case Sealing Needs

"Hillas Packaging"

Hillas Packaging Provides Poly Bags Polybags Packaging Supplies Shipping Supplies Adhesives Aerosols Boxes Case Sealers Cushioning Dispensers Industrial Tapes Packaging Tapes Packaging Equipment

"Hillas Packaging"

Flexible Foam Carriers Fill Gaps And Help Bond Irregular Surfaces. In Bonding Rough Or Irregular Surfaces, 3m Double Coated Foam Tapes Fill Gaps And Distribute Stress Uniformly Over The Impact, Withstand A Wide Temperature Range, And Provide .

"Hillas Packaging, Inc"

A Well-Organized Website With Detailed Information About 3m Industrial Tapes, Packaging Tapes And Machinery And 3m Adhesives All The Adhesives Tapes Are Manufactures Here.

"Hillas Packaging, Inc"

A Detailed Information About 3m Industrial Tapes, Packaging Tapes And Machinery And 3m Adhesives.This Broad Line Of Tapes Features Pressure Sensitive Adhesive On Front And Back For Bonding A Wide Variety Of Surfaces In Many Applications.

"Homestead.Com Incorporated"

We Are Your Complete Source For All Your Adhesive Tape Needs. Whether You Need Commodity Tapes, Specialty Tapes, Or Converted / Die Cut Tape, We Have It All.


Horizon Hydraulics is your source for sales, service and repair of Pumps, Motors, Valves, Cylinders, Actuators.

"Hpc Industrial Products"

Distributors Of Adhesive Tape, Packaging Products, And Other Industrial Consumables

"HT Hydraulic Technologies Inc"

Valve Industries remanufacture and refit your hydraulic valves instead of buying new Valve Industries Ltd. specializes


Hwa Sung Co., Ltd - Produces various types of ball valves and API and ISO 9001 approved. A leading hydraulic valve manufacturer in Korea.

"Hy-Grade Valve"

Hy-Grade Valve, Inc. - Manufactures precision engineered check valves. manufacturing techniques. Customers throughout the world


Manufacturers of World Class Valve Actuation Systems Hy-Lift produces high quality hydraulic lifters, hydraulic roller lifters,

"Hy-Lift L.L.C."

of Hy-Lift''s business is integrated valve train systems and components for internal combustion engines. Such products include a range of hydraulic


Pro manufacturers and suppliers of high performance fluid clarification solutions includes ball valves for industrial hydraulics, mobil equipment


Pro manufacturers and suppliers of high performance fluid clarification solutions includes ball valves for industrial hydraulics, mobil equipment

"Hy-Tape Corporation"

Maker Of Surgical Adhesive Tapes, Tape Removes With Minimum Trauma To The Skin,Etc

"Hydac USA"

HYDAC, a leader in fluid power, offers a complete range of hydraulic products including Filters, Accumulators, Power Units, Valves, Electronics

"Hydra - Pro"

Hydraulic Machinery including Marine Cranes, Winches, Valves and Complete System Design, Troubleshooting, and Repair to Equipment Manufacturing.

"Hydra-tight Ltd"

Hydraulic torque wrenches and bolt tensioning by Hydratight Sweeney for joint integrity solutions for oil gas, petrochemical valves.


HydraForce Hydraulic Cartridge Valves Electro- Proportional Valves Electronic Proportional Controllers Directional Valves.

"Hydraline Hydraulic Components Supplier"

Hydraline Hydraulic Components Supplier hydraulic Valves at cost-effective price products, please fill the form below

"Hydraulic Company Of America"

Hycoa - transfer valves,asme, filtration, duplex equipment, transfer valves, asme duplex filters, hydraulic, lubrication, air oil systems, manifolds

"Hydraulic Controls, Inc."

Whether you are looking for hydraulics, valves, pneumatics or electronic controls, HCI is your one stop source for all your motion control needs

"Hydraulic Maintenance Parts, Inc."

Hydraulic Maintenance Parts manufactures and rebuilds tilt and lift cylinders, control valves, hydraulic pumps and a wide array of Material Handling

"hydraulic pneumatic"

hydraulic pneumatic - solenoid valves, pumps, control valves, pressure gauge, hydraulic component manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan

"Hydraulic Pnuematic Rescue"

hydraulic components and pneumatic systems and repair to hydraulics, pneumatic pumps, hydraulic motors, valves, cylinders

"Hydraulic Power Systems, Inc."

Hydraulic Power Systems, Inc. HPSI manufactures hydraulic vibratory driver extractor systems, hydraulic impact hammers, hydraulic valves.

"Hydraulic Projects"

Suppliers of hydraulic spool valves to OEM''s throughout the world. Valves to suit systems up to 100 lpm, manual solenoid operated.

"Hydraulic Sales Inc."

a manufacturer of filtration equipment, transfer valves, asme duplex filters, hydraulic, lubrication, air oil systems, manifolds and flanges

"Hydraulic Services, Inc."

Hydraulic services inc. gauges, weatherhead, hannay, vickers, flow controls. Lakeland, Florida is your complete source for hydraulics valves.

"Hydraulics International, Inc"

Hydraulics International, Inc. produces gas boosters, liquid pumps, valves, and other systems for a variety of industrial applications

"Hydraulika International s.r.o"

Original manufacturer of hydraulic hand pumps,foot pumps,hydrogenerators,jacks,distributors,valves,closing valves, etc.

"Hydrauliques Continental Hydraulics, inc."

Manufactures hydraulic components, including shafts, bushings and couplings company also repairs pumps, motors, valves and more

"Hydro-Dynamics Inc."

Hydraulic repairs for pumps, motors, valves, hose available from Hydro-Dynamics. Repairs for hydraulic pumps, motors,cylinders and valves:


"Hytec - manufacturer of hydraulic workholding systems; cylinders, clamps, work supports, pumps, control valves, and palletized systems."

"HyTec Valve, LLC"

HyTec Valve - Specializing in distribution, application, and service of hydraulic valve products intended for severe and critical service

"Hyteco (Aust.) Pty Ltd."

Hyteco - design and manufacture of custom and standard hydraulic valves and pneumatic manifolds.

"Hyvair Corporation"

Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for the indusrtial market, Custom product such as composite cylinders, stainless steel valves and power units

"i-55 Internet Services, Inc"

Southern Oilfield Supply - manufactures and supplies hydraulic gas lift valves and industrial valves associated equipment.


I.B.C. Praha spol. s r.o. - Production of special hydraulic valves as well as the production in series of steel valves for middle pressures.

"ICARUS s.a."

Manufactures nearly any type or size of hydraulic valves, in stainless steel, titanium and other exotic alloys, for emergency deliveries.


Colored Duct Tape, Masking Tape, Reflective Tape, Flagging Tape, Vinyl Tape, & Gear-Tapeidenti-Tape Tm Specializes In All Kinds Of Colored Tapes. Our Various Product Pages Feature Photographs Of Our Tapes With Price Lists.

"ImageQuest Communications"

Fluidline Components supplies pneumatic and hydraulic components to the process, Fluidline specializes in pneumatic cylinders, valves, filters,

"Impact Distributing"

Impact Distributing Specializes In A Range Of Industrial Products Related To The Abrasive, Adhesive, Tape, And Safety Equipment Industries. The Following Is A Brief List Of Product Categories Carried By Impact Distributing Tapes Abrasives.

"Independent Screen Associates."

A Screen Printing Supply Company. We Offer Inks, Mesh, Squeeges, Frames, Chemicals, Equipment, Adhesives, Emulsion, And Tape.

"Industrial Adhesives, Inc"

Packtapeproducts Are Woven Polypropylene Reinforcing Tapes Coated With Hot Melt Adhesives On Both Sides. They Add Add Multi Directional Strength Where Needed And Also Allows Easy Cutting.

"Industrial Catalog Producers"

with industrial hose and some hydraulic , couplings, valves, fittings, clamps, ducting, gasket material, and more, your customized catalog

"Industrial Information Services, LLC"

Industrial Products and Services by Manufacturer, Product or Service, Including valves, actuators, pumps, motors, hydraulics and even surplus


Industrial Information Services Manufacturer, Product or Service, to Engineered Products and Services. Including valves, pumps, motors, hydraulics

"Industrial Power & Rubber, Inc."

Industrial Power & Rubber, Inc Providing Industrial Hose, Hydraulic Hose Fittings, Valves, Gauges, Couplers, Cam.

"Industrial Tapes, Adhesives, & Abrasives"

Distributer Of Tapes, Adhesives, And Abrasives Used By Manufacturers Worldwide

"Industrial Valve Engineering Ltd"

Industrial Valve Engineering Ltd - Specialist industrial hydraulic valve repairs and testing marine pressure testing lab packing jointing


Industromart - Carries Apollo valves, Nibco hydraulic valves for the industrial market. A division of Zaentz International

"Integrated Hydraulics, Inc."

Integrated Hydraulics - Designs and manufactures hydraulic valves and hydraulic integrated circuits manufactures an extensive range of pressure,

"Iowa Midland Supply Inc"

Providing Cutting Edge Solutions For Your Metal Working Needs! Iowa Midland Supply Is Your Full Service Industrial Supply Distributor.


iProcesSmart.com - Purchase online hydraulic valves, butterfly, ball, check valves, Crane actuators and controls for liquids and gas handling.

"Item Plastic Corp."

Manufacturer Of Adhesive Pvc Color Films, Transferring Tape, Flex Face, Static Film, Plastic Sheets, Pc Sheets, Pp Sheets, Cold Laminating Films, Inkjet Media & Sign Materials.


Manufacturer of high pressure Needle Ball Valves, In-Line Check Valve, and Valves Manifold for instrumentation and hydraulic application

"J R Crompton Ltd"

Uk. Wet-Laid Nonwoven Fabrics, And Specialty Papers For Tea And Coffee Bags And Filters, Wiping Materials, Adhesive Tape Substrates, Battery Sepaprators And A Range Of Additional Industrial Uses.

"Jang Maw Shing Yeh Co., Ltd."

Provider of Manufacture, and Sale of Hydraulic Parts, Systems, and Similar Services, hydraulic valves.

"Jarecki Valves"

Jarecki Valves - Manufactures valves for high temperature, severe-service applications. stellite seated valves, power industry


JAY VALVES PVT.LTD provider of Manufacturers of quick connecting couplings air hydraulic series and mold die series and valves

"JJ Valve"

JJ Valve - Supplies ANSI 125 and 250 cast-iron gate, globe and check valves. ANSI 250 boiler non-return hydraulic valves.

"John G. Shelley Company"

Manufacturer And Fabricator Of Specialty Rubber Products And Distributor Of Industrial Adhesives, Coatings And Tapes

"JSK Engineering Sdn Bhd"

JSK Engineering - specializes in hydraulic materials handling dock levelers, table lifters, valves and pumps


Stocking distributor Daikin hydraulics including piston pumps, solenoid valves and other daikin accessories.

"K-Power Engineering"

K-Power Engineering. Supplier List Lubriplate Ross Valves Under Construction of food grade lubricants, hydraulic and pneumatic valves.

"K.R. West Co. Inc."

Hydraulic power units Polypac, K.R. West custom Repair In our shop or on site, Cylinders, Valves, Systems Installation Piping, Hydraulic Power Unit


Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. - manufacturer of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, and applied systems.

"KEFCO Inc."

Kefco Steel and alloy high temp ball valves, control hydraulic valves, Serving the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and related industries


manufactures this high quality PVC float hydraulic valve to do away with the corrosion problems associated with brass float valves.

"Kiepura Aviation Corp"

A Major Supplier Of Adhesive And Electrical Tapes For The Aviation Industry, Suppliers For 3m Tyco Adhesive Polyken Tapes Rm Engineered Products

"Kiepura Aviation Corporation"

A Major Supplier Of Adhesive And Electrical Tapes For The Aviation Industry Suppliers For 3m Tyco Adhesive Polyken Tapes Rm Engineered Products Flexfab Moxness Permacel Gudebrod

"Kimray, Inc."

Kimray, Inc. Manufactures pressure regulators, pilot valves, pressure control pilots and other hydraulic equipment for flow control.

"Klaus Union"

Klaus Union - Manufactures ''Sealex'' magnet drives and hydraulic valves for chemical and petrochemical industries.

"Klober Limited"

Tacto Is The New Generation Of Double Sided Adhesive Tapes From Klober Which Makes Professional Work On High-Pitched Roofs Simple, Quick And Reliable.

"Knowell Corporation"

"A Leading Importer, Exporter &Amp; Converter Of Adhesive Tape"

"Knox &Schneider, Inc."

Specialty Tapes And Adhesives -- Replace Rivets Screws And Other Mechanical Fastening. High Strength 3m Vhb Tapes Are Used Throughout Industry To Replace Mechanical Fastening For Permanent Assembly In Many Applications.

"Ko-Asia (Xiamen)Sanitary Material Co."

Manufacturers Of Release Paper For Sanitary Napkins And Adhesive Tape, Breathable Film For Diapers, And More.

"L&D Adhesives"

Is A Distributor With Solutions For All Your Adhesive Needs.We Carry Adhesives For Vacuum Forming,Tapes And Protective Films Etc.

"Lantzis S.A."

Self Adhesive Tape For Packing,Polypropylene Self Adhesive Tape For Packing,Paper Tape ,Etc

"Leavitt Machine Company"

Leavitt-Dexter Machine Company - Manufactures globe and hydraulic gate valve repair equipment for in-line reseating and grinding

"Lectec Corporation"

Designs, Manufactures And Markets Diagnostic And Monitoring Ecg Electrodes, Conductive And Non-Conductive Adhesive Hydrogels, Medical Tapes, Drug Delivery Patches And Therapeutic Products




A World Class Manufacturer Of Speciality Adhesive Products, Predominantly For The Stage, Lighting And Entertainment Industries.

"Lien Chief Internation Co., Ltd."

Lien Chief International Co., Ltd. - Manufactures industrial and chemical hydraulic valve supplier

"Limpet Tapes Limited"

It Is The Largest Adhesive Tape Printer In The Uk. It Markets A Huge Range Of Tapes Relating To Packaging, Point-Of-Sale, Marketing & Promotions, Site Safety, Pipeline Identification, General Manufacturing & Processing, Horticulture, Etc.

"Log Home Gaskets"

Og Home Gaskets, Utility Gaskets For Sealing Around Windows And Doors,Adhesive Tapes And Sealants, Backer Rod For Chinking

"Logic Hydraulic Controls, Inc."

Logic Hydraulic Controls, Inc. is a manufacturer of hydraulic valves and manifolds. Our manufacturing capabilities include CNC turning

"Louis Adhesive Tapes Co,. Ltd"

Louis Adhesive Tapes Are Committed To Quality, Product Development, And Also Dedicated Customer Service In Developing, Producing, And Marketing Cost Effective Adhesive Tape Product For Adhesive Tape Industry.

"lubrication filters"

lubrication filters maker of hydraulic valves and Industriefilter, Ölfilter, Oelfilter, Hydraulikfilter, Rücklauffilter, and other suppling


Luthra Import Substitute Industries are leaders in manufacturing valves, valves pneumatic, cylinders air, flow,control valves, hand lever valves.

"Luwatex Company Limited"

Manufacturers Of Adhesive Tape Making Machines And Teflon Seal Tape Making Machines

"LVF spa"

LVF Group - Manufactures ''LVF'' forged steel gate, globe and check valves. Also, ''Orsenigo'' ball and special hydraulic valves.


Specialise In The Supply Of Corrugated Cartons, Solid Board Boxes, And Other Packaging Materials

"Lyburn Supplies"

Midlands Based Supplier Amp Distributor Of Solid Board, Cardboard Amp Corrugated Boxes, Self-Adhesive Tapes,

"Lynch Fluid Controls Inc"

Lynch Fluid Controls - seller of hydraulic valves flow controls, electrical connectors and custom manufacture custom hydraulic manifolds.

"M & M Products"

"M & M Products - Distributes Sure-Seal hydraulic valves and actuators; repair and replacement of butterfly valves. Company based in Upland, CA"

"M&W Manufacturing Co., Inc"

M&W Manufacturing - designers and manufacturers of custom hydraulic valves manifolds.

"M.G. Herl Armaturenfabrik GmbH & CoKG"

M.G. Herl Armaturenfabrik GmbH & CoKG - Manufacturing refrigerant hydraulic valves for over 60 years. Resarch and development, cost-effective


M.O. Industries, equipment in product handling and processing sector of Butterfly valves, hydraulic valves, industrial valves.

"MAC Valves"

MAC Valves - Manufactures small 3-way, large 3-way, small 4-way, large 4-way, and proportional air controlled hydraulic valves.

"Macaskill Engineering"

Macaskill Engineering in Mitcham, Surrey - Electro-Hydraulic Actuators, Dally butterfly and custom built valves and plastic lined pipes

"Maitech International Inc."

Maitech International, Inc - Distributes hydraulic valves, valve fittings, bolts. Located in Houston, TX, U.S.A.

"Malaysia Self-Adhesive Tapes"

Manufacturers, Exporters And Self-Adhesive Tapes Industries Is The Comprehensive Sourcing Guide For Self-Adhesive Tapes Manufacturers, Exporters From Malaysia

"Manco, Inc."

Products Include Duck Tape, Mailing And Shipping Supplies, Glues, Childrens Art And Activity Supplies, Home Weatherization, And Houseware Products.

"Mann Teknik AB"

Mann Teknik AB - A Swedish enterprise located in Mariestad. Manufactures the ''Mann'' direct disconnect couplings, hydraulic valves.

"Marand Engineering Ltd."

Marand Engineering designs and delivers turnkey hydraulic systems. Custom valves, manifolds, pumps, cylinders and automated test equipment

"Marcy Auto Glass Products"

Manufacturer Of Adhesive Tapes And Related Items For The Auto Glass Replacement, Construction, Manufacturing

"Marfred Industries"

Secures And Protects Shipping Labels, Packing Slips And Documents. Sticks Quickly With Strong Adhesive. High Clarity Polypropylene Film.

"Master Flo Valve Inc."

Manufactures production chokes for both surface and subsea applications. Drilling chokes, hydraulic control valves, pig ball valves.

"Master Flow Controls"

Master Flow Controls Taiwan company manufactures hydraulic stainless steel ball valves, carbon steel ball valves, pipe fittings,

"Maverick International, Ltd."

Maverick International, Ltd - Sells and delivers hydraulic valves and fittings of all kinds worldwide to the oil and gas industries

"Maxton Mfg Co."

Maxton is the leading manufacturer of hyraulic elevator valves cartridge valves, manifold, cavities, valve housing, check valves.

"May-Gray Hydraulics"

Provide in standard and orbital, valves,hydrostats, cylinders, custom design, pistons, gears, solenoids, power steering cylinders, etc

"McClenny Development Inc"

Mark Hydraulic Company, established in 1959, is a unique combination of hydraulic valves and pneumatic sales, service and engineering

"MCS Industrial Electronics"

MCS Industrial Electronics manufacturing hydralic valves and industrial valves check valves, suppling and etc.


Roller Burnishing Tools for Automobile Industry, Automobile components, Electric Pumps, Hydraulics Pnuenmatics, Hydraulic Cylinders, Valves

"Medical News From Adhesives Research, Inc.`"

Adhesives Research, High Performance Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives, Tapes, Medical Tapes, Pharmaceutical Tapes, Pulpable Tapes, Label Stocks, Psa Manufacturer, Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Manufacturer, Adhesive, Adhesive Polymerization, Coating Etc.

"Medtek International Co., Ltd."

Abracelets,Identity,Tags,Tickets,Wristbands,Wristlets,Medical,Surgical,Acrylic,Adhesive,Tapes,Medtek,Taiwan,China And Asia

"Microhydraulics Inc."

Microhydraulics offers products for fluid power products including valve drivers, PWM to current drivers, Canbus, profibus, DeviceNet products.

"Mid-Glam Packing"

A Comprehensive Range Of Industrial Case Sealing Tapes For Both Machine And Hand Application

"Midland Manufacturing Corp"

Midland Manufacturing Manufactures hydraulic valves and level measurement devices for tank cars and other mobile tanks that transport

"MIDpro Fluid Power"

Midpro Fluid Power., A Supplier of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Valves and Vacuum Components, Custom designed Electrical system, Valve Panels, Assembly.

"Milwaukee Valve Company"

Milwaukee Valve, Bronze Valves, Butterfly Valves, Iron Valves, Commercial Ball Valves, Industrial Ball Valves, Cast Steel Valves, Dry Bulk Valves,

"Miroux Fabricant"

Miroux - Fabricant robinetterie industrielle avec fonderie integrale de robinets papillon, vanne, clapets, robinets soupapes hydraulic valves.

"Monarch Tapes"

Monarch Is One Of The Largest Manufacturer Of Self Adhesive Tapes In India. The Company Has Branch Offices All Over India To Provide Prompt Delivery And Excellent Service

"Mondeo Srl"

Mondeo s.r.l. - hydraulic valves components and fittings dotained from pressed, machined and welded stainless steel.

"Moog Inc."

Moog -- 30 Series Servovalve hydraulic Flow control. Two-stage. Double nozzle. mechanical feedback.

"Moore Pumps,"

Moore Pumps, Inc located in Friendship, Tn stocks new and rebuilt hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, and parts


Moore Pumps, Inc located in Friendship, Tn stocks new and rebuilt hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, and parts.

"Moreau Marketing And Sales"

Represents A Variety Of Industrial Products. Including Greases, Oil Additives, Sealants, Adhesives, Diamond Blades, Tape, And Citrus Cleaners

"Morssinkhof Hydrauliek BV"

hydraulic spare parts, service, hydraulic systems, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, servo valves and electronics

"Morssinkhof Hydrauliek BV"

Hydraulic repair, valves, pumps and motors for Rexroth, Brueninghaus, Linde, Hydro-Gigant. Production of in house made hydraulic parts

"MVI, Inc"

MVI, Inc - stocking distributors and application specialists of fluid power components including air/pneumatics, hydraulics valves couplings.

"neat products, inc"

NeatValves - Manufactures rotary and slide diverting valves for manual or automated application. Custom Design Rotary & Slide Valves


"Supplier To Newspaper Production Companies; Adhesive, Border, Tapes, Cabinetry, Light Tables, Cameras, Contact Screens, Darkroom Supplies, Densitometers, Grid Sheets, Laser Papers"

"Netgate Services"

specialists in the design, manufacture and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, block valves, power packs

"Newco Valves"

Manufacturer of precision Gate Valves Globe and Angle Valves Swing Check Valves Tilting Disc Check Valves Lift Check Valves Ball Valves

"Newtown Packaging Limited"

Suppliers Of High Quality Tapes And Adhesives,Print Industry Tapes, Strapping Tapes, Protection Tapes, Cloth Tapes, Etc

"Nil-Cor Operations"

Nil-Cor - Advanced composite ball, butterfly and check hydraulic valves are primarily selected for chemical handling services

"Nimco Controls AB"

Nimco Controls hydraulics valves Hydraulic valves directional control valves relief valves overcenter valves remote control units flow regulators .

"Noble Alloy Valve"

Noble Alloy Valve - Manufactures long-service hydraulic valves for applications in chemical, mining, geothermal power, oil industries.


Adhesives For The Medical Device Industry. Specialty Tapes, Surgical Tapes, Sport Tapes And Wound-Dressings

"North American Safety Valve"

North American Safety Valve - Safety and relief hydraulic valves,repair facilities with quick turnaround. Remanufactured valves.

"North East Machining & Tool Corporation."

North East Machining and Tool Corporation - offers electromagnetic valves for pneumatics, hydraulics, and a variety of fluids.

"Northman USA, Inc."

Northman USA stocks a coplete line of solenoidoperated directional control valves, pumps, sandwich valves and hydraulic controlvalves

"Northwest Hydraulic Services, Inc."

Suppliers of hydraulic equipment, pumps, motors, valves, filters, hoses, and cylinders. We carries Vickers pumps and motors, as well.

"Novamelt Adhesive Technologies"

Suppliesies Economical And Environmentally Friendly Adhesive Technology To The Tape, Label And Converting Industries


Suppliers Of Self Adhesive Tapes, Packaging Materials, Rubber Bands And Tension Tape.

"NWD International, Inc."

NWD International, Inc. designs and manufactures Zero-Leak hydraulic valves fittings for automotive, commercial and HVAC applications

"OCV Control Valve"

OCV Control Valves Hydraulically operated valves for the water works, industrial, pilot controlled valves for industrial.


Self Adhesive Tapes Are Ideal For Sealing Heavy Cartons. The Tape Works Well With Adjustable Clutch Hand Dispensers. One Can Print On Them Up To Six Colors.

"Oleostar S.p.A."

OLEOSTAR - Hydraulic Valves text-decoration none a visited text-decoration none a active text-decoration none info oleostar.

"Omark Worldwide (S) Pte Ltd"

Cloth Tape, Masking Tape , Cellulose Tape ,Protection Tape,Double Side Tape,Napkin Serviette Paper,Machine Tying Tape Are The Different Varieties Of Tapes


Megazinc Pink Adhesive Tape Is A Latex-Free, Zinc Oxide Based, Waterproof Adhesive Tape That Is Gentle To Sensitive Skin. It Easy-Tear Edge Makes Application Fast And Efficient.They Are The Best Manufactures For All The Types Of Medical Tapes.


P.C. Engineering Corporation - Represents Virgo Engineers (ball, butterly valves), Zoloto Industries Ltd. hydraulic (brass, bronze, steel valves)

"P.P. Payne, Inc."

Producer Of Supastrip Pressure Sensitive, Self-Adhesive Tear Tapes For The Easy Opening Of Consumer Packaging.

"Pacific Tek, Inc."

Pacific Tek - provides truck mounted, portable hydraulic valve operators for underground excavating and cleanout.

"Packings & Insulations Corporation"

Packings & Insulations Corporation - distributes packings for pumps, valves, and hydraulic cylinders. Also provides industrial refractory products.

"Pacson Valves"

Pacson Valves - Manufactures subsea and surface hydraulic valves. Globe, check, gate, actuated, double block and bleed. Compact,

"Pamir International Limited"

World-Wide Distributors Of An Extensive Range Of Adhesive Tapes (Self-Adhesive - Pressure Sensitive) For Use In A Variety Of Industries, Offices And Applications


Panam Engineers - Manufactures and exports industrial hydraulic valves incl. gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly valves. Pipe fittings, screwed

"Panamax Marketing Pvt.Ltd."

Panamaxindia COMPRESSOR PARTS, COMPLETE COMPRESSORS, VALVES, PEEK, THERMOPLASTICS, compressors,valves,thermoplastics,hydraulics,pumps,gaskets,seals

"Par Tape Limited"

Converter Of Single Coated And Double Coated Pressure Sensitive Tape Products.


The Uks Leading Convertor Of Self-Adhesive Materials For Oems And Their Subcontractors

"Patco Corporation"

Manufacturer Of Highly Engineered Tapes For Sporting Goods, Weatherization, Commercial Aerospace, And More.


Pedro Roquet - manufacturer of hydraulic gear pumps, motors, valves, power packs, cylinders and fluid power control systems.


Products and services for the waste industry emerge from the Perkins Manufacturing and Select from rotary lifters, hydraulic control valves,

"Perlwitz Armaturen"

Perlwitz Armaturen - Armaturen Schiffbau und Industrie. hydraulic Valves for shipbuilding and industry. Armaturen- und Zubehr programm.

"Peter Smith Valves Company Limited"

manufacturers of industrial and hydraulic marine valves. Small to medium sizes for control of fluids and gases in pipe conveying sytems.

"Petrolvalves S.r.l."

PetrolValves s.r.l. Manufactures hydraulic valves for chemical and petrochemical service in standard, special executions, materials

"PGI International"

PGI International - Manufactures instrumentation hydraulic valves, manifolds, direct-mount and sampling systems for the process,

"Piping Specialties"

Piping Specialties - Supplies high pressure, high temperature, hydraulic valves including ball, plug, gate, globe and check valves

"Plant Maintenance Resource Center"

Plant Maintenance Resource Center -- hydraulic Valves - Links to many articles on valves and control valves.


We Are Providing All Range Of Butyl, Flashing Tape, Self Adhesive Acrylic Forms Protection Film And Other Quality Products.

"PMP Precision Ind. Co., Ltd."

PMP Precision Co., Ltd. - Manufactures hydraulic valves, ball valves, quarter-turn actuators, stainless steel investment cast products.

"Poclain Hydraulics"

Poclain Hydraulics - maker of hydraulic components and systems including motors, pumps, truck axles, valves, and control systems.

"Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd."

- Manufactures industrial hydraulic equipment including high pressure hydraulic pumps & valves , tube fitting and accessories, and hydraulic systems

"Polymeric Adhesive Foam Tapes"

A Wide Range Of Industries And Hostile Environments Including Industrial Equipment And Automotive, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration, Aviation And Aerospace, Robotics, Marine, And Power Transmission Applications

"Portable Communications, Inc"

Gard Distributing Has Been A Wholesaler And Distributior Of Quality Brands,Specialize In Industrial Tapes, Adhesives, Sealants,Etc


Posi-flate butterfly valves - Manufactures inflatable seated butterfly valves for a variety of industrial hydraulic valve requirements including

"Power Drives Inc."

Supplier of valves, cylinders, actuators, motor controls and other pneumatic, hydraulic, motion control and automation

"Ppi Adhesive Products Ltd"

Produces An Extensive And Sophisticated Range Of Technical Self-Adhesive Tapes For A Wide Range Of Applications In Many Sectors, Including The Electrical, Electronic, Audio/Video, Magnetic Media, Aerospace And Photographic Areas.

"Precision Engineers"

Precision Engineers Authorised Indian distributor of all types of hydraulic valves and filters rope brakes, oil coolers.

"Precision Plastics, Inc."

Tapes: Masking, Packaging, Specialty, Safety, Metal Foils, Electrical And Lane Marking Adhesives: Spray Adhesives, Contact Adhesives, Epoxies And Cleaners

"Precision Pump Valve Service Inc"

: Precision Pump Valve Service, Inc suppliers of pump and hydraulic valve repair is performed in compliance with the industry.

"Press Automation Systems"

Industrial distributors specializing in sales of pressroom equipment and supplies, and components, die supllies, air hydraulic valves.

"Prime Valves"

Prime Valves Manufactures and wholesales quarter-turn ball pattern supply stops, washing machine valves, ice maker hydraulic valves

"Promedia Periodicals"

Bearings, Lubricants, Hydraulic Valves, Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Distributor, Bearings, Singapore, Lubricants, Singapore, Hydraulic Valves.


Velan-Proquip Inc. - Manufacturer of wafer check valves, Securamax clamp joints, and line blind hydraulic valves.

"Proval Industrial Co., Ltd."

Proval Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufactures ball hydraulic valves for applications including chemical, sanitary, instrumentation, cryogenic

"Quad Power Products, LLC."

Quad Power products offers Pneumatic and Hydraulic components, fittings, valves, hose and controls service oriented company also providing

"Quadra Trading Corp."

Quadra Trading Corp is a leader in supplying hard to find and unusual hydraulic parts and surplus hydraulic valves parts

"Qualtape Australia Pty Ltd"

Qualtape Australia Is A Distributor Of Australia Best Packaging Products

"Quest Engineering, Inc."

Searching for any of the following topics: flow meters engineers and designers hydraulic switches pneumatic switches control valves supplies

"Quest Engineering, Inc."

AIR Flow meters, hydraulic switches, pneumatic switches, valves, gages and more for all of your engineering needs

"Quillsoft Pty Ltd"

Hydraulic Controls - engineering and manufacturing company specialising in the design and manufacture of cartridge valves and hydraulic valves.

"R&L Hydraulics"


"R&M Energy Systems"

R&M Energy Systems production of valves, high pressure valves, residual pressure hydraulic valves.

"R. C. Hydraulics Inc."

RC Hydraulics, Inc. Hydraulic components, overstress valves and selector provides design and manufacture of specialty custom hydraulic components.

"R.S Hughes Co,Inc"

Warehouses Nationwide And In Tijuana,Mex Supplying Industrial And Marine Markets With 3m Tapes, Abrasives, Scotch-Brite, Adhesives, Electrical And Safety Products And Other Related Industrial And Marine Products

"Rabey, Svetlana"

Paintings And Constructions Made With Adhesive Tapes

"Raccorderie Metalliche spa"

"Production of pipe fittings for hydraulics and heating systems; own production of elbows, couplings, valves, pipe fittings, brackets, collars"

"Raimondi Valvole S.P.A."

Raimondi Valvole S.P.A. - Manufactures, since 1929, gate, globe, check, ball valves from 2 up to 48 -- Dal 1929 fornisce hydraulic valvole gate,

"Raphael Valve Industries Ltd."

cManufactures manual and hydraulic valves and other accessories for liquid conduction in water industries,

"Red Valve Company, Inc."

Red-White Valves - Red-White makes all kinds of hydraulic valves, including butterfly and actuated valves. Ball valves to five separate

"Red Valve Company, Inc."

Red Valve Company - Manufactures hydraulic pinch valves, tideflex check valves, pressure sensors, tideflex diffuser valves.

"Reflange, Inc."

Manufacturer of clamp connectors, flanges, check valves and hydraulic tools plus mobile service provider for severe service industries

"Registrant Brodr. Bauer-Nilsen AS"

Bauer Hydraulics is located in Haugesund, on the western coast of Norway. Bauer Hydraulics valves produces an extensive range of hydraulic equipment

"REMOSA spa"

Remosa S.p.a. - Designs, manufactures, researches, services modifies, retrofits slide, butterfly and two-port diverter hydraulic valves

"Reuels Distribution"

The Different Tapes Are Adhesive Transfer Applicator,3m Adhesive Transfer Tape Box,Adhesive Transfer Gun,3m Drafting Tape,3m Masking Tape Etc.

"Rexam Release"

When Manufacturing Pressure-Sensitive Tapes, Especially Unsupported Tapes And Double-Coated Tapes, It Is Critical That The Release Liners Consistently Provide Smoothness, Stable Differential, Moisture Resistance And Die-Cutability.

"RF Technologies, Inc"

RF Valve - Full line of pinch valves in standard ASME/ANSI B16, DIN and ISO face-to-face dimensions high performance valves, slurry valves

"Robins FloTech Ltd"

Robins Flotech Ltd. - Control hydraulic valves for air, check, plug, butterfly, strainers, valve actuators, flow meters, control systems

"Rockwood Swendeman LLC"

manufacture and assembly of bronze and stainless steel safety relief hydraulic valves for the industrial gas industry.

"Rodlin Valve Specialists, Inc."

Rodlin Valve Specialists, Inc. takes pride in our effort to maintain the highest degree in craftsmanship and quality.

"Rosebrook Tracers,Inc"

Rosebrook tracer for every application. Rosebrook hydraulic tracing valves are designed for use with production mills, lathes and drilling.

"Rota-Cyl Corporation"

Manufacturer of Rotary Actuators, Hydraulic Cylinders, Control Valves and replacement parts

"Rubans De Normandie"

Normandie Offers Wide-Ranging Expertise In Adhesive Products, An Area In Which We Have Specialized Since 1962. We Have Always Sought To Satisfy Our Customers Through A Service Based On Reliability, Efficiency, Service Quality And Value For Money

"Rubans De Normandie"

Offers Wide-Ranging Expertise In Adhesive Products, An Area In Which We Have Specialized Since 1962. We Have Always Sought To Satisfy Our Customers Through A Service Based On Reliability, Efficiency, Service Quality And Value For Money.

"Rubans De Normandie"

A Wide Choice Of Adhesive Tapes, Adhesives And Other Adhesives Products For Technical Applications And Packaging

"Ryan Hydraulic Service"

Ryan Hydraulic Service - distributor and suppliers of refuse pumps, and hydraulic winches, pumps and valves.

"Rötelmann GmbH"

Roetelmann GmbH - providing hydraulik, ventil, ventile, ball valve, ball valves, check-valve, check-valves, manifold, manifolds, hydraulic.

"Saccap- Entreprise"

Saccap- Entreprise francaise de robinetterie Petrole. Petrochemical hydraulic valve. ANSI 9000, 9001 quality.

"Sargent Controls"

Sargent Controls Aerospace Aerospace Product Line has designed, developed and manufactured hydraulic valves and actuators on aircraft.

"Scana Industries, Inc."

Scana Industries, Inc. - specializes in valve actuators, subsea valve actuators, actuator control systems, hydraulic power units, standby.

"Scapa Tapes"

Manufacturer Of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Products

"Scapa Tapes"

Offer A Complete Set Of Self-Adhesive Tapes, Self -Adhesive Foams And Specialised Sealant Products

"Scapa Tapes"

Foils & Tapes For Aerospace, Graphic Arts, Medical, Pulp & Paper, Industrial Assembly, Electronics & Automotive Markets. Product Ranges

"Schubert & Salzer GmbH"

"Schubert & Salzer Group - Manufactures process control and other hydraulic valves; approximately 550 employees in the year 1999."

"Scientific Linings & Coatings, Inc."

Scientific Linings and Coatings, Inc. - ''Yellow Jacket'' weather caps for pressure hydraulic relief valve protection.

"Score Group Plc"

Score Group plc - Integrated hydraulic valve and industrial gas turbine with 24 hour engineering and sales customer support.


Seifco (Self Adhesive Tapes)Has Been Established In Egypt 1984, And Has Supplied Egypt With High-Quality, Low Price Self Adhesive Tapes Ever Since.

"Self Adhesive Tapes And Abrasives By Jeaton"

Jeaton, Tapes, Abrasives, Adhesives And Stretchfilm,Etc

"Serafini S.R.L."

Materials Of Support And The Adhesive Tapes For Footwear, Leather Goods And Apparel. Reflective Materials, Self Adhesive Reinforcings, Thermoadhesive And Biadhesives For Footwear,Accessories, And Leather Clothing.

"Shanghai hua tong butterfly valve Factory"

Shanghai Hua Tong Butterfly Valve Factory - Manufactures gate, butterfly, and hydraulic ball valves and industrial hydraulic valves.

"Sharon Piping & Eqpt.,Inc."

Sharpe Valves - Manufactures hydraulic high purity diaphragm and three piece ball valves for chemical, sanitary, process

"Shie Yu Machine Parts Industrial Co., Ltd."

Manufactures a range of valves incl. butterfly and ball valves, hydraulic valve fittings faucets and taps. Also, irrigation and watering equipment.

"shilla total valves co., ltd"

Shilla Total Valves Co., Ltd. - hydraulic Valves & strainer manufacturer. Motor-operated valves air, check, plug, valve actuators,

"Shin-Wha Product Co. Ltd."

Offers Special Adhesive Tapes, Induction Cooker, And Polarizing Film.


Self-Adhesive Tapes In All The Widths Plus Fabrics With Heatseal Application On The Back Or With Self-Adhesive.

"Shoemaker Inc."

Welcome to Shoemaker, Inc manufacturer hydraulics, cartridge valves, manifold, cavities, valve housing, of hydraulic valves for all industries

"Shrinkit Inc."

Shrink Wrap Supply System Includes Large Size Film, Heat Guns, Adhesive Heat Tape, And Accessories For The Marine, Machinery, Lumber, Construction, Auto Salvage, And Restoration Industries

"Silicone Technologies"

A Precision Calenderer Of Silicone Materials. We Manufacture Many Types Of Silicone Insulation Materials, Thermally Conductive Adhesives, Hose And Duct Materials, Fusible Tapes, And Belting Materials. Applications Include Pcb Bonding, Traction Motor

"Simco Controls"

Simco Controls - Supplies manual and control instrument hydraulic valves and tubings nationwide. Based in Ohio.

"Sipex International Ltd"

Sipex International Ltd Suppliers of pipes, flanges, fittings, valves, gaskets, motors, hydraulics and other specialised equipment.

"Smart Products, Inc."

Smart Products, Inc. - Designs, manufactures and distributes small, low-pressure, low-flow check hydraulic valves, pumps, fittings.


SMITHS INDUSTRIES Products Hydraulic Modular Packs Hydraulic Valves Medical Hydraulic Equipment Railway Equipment Work Holding


Precision fluid power components including quick disconnect couplings, high pressure valves, hydraulic valves and solenoid valves

"Snap-tite Inc."

Precision fluid power components including quick disconnect couplings, high pressure valves, hydraulic valves and solenoid valves pressure systems

"Sodeco Valves"

Sodeco Valves - Distributes and stocks valves for chemical, petrochemical and other industries automated hydraulic valves and signalisation.


Southwestern Controls - hydraulic, pneumatic, solenoid valves, vacuum components and systems, and other related products.

"Special Electric Company, Inc."

Sellers Of Sleeving Material, Resins, Coatings, Cord And Related Electrical Supplies Also Specialize In Custom Die-Cutting And Label Printing

"Specialist Tapes"

Our Range Of Double Coated Tapes And Transfer Adhesives Provide The Ideal Solution For Every Bonding Application In All Areas Of Industry. If Removability Is Required Choose Post-It* Adhesive, And For High Strength Bonding Use Vhb* Acrylic Foam Tape.


Manufactures Gaskets, Seals, Cushions, Insulation, Shields, Shock Absorbers, Filters, Lamination, Protective And Adhesive-Backed Tape, Vibration Controls, And Mountings

"St.Gabriel Valve Company"

St. Gabriel Valve Service, Inc. - Industrial hydraulic valve re-manufacturing facility offers in-house and on-site valve service and repair.


The Adhesive Is Highly Tacky And Is Applied To The Tape In A Relatively Thick Layer. This Gives Cloth Tape An Ability To Stick To Most Surfaces,Etc

"Steel Strong Valves(I) Pvt Ltd"

, Steel Strong India is Manufacturing & Marketing hydraulic Industrial valves for a Variety of Process Related Needs of oil & Gas,


Dhesive Tapes, Double Sided Tapes, Self Adhesive Tape, Transfer Tape, Forms Tape, Double Coated Tape, Custom Coating

"Stockham Valves - A Crane Company"

Stockham has been a premiere provider of hydraulic valves for many decades manufactured to the highest quality standards.

"Stuart Hose and Pipe Company"

Stuart Hose and Pipe - distributor/supplier of hose, pipe, fittings, valves, tools, hydraulic assemblies, and more.

"Sun Crown Adhesive Products Co., Ltd"

Double Side Tapes, Sandwiched Foam Tapes, Protective Tapes And Press Sensitive Self-Adhesives

"Sun Hydraulics Corporation"

Sun Hydraulics Home Page - designer and manufacturer of floating style, screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds for use in mobile.

"Sungill Valve Industry Co. Ltd"

Sungill Valve Industry Co. Ltd - Manufactures stainless ball, gate, and hydraulic globe valves for fluid handling and powder conveying.

"SunSource Technology Services, Inc."

Activation - industrial automation specialists in hydraulic, pneumatic, electric components and equipment. design & servicing industral valves

"Superfast Labels Ltd."

They Are Specialists In The Manufacture Of Self Adhesive Labels For All Industries.Offers Different Sizes Ans Shapes Of Labels.

"Supreme Trading & Supply Corp."

Specializing In Gaffers Tape, Duct Tape, Masking Tape, And Carton Sealing Tape

"SVF Flow Controls, Inc."

SVF Flow Controls, Inc. - Manufactures hydraulic ball valves, flanged 150# to 1500#. Pneumatic and electric actuators and controls.

"Sweet Self Adhesive Tape"

Self Adhesive Tape Manufacturers, Exporters, Industry, Suppliers, Sweet Tape Enterprise (M) Sdn. Bhd. Is A Main Manufacturers Of Self Adhesive Tape, Gift Wrapping Ribbons, Lace Ribbons, Decorative Metalic Ribbons, Decorative Products, Pink Point Etc

"Tai Jih Plastic"

Manufactures Of High-Function Base Material Of Sponge Adhesive Tape For Consumer & Others,Architecture Industry,Automotive Industry,Industrial Insulation Etc.


Tai Wei Casting Enterprise Co., Ltd Company performs continuous hydraulic valves, pump valves, auto parts, machine parts.

"Taicin Da-King Co., Ltd."

Taicin Da-King Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of oil hydraulic equipment such as vane pump and various valves.


TankTech - Manufactures venting devices for tanks. Breather hydraulic valve, flame arrester, pressure/vacuum relief valve, others

"Tape Range Distributors"

Distributors And Converters Of Leading Industrial Technical Adhesive Tapes.

"Tape Range Distributors Ltd"

3000 Different Adhesive Tape Combinations Are Currently Produced By The Eight Major Tape Manufacturers We Represent. We Can Draw On This Vast Technical Experience To Advise The Correct, Most Competitively Priced Product For Your Particular Applicati

"Tape South Inc"

Adhesive Tapes And Insulation Tapes Manufacturing Company

"Tape Technologies, Inc."

When Looking For Quality, Professional Vinyl Film And Adhesive Coated Tapes, Tape Technologies Has The Answer. With Our Experienced Courteous Staff, Our Knowledge Of Current Materials And Specifications And Our Excellent Reputation We Make A Differen


Sell Adhesive Tapes, Just Adhesive Tapes, Hundreds Of Different Kinds Of Adhesive Tapes

"Tapecase Ltd"

A Glass Cloth Tape Coated With A Flame Retardant Rubber Based Adhesive, Designed To Seal Seams On Panels In Cargo Area Of An Aircraft


Adhesive, Stucco, Teflon, Barricade, Electrical, Industrial Tapes - Adhesive Tapes, Tapes, Adhesive, Stucco, Teflon, Barricade,Etc

"Taylor Valve Technology, Inc"

Taylor Valve Technology Inc. - Develops valves: control hydraulic valves, precision electronic deadweight testers, quick disconnects, gauge plugs

"Technical Tape Productions Ltd."

Manufacturers Of All Types Of Adhesive Tapes With Development And Production Experience Exceeding

"Techno Corporation"

Techno Corporation providing hydraulic a leading supplier of highest quality check valves to all phases of industry.

"Technova AG"

Technova AG - Manufactures line of industrial hydraulic valves and pipeline components of its one design under the tradename ''Spher-O-Disc'' valves.

"Technova AG -"

Manufactures line of industrial hydraulic valves and pipeline components of its one design under the tradename ''Spher-O-Disc'' valves.

"Ted Pella, Inc.,"

Double And Single Coated Tape, Tape Dispenser, Drybond, Scotch, 3m, Silver Polyester, Teflon

"Tekra Corporation"

The Worlds Leading Source For Engineered Plastic Films, Adhesive Products And Advanced Hardcoated Films

"Tekval Flow Control (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. -"

Tekval Flow Control Co. Ltd. - Manufactures and supplies industrial valves, including API gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly and plug valves.

"Teraoka Seisakusho Co., Ltd"

It Has Evolved To Become One Of Japans Leading Manufacturers Of Advanced Adhesive Tapes. As A Technology-Based Company, Its Formidable Research And Development Capabilities Have Led To The Commercialization Of Increasingly High.

"Teraoka Seisakusho Co., Ltd."

Manufactures Adhesive Tapes For Packing, Electrical Insulation, Electronic Equipment, And Other Home And Industrial Uses

"Tesa Tape, Inc."

World Renowned Manufacturer Of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tapes

"Textron, Inc"

Textron, Inc provider of the leader in hydraulic tools, hydraulic power units, boosters, and flow control valves

"Thai Kk Industry Co., Ltd."

Manufactures Stickers, Adhesive Tapes, Pcv Insulating Tapes, Melamine Molding Compound, Urea Molding Compound, Glazing Resin

"THD Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Inc."

THD Hydraulics amp Pneumatics a full service hydraulics repair facility services heavy equipment operators hydraulic motors, cylinders, valves

"The Art Store, Inc."

From The Familiar White Glue To The Newest Archival Tapes, The Right Adhesive Plays A Vital Role In The Longevity Of Your Finished Product. Awareness Of Conservation In Conjunction With Advances In Modern Technology Has Given Artists Unlimited Choices In Adhesives.

"The Net Step Ltd"

Hopkinsons Ltd OEM of hydraulic valve products, sootblowers and services to the power, industrial, and oil and gas industries around the world

"The Oilgear Corporation"

Oilgear Corporation Home Page - world-wide manufacturer of hydraulic components, valves, pumps and electronic control systems.

"The Pal Group"

Manufacture Plastic Extruded Profiles, Roller Shutters, Glazing Gaskets, Adhesive Tapes, And Foam Rubber Products.

"The Sellotape Company"

Weprovide Tapes For Different Purposes Like Masking Tapes For Use Around Your House Or Car,Tapes For Repairs Around The Home And Car,Tapes For Securing Carpets, Rugs And Mats,Tough Tapes For A Multitude Of Indoor And Outdoor Uses Etc


Specialize in manual and automated hydraulic valves, actuators and accessories and automated ball valves, butterfly valves, Shop online.

"Thomas G. Goldkamp, Inc."

Cushioning Mailing Bags Strapping Carton Sealing Pressure Sensitive Tapes Adhesives Tape Dispensers Temperature Indicators

"Thomas Regional Directory Co"

Thomas Regional, industrial purchasing information plastic fabrications, metal fabricators, valves, welding, contractors

"Thompson Valves Ltd"

Thompson Valves ltd - Manufactures high- and low-pressure hydraulic valves and systems technology to the gas, petrochemical, power, nuclear, naval

"Thompson Valves Ltd"

Manufactures high- and low-pressure valves and systems technology to the gas, petrochemical, power, nuclear, naval and aerospace industries

"Thraco Inc."

Thraco Inc. - Worldwide sales and service for hydraulic butterfly valves, wing unions, swivel joints, loading arms, and line blind valves.


Tianjin Bohai Valve Factory - Manufactures butterfly, check, ball, flanged, industrial hydraulic valves, as well as strainers.

"Tiemme Raccorderie Srl"

Tiemme offers material for heating and hydraulic system: water fittings, gas valves, pipes, manifolds and multi-layer pipe.

"Titanium Valve of America, Inc."

Titanium Valve of America - Stock and ship titanium valves and automated ball valves, butterfly valves, Stocks worldwide

"TLV Co. Ltd"

Production and sales of hydraulic valves fluid control products and measuring instruments. of steam piping and automation.

"TLX Technologies"

TLX Technologies - custom designer and manufacturer of solenoids, electro hydraulic valves, latching actuators, magnetic latches .

"Tommy Tape"

Manufacturers Of Self Fusing Silicone Rubber Tapes Ideal For Bus Bar, Motor Lead, Coil, Electrical And Radioactive Environment Insulation, Wiring Harness Wrap,Cable And Terminal Splicing,No Residue Masking, Class High Temperature Tape And Corrosion

"Total Engineering"

Total Engineering - Manufactures industrial hydraulic valves. For example, knife gate valve, slide gate valve diverter valve, ram piston valve.

"Trade Easy International Newera"

Suppliers Of Adhesive Tape For The Electrical, Electronic And Automotive Industries.

"Transfixt Limited"

We Manufacture A Wide Range Of Self-Adhesive Products, Including Specialist Self-Adhesive Tapes, Finger-Lift Transfer Tapes And Tapes Produced To Customers Specifications.

"Transmark Valves"

Transmark Valves - Large valve stockist in the U.K., including a range of ball, gate, globe, hydraulic check valves.

"Trembler Tech Inc."

Trembler Tech valve stands alone as the finest hydraulic valve on the market today for reducing the danger of fire or explosion due to earthquake

"Trinity Tapes Pvt. Ltd."

Manufactures Surgical Adhesive Tapes(U.S.P), Shoe Re-Inforcement Self Adhesive Tapes & General Purpose Self Adhesive Tapes (Cotton, Rayon, Etc

"Tripak Ltd"

Offers A Wide Range Of Specialist Polyester And Pvc Electrical Tapes For Insulating, Jointing And Terminating Of Cables.

"Triveni Adhesive Tapes"

We Bring You A Wide Range Of High Quality Printed And Plain B.O.P.P. Self-Adhesive Tapes. They Are Technically Based And Manufactured To Suit The Manufacturing Industry.

"Trottner International"

Distributors of quality engine parts from MORESA and Sealed Power Mexicana like pistons, piston rings, valves, lifters, gaskets, cylinder sleeves.


Truchot - hydraulic Valves and fittings in special metals. From vacuum to high pressure, from cryogenics to high temperature.

"Trueline Valve Corporation"

Trueline Valve Corporation - Involced in the manufacture of industrial hydraulic valves. Distributes throughout the United States and Canada

"Truflo Marine Valves"

Designs, develops and manufactures non-ferrous, shock-proof ball, plug, globe and check valves for marine, industrial, offshore applications

"Tube Fitting Specialties"

Tube Fitting Specialties New Surplus Tube Fittings amp Valves cartridge valves, manifold, cavities, valve housing, check valves.


Supplies fluid power, solenoid valves, cylinders, gauges, valves, filter, repair services safety, power transmission and fastener products

"Tullis Engineering Consultants"

Providing over 33 years of research, teaching and consulting and expert witness services in hydraulic engineering including expertise in Valves

"Tung Cheng"

Tung Cheng - Manufactures industrial hydraulic valves in Taiwan. Ball valves are our speciality. ISO 9002-registered company.

"Turnkey Design Services"

providing mechanical analysis, design, and drafting to companies in the Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy equipment and valves.

"Tyco Adhesives"

Manufacturer Of Polyken Pipeline Coating Systems Which Includeanti-Corrosion Coatings For The Pipeline, Tank And Metal Industry

"Tyco Adhesives"

An Industry Leader With Worldwide Distribution, Tyco Adhesives. Supplies High Performance Pressure Sensitive Tapes And Adhesive Products To Industries Like Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Pipeline And Hvac.

"Uk Epoxy Resins"

We Supply Epoxy Resin, Epoxy Resin Kits, Adhesives, Fillers, Additives, Fibre Glass Tape, Fibre Glass Fabric, Brushes, Rollers, Latex Gloves Mixing Pots , Mixing Sticks And All Your Boat Building Needs.

"Ultraflo Corporation"

Manufactures resilient-seated butterfly valves and control hydraulic valves specializing in chemical, petrochemical and petroleum industries.

"Ultratape Industries, Inc."

Adhesive Tape Products For Cleanrooms And Electrostatic Sensitive Areas

"Uni-Valve A/S"

Uni-Valve - manufacture hydraulic Valves, instruments, and actuators for måling og regulering i industriprocesser.


Uniflow Ball Valves - Manufactures ball valves uniflow, fittings, pipe fittings, floating ball valves, 3piece ball valves.

"UNIST, Inc."

UNIST, Inc. - Manufactures ''Fluimatic'' specially designed hydraulic valves and couplings for special purposes. OEM inquiries are welcome.

"Upsoon Industries, Inc."

Upsoon Industries, Inc. - Manufactures investment hydraulic cast valve products, supplying industrial valve products.

"Urban Logic Group"

Manufactures valves for industrial and specialty use. Production includes butterfly, high performance butterfly, check, control, hydraulic valves.

"Urdan Industries Ltd."

Diaphragm valves are excellent for chemical fluids containig suspended solids. Weir and straight-through types allow for complete draining.

"Urja Products (P) Ltd"

Fibre-Glass Fabrics, Cotton Fabrics, Insulation Fabrics, Teflon Fabrics, Adhesive Tapes, Heat Sealing Tapes


We supply pipes, flanges, fittings, valves, gaskets, motors, hydraulics and other specialised equipment. Sipex International ltd

"V & M Incorporated"

V&M Inc. - Makes electric over-hydraulic valves, control handles and boxes. Markets products to the agricultural industry.

"V&P Hydraulic Products"

A Division of Valves & Presses, Inc. Welcome to V&P Hydraulic Products, a leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic valves.

"V.Himark Industrial Co., Ltd"

Manufacturer Of Packaging Materials, Plastic Products, Automotive, Printing, Foam Lamination, Electric, Electronic, Construction, Stationery,Tape, Psa Tape, Adhesive Tape

"Valley Forge Tape & Label Co., Inc."

Supply Your Labels, Automatic Labelingequipment, Thermal Transfer Printers,Etc

"Valve China"

Informational site on valve manufacturing in China. Includes industrial and market trends and international valve manufacturing standards.

"Valve Research & Manufacturing Co."

: Welcome to Valve Research Mfg. Manufacturers of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Pneumatic valves for the Aircraft and Oceanographic industries since1975

"Valves Unlimited, Inc."

Valves Unlimited, Inc. - Master distributor for Bonney Forge, Ladish, Stockham & hydraulic Apollo Ball Valves and industrial valves.


Valvesearch - World Directory - A comprehensive directory of industrial hydraulic valve / actuator sales representatives across the world.


Valveweb A directory for valve repair, distribution, and manufacturing companies most available Valve Repair Shops, and Valve Distributors.


Valvosider S.r.l. - Manufactures industrial hydraulic valves valves producers, valves industries, valves, ansi valves, din valves and more suppling.

"Vanguard Valves, Inc."

Vanguard Valves, Inc. - Designs and manufactures automatic seismic gas valves and indutrial hydraulic valves systems.

"Ventil Valves & Controls B.V."

Ventil Valves and Controls BV - Manufactures industrial hydraulic valves, actuators and controls for shut-off, dosage, or control of powder.

"Versatile Industrial Products"

Tape Products Like Pressure Sensitive,Masking ,Kapton,Foil,Teflon,Double Coating,Electric,Film And Lots Of Other Products.


Canada Vibac Tape Corporation Is The Largest Custom-Brand Carton Sealing Tape Manufacturer In The Americas

"Victaulic Co. of America"

Versa Valves Manufactures pneumatic directional control hydraulic valves and Water and Wastewater treatment, and Industrial piping systems

"Victory Controls, LLC."

Olsen Controls, Inc - designer and manufacturer of digitally-controlled single-stage hydraulic servo valves.

"Victory Controls, LLC."

Victory Controls is the leader in the design an manufacturer of digital direct drive hydraulic servo valves and direct drive analog servo valves.

"Viqa & Sons Foods Distributor"

Gard Distributing Has Been A Wholesaler And Distributior Of Quality Brands Such As 3m, Crown Metro, Dynabrade, Lps, Ge And Dow Corning, To Name A Few, We Specialize In Industrial Tapes, Adhesives, Sealants, Abrasives, Oil Sorbents, Paint

"Vonberg Valve, inc."

Vonberg Valve, inc., manufactures a variety of hydraulic valves nationally and internationally, direct to OEM''s and through a distributor network.

"VoV Enterprises"

VoV Enterprises, Inc. downhole flow and pressure control valves for use in ASR, remediation and injection wells. Hydraulic operation

"Warren Controls Corporation"

Warren Controls - Designs, manufactures and markets control products including control valves, level controls.

"Warsaw Coil Co"

Warsaw Coil Company, Inc., manufactures custom electrical coils variety of applications from hydraulic valves.

"Wayne Richardson Sales"

Leading Converter And Distributor Of Industrial Packaging Products. Our Comprehensive Range Includes Industrial Tapes, Abrasives, Etc

"Wensco Sign Supply"

3m Tapes,Off-White, Open-Cell Urethane Foam Carrier.High Shear Adhesive With High Temperature Peel: Initial - Medium, Ultimate - Very Highuses: Interior Applications Only.

"Wenzhou Longzhu Steel Valves Co., Ltd."

Wenzhou Longzhu Iron and Steel Valve Co., Ltd. Has an annual productive capacity of more than 4000 tons for steel casting

"wenzhou semir net technolgy Co.,ltd"

China pumps valves manufacturing hydraulic valves, industrial valves, check valves and suppliers and etc.

"Westad Industrier AS"

Westad Industri AS - Manufactures and sells ball and butterfly valves for marine, offshore, LNG installations. A unit of hydraulic Crane Valve

"Western Wireline Services, Inc."

Western Wireline Services extraction tool for removing hydraulic gas lift valves and industrial valves with missing latches

"White Distribution"

White Distribution Stocks A Complete Inventory Of Hardware, Fasteners, Packaging Material, Janatorial Products, Paper Supplies, Office Supplies, Tools, Safety Products, Tapes, And Adhesives. We Have A Partnering Program That Features Intergrated Supp

"Whittle Valve Repairs"

Whittle Valve Repairs - U.K. specialists in repair and supply of industrial valves Specialists, Expertise, Valve Repair, Safety Valves,PTFE Valves.

"Win Group"

Providing Printing, Packaging And Labeling Services, Including Labels In Various Industries, Paper Bags And Boxes, Packing Tapes, Adhesive Material And Greeting Cards

"Winco Inc."

Pneumatic Valves, Hydraulic Valves Cylinders - WINCO FLUID POWER components such as pneumatic valves, hydraulic valves amp cylinders.

"Wonder Tape"

Cintas Adhesivas Y Accesorios - Adhesive Tapes And Accesories

"xiamen per & pro industrial co.,ltd."

Xiamen Per & Pro Pumps and Valves - A good resource of industrial valves and pumps. Providing pumps and valves with perfect performance, reliability

"Xomox Corporation"

Xomox Corporation - Is a global company that manufactures a full line of process hydraulic valves and actuators.

"Yehuda International Export And Import, Ltd"

Import And Export Of Building Finishing Materials, Acoustic Ceilings, Plasterboard And Accessories, Adhesive And Sealing Tapes, Therma

"Yokota Manufacturing Co., Ltd."

Manufactures patented valves and pumps including Non-water hammer check valves and Automatic control valves (flow rate, pressure, liquid level). Also produces special alloys including Seawater-resistant stainless steel.

"Yon Woo Corporation"

As One Of The Leading Manufacturers Of Pressure Sensitive Self-Adhesive Tape In Korea, We Are Producing Double Coated Adhesive Tape Mainly And Special Tape Made To Order For Industrial Purpose Since 1982. We Have A Long Experience In This Field In Pr


Making hydraulic, pneumatic cylinder, Pneumatic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic valves, hydraulic components, pneumatic components

"Yuhuan Great Wall Group Co., Ltd."

Yuhuan Great Wall Group Company (China) - Ball valves. Self-adjusting hydraulic seal ball valve, fawcets, fittings.

"Yuhuan World Brass Co.,Ltd"

Is The Professional Manufacturer For Producing Various Brass Valves And Sanitary Ware Series.

"Yuken (U.K.) Ltd."

Yuken U.K Ltd, one of the largest independent manufactures of hydraulic equipment,Piston pumps, Vane pumps, Pressure control valves,

"Z-Tide Valves Co., Ltd."

Manufactures water hammer arresters and hydraulic control valves. Pressure reducing, relief, sustaining, float, solenoid, silent check valves.

"Zawgaz Company"

Zawgaz Company - Polish manufacturer of ball valves and hydraulic valves, industrial valves and other suppliers and etc.

"Zaytran automation components,"

Zaytran automation components providing grippers, welding locators, and hydraulic valves.


Large capacity hydraulic valves provide high flow rates in hydraulic circuits that require high capacity hydraulic valves with low pressure drop

"Zemarc Corporation"

hydraulic products, accumulators, filters, surge control hydraulic products, surge control, zemarc hydraulic valves products, accumulators

"ZheJiang CiXi City Traffic Project Machines Factory"

Specialized in voltage regulating valve, gas-fired appliance,casual series,lift partsseries and airing extension pole,it has the modern products-equipment, advancedchecking-facility,apundant technology,innovative products, which is given a good reputation by the overseas users. All the products are exported to America, European, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and other countries & areas.

"Zidell Valve Corporation"

Zidell Valve Corporation - Large inventory of industrial gate, globe, check, hydraulic ball valves. In-house modification facilities.

"Zipson Industrial Co., Ltd."

a leading manufacturer of industrial valves specializing in ball valves and sanitary fittings. Initially we are a foundry of sand and investment (lost wax process) casting. Later we upgraded our technologies and extended the produced process of machine and assembly provideng finished products to worldwide market especially in U.S.A. and Europe.

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